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    Stealth for Men

    Let’s break the ice. Please post a little bit about yourself so you can connect with us and our other members.



    I am IronHans, currently doing a few different exercise routines, light hanging, and extender time. mixing it up ya know. figured would give this a try, but haven’t hit my stride with it yet



    i just bought the E28 so I hope I see some results within the first week or so, but I will keep track and possibly come back and tell talk how it goes




    Im Piedeux and a newbie to the products. Looking forward to use the forum.


    Christopher WA

    I’m Christopher in Washington state and while I’ve had 2 stealth sets for awhile, I’m still new to the penis enlargement stuff.



    Hi, I’m jockinthebox and have been wearing my stealth & corkscrew for a little over a month.  I’m pretty experienced in PE with different devices and am glad to share my knowledge.  I’m also a moderator on another men’s health & PE forum, so I have a fairly wide knowledge & resources to help guys here, too.  I’ll check in as often as possible, to follow up.  It’s my way of “paying it forward” for the benefit of others, so I’m glad to be a contributing member here!



    Thought I would stop by and see what is happening.



    Stealth Man

    Welcome aboard Estranger… just starting out so feel free make things happen!



    Hello  all


    Kindly give me quick and urgent reply I am very thankful to you.


    Please tell me any user of innerwear please guide me


    How to wear of innerwear and its items.


    Guide me I wear right and wrong


    First we wear innerwear (ok right) tell me?


    Second we wear black jacket (ok right but single wear black jacket or double fold on penis)?

    Third one is skin sleeves wear (ok right) tell me?


    All sequence is right.










    Christian Taylor

    Hi, my name is Christian.  I’ve been using the Penis Professor excercises for a while and I’ve had good results. Still wanting more size. I’m confused about the corkscrew.  I’m a visual learner and the videos suck.  If anyone has better videos that you can measure me please do.


    Christian Taylor

    Hello Sheraz. I can give you tips. How do I contact you?




    Recently found out about Stealth products via a different forum and decided to give it a try. I’m interested in passive penis enlargement due to my schedule and this is the first system that I’ve worn that I can actually wear comfortably, although I’m still not able to wear it at night. I think I was a little too conservative in my sizing and ordered a size too small. Which explains why it was extremely unpleasant on trying to wear my Stealth innerwear the first few days where i felt like i was rubbing sandpaper against my penis trying to get it through the silicon ring. Next month I might size up and see if I can go through the night without any discomfort.

    I am still waiting on my corkscrew to be delivered (guess it takes awhile) and I hope that even going a size up on the innerwear I can still use the corkscrew… will see.

    Anyway, great product, I look forward to more products out of the Stealth Lab (all the devices mentioned in that thread have me interested) and hope to be an active member.



    Hello All,

    I think I’ve ordered the wrong size inner wear because in no time my head shrinks in.  im about inches long, decent thickness (this is  when erect). so i don’t know, but i’m trying to connect with guys from the forums on this one and PE forums because I started it a while ago, saw some success then just stopped.  trying to get back in.


    Christian Taylor

    Hey Frankfurter 2. Great name by the way. I’ve found that happened to me because the size I ordered  was a bit tight. Also, buy a second silicone retainer ring a little smaller and wear it behind your glans. That helps me when I’m having the same thing happened once in a while. Hope this helps.



    I have purchased 3 sets of Innerwear and 1 corkscrew. I outgrew my first one so I upsized. Then I added a 2nd one to use after I pump. I am very pleased with these products. Also, they do stretch as any fabric will do over time so I suggest the sleeve be replaced every 3-6 months depending upon usage.

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