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    Stealth Man

    Excellent…. sounds good.

    Be sure to experiment with the components in different combinations as you gain more experience and the fabric break-in for a more comfortable fit. For example you may not require to layer the spandex sleeves at first when the material is brand new with a snug fit. As time goes on you can layer one spandex sleeve and then a second depending on your preference.

    All the best!

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    Stealth Man

    Hello Maduke3,

    Yes, the demo videos with live model are very helpful to better understand the method of putting on to wear the devices.

    Here is the link to the demo video for the inner wear with attached ball band…

    and Corkscrew…

    All the best!

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    Stealth Man

    Hi @iojeda89

    Blisters are the weakest link and thus the biggest risk when Vacuum Hanging.

    This is why proper set-up with positive Glans-Lock is critical. It is also vitally important to take your time to learn the proper set-up and gain the experience required to know the optimum conditions for maximum intensity without over doing it.

    The suggested beginners 3-month template is very conservative with 8 lbs targeted after three months with a regular ie. consistent routine.

    Blisters can be avoided when you recognize the tell tale tingling/stinging sensation that indicates a blister is potentially forming and terminate traction and dismantle the chamber.

    As its is, there will be no scaring as fresh skin will quickly develop and heal to leave not even a hint of scarring. You should not pop the water blister but allow it to naturally break and dry up.

    Keep in mind that you should take complete rest for at least a month as the new dermal layer will be vulnerable to blister again very easily in the same  spot.

    Take you time and learn from your experience to avoid the same again in the future.

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    Stealth Man

    For me, experimentation and adjustment have been continuous over the years to find new and interesting ways to combine and use the components. I like to change things up and bounce around between a few favourites.

    For example, here is something a bit different that works quite fine too…


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    Stealth Man

    The medications lower the baseline threshold of performance but, as you mention, the mind can kill it almost instantly with a specific thought that causes a particular emotional reaction and boom… your in no man’s land.

    Then the mind will start to build a “complex” around performance and so many men suffer the consequences of digging such a deep mental hole.

    I would image most guys have gone through this phase for one reason or another at some point in life by the age of 50.

    And then you see the point and it dissipates before simply getting over the phase.

    Medication can be weaned away with regular exercise and proper diet.

    A disciplined life is a well lived life… whereas, the sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer in that sense.

    It is mostly a matter of making a firm commitment and within 3 weeks you have enough momentum that you actually want to keep working out and eating well becomes easier too on the basis of a consistent exercise routine.

    Keep at it!

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    Stealth Man

    I like to remove a few coils for an easier time putting it on and wearing more securely.

    Here is the link for removing coils…

    and wearing the device…

    You can experiment with tightening all the coils for the length of the Corkscrew to help distribute the load along the entire shaft for a more secure grip that is not concentrated behind the glans with the last two coils tightened down to hold everything in place.

    I wear my Corkscrew outside the underwear and down the leg for unhindered hanging for maximum stretch and stay in the privacy of my own home for the duration of wearing.

    In the beginning I would experiment going outside but it demands more attention than I wanted to give it after the initial novelty of adventure wore off.

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    Stealth Man

    hey guys… sorry for the late reply. We used to have a very active forum years ago on our old site with multiple daily posts with discussion on various topics. Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate to the new website and once we got these new forums up the action hasn’t been quite the same.

    My use was very consistent with the standard Inner wear and then adding the spandex sleeves and retainer band for more experimentation.  Over the years we have developed new products such as the Corkscrew and Sabre Skin.

    Now with the Vac-Hanger and new compression hanger in the works my attention is for the most part focused on product development.

    These days for regular wear I tend to use the stand alone Ball Straps with Sabre Skin or Premium Sleeves folded into a double-layer.

    I would say keep experimenting with the various options you have with different components as a process of optimizing your experience.

    However, over the years I do have a number of favourite combinations that I will bounce back and forth on.

    I found the level of nuance interesting to explore.


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    Stealth Man

    Hello Samuel,

    There isn’t an option for turning off the backlight. However, you should have no problem seeing the numbers. If you contact the support email at [email protected] with a short video I can get a better idea if there is a problem.

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    Stealth Man

    Yes, you would need something of weight to suspend from the device for applied traction. Ideally weight plates which can be attached to the D-ring suspension belts included with the kit or you could also use items from around the house including jugs or bottles of water which can easily be adjusted for the total weight under suspension.

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    Stealth Man

    Hi Mickey…

    Here is the link to the demo video for removing coils…

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    Stealth Man


    You can find the links to these videos in the first post of the Vac-Hanger topic…

    Vac Hanger Videos

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    Stealth Man

    Hi Sparkplug,

    If you are unable to fit into the two smaller chambers 22/24 and barely manage to get in the larger 26 then I strongly suspect that even the 26 chamber is too small. You also mention the Glans-Caps being too small so this is definitely a question of finding the proper fit.

    How does the 24 Sabre Skin fit along the shaft? If it is of suitable size then it would reconfirm the large mushroom head you described in your first message.

    You would need to consider going up to the 28 or 30 girth chamber size with corresponding Glans-Cap and Vac-Seal. With the larger sized Chambers you may also need to create a larger diameter shaft which you can easily do with a second layer of Sabre Skin. This would be a fine tuning process that you would need to experiment with to know what works best.

    The design is the same irrespective of the foreskin so it sounds like the larger Glans-Cap would be your solution here too. To retract the foreskin or pull it over the glans for extra protection would again require some experimentation to find with method or style of set-up works best for you.

    We have additional chamber sets available in all sizes which includes the specific size Chamber/Glans-Cap/Vac-Seal for the set. These are exclusive to kit owners at the low price of $30 per set.

    If you would like to take advantage of this offer then send me a message at the support email at [email protected]

    Btw. the smaller chamber sizes are very useful for all day extension training with the ADS Belt system. In which case, the glans is inserted into the smallest possible chamber while in the completely flaccid condition with Glans-Cap for an even smaller compressed size.

    For example, I am also size for the 24, but were the 18 and 20 chamber sizes for discrete all day wear while under clothing for low intensity long duration extension training as I go about my daily routine.

    The foundation of the system is built around the flexibility of component selection for creative application to meet specific requirements.



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    Stealth Man

    Hello Cap,

    We do not have these listed on the website for sale, however, you can contact me at the support email at…

    [email protected]

    I can set you up with an invoice for payment. Just let me know which type of tape you require and how many rolls.

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    Stealth Man

    Hello GTS,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    We have 3 size options…

    small = 4” x 7”
    medium = 5” x 8”
    large = 6” x 9”

    It is important that you have the correct size as too large can be very cumbersome.

    The heat is directed to the inside with an insulated layer to prevent it from radiating outwards.

    For me the highest setting gets too hot very fast and I need to step it down a level to medium.

    Regarding the instructions… this needs to be updated to 5 minutes for preheating or even skipped altogether as the temp will be hot enough while wearing in no time…


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    Stealth Man

    Hello Cirdan,

    I do not see any support messages pending.

    I am assuming this must be a Canadian order as we are getting a bunch of messages the last couple of days asking for tracking numbers. We only now discovered that our Canadian orders are not being included on the international order processing data sheet.

    Can you please send another message on the [email protected] support line so that I can look into your order and rectify the matter.

    You can mention Cirdan in the message heading so that I can spot this right away and reply to you.


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