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    Christian Taylor

    For a few years, I had started having a harder time (no pun intended) getting and staying hard. It was frustrating, embarrassing, and disappointing. In January, I found out that I’ve had hypertensive for around five years without realizing it. I ended up in the ICU and nearly died. My cardiologist and urologist both said that explains a lot of the spongy dick issues. Unfortunately, most medications for hypertension also cause erection problems.

    Have any of you dealt with this? Ant tips or advice?






    Minoxidil is a blood pressure medication. (Yes it also make ms ye hairier over time) Anyway, I’ve not had ED probs with it, whereas I have with lisinopril and amlodipine. YMMV. Worth a try though.


    michael D

    Thanks for that Minoxidil tip, I plan to ask Doc about this.

    I am also curious about level of sexual activity during “training” wearing stealth.

    Is it better to slow down on ejaculating habits or stay the course and does your pleasure experience get more intense the longer the training continues?

    Any knowledge or experience would be great, thanks!




    I hate to have to jump in on this topic but I have been on erection killers for a little while now. Not for hypertension though. I was let down by my little friend twice, found out it was my prescription, went on a campaign to make myself overcome (pun intended), and failed. I tried and tried. I got so depressed. One day I was turned on by something and on a lark I played Hand Solo and Chewbacca in the shower. It worked. Whoa did I ever need that! Long story slightly less long…I had to learn to live with it and how to get over the mental block. For me my mind was cock blocking me far more than any medication. There are times when I can’t finish and I enjoy whatever pleasure I get. But there are times like recently when I’m turned up to eleven and staying horny and getting off twice a day. The point is medicines can hurt the sex drive but your mind can absolutely kill it. If you start having problems the sooner you come to grips (pun) the sooner your grip will come. I apologize but these penis puns and word play opportunities are too good to pass up.


    Stealth Man

    The medications lower the baseline threshold of performance but, as you mention, the mind can kill it almost instantly with a specific thought that causes a particular emotional reaction and boom… your in no man’s land.

    Then the mind will start to build a “complex” around performance and so many men suffer the consequences of digging such a deep mental hole.

    I would image most guys have gone through this phase for one reason or another at some point in life by the age of 50.

    And then you see the point and it dissipates before simply getting over the phase.

    Medication can be weaned away with regular exercise and proper diet.

    A disciplined life is a well lived life… whereas, the sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer in that sense.

    It is mostly a matter of making a firm commitment and within 3 weeks you have enough momentum that you actually want to keep working out and eating well becomes easier too on the basis of a consistent exercise routine.

    Keep at it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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