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    I sent in an order with a comment specifically requesting dual girth measurements and it was ignored. What happened, your company used to do this? I was around a few years ago and just recently re-ordered. Here’s my current order number: SFM53287. Please let me know why I just waisted $50? I’m not made of money. Seems like an egregious oversight and frankly I’m upset.



    It is ok. I apologize because my anger was temporary. I will make the device work. I choose to have a bias for positivity. 😉



    Ok let me stop being unclear. It keeps slipping off. I even measured it properly. How defeating this is. Please feel free to respond.


    Stealth Man

    Sorry to hear of your frustration.

    I would highly recommend that if you or anyone else requires a custom fitting to please send a direct message to the support email at [email protected] so we can send you the invoice for payment with detailed specifications.

    Otherwise, we will not see the attached note with direct payment as our order processing system is fully automated. My apologies for that but we are not in a position to be available 24/7 to check in on “notes” before the order is auto processed and into the shipping queue at which point it is too pate to recall and make changes.

    No matter, as you have also sent the a message to the support email regarding this matter… I will be able to sort the matter out your satisfaction.

    Again, if you have a special custom requirement please contact support and detail so we can send you the invoice for payment and avoid wasting time and money




    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Yes sir.</p>

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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