January, 2023

been using stealth now for a few months . it does what its supposed to do. just can’t seem to get girth measurments right. too big or too small . this one will be my third one. hopefullly i got it right this time. and I’ve noticed some length and girth. thank you stealth

January, 2023

Came across stealth online, and figured I give it a shot. Waiting for my order to come in. I will send an update once I start using it

January, 2023

I stumbled upon stealth and I was so intrigued that I got the Innerwear just to give it a try, and oh boy ! It is amazing, really comfortable and it delivers what it promises.

January, 2023

This product is amazing for my confidence and my physical health. It’s comfortable to wear, as I don’t even need to remove it to urinate. It stays in place and provides that extra bulge every guy is looking for. It’s has increased my flaccid length and my wife has noticed a marked increase in the length and strength of my erections as well.

January, 2023

So far so good. Kinda messed up my order the first time cause I used measurements I had from regular PE. Not realizing it needed to be below the glans. Customer service got me a discount on a re order given the nature of the product. Second hand tight fighting sweater for your manhood isn’t a good used item ya know? But so far I’m liking it, might have ordered too thin the second time around for girth but still useable for the time being.

March, 2022

I’ve graduated through your sleeve for 2 years now to help with my hanging routine and I’ve been able to add 1 inch of length to my package. Plus when I wear it in public to help with passive healing it definitely gets stares especially at the gym lol.

November, 2020

I purchased the innerwear and cork screw (D26) and waited anxiously for it to arrive. Once they arrived, I promptly tried them on and was very amazed at how comfortable the innerwear was and very surprised how heavy the cork screw was, though amazed that the weight didn’t hurt my shaft. I was skeptical at first but I have been using both for about 2 weeks or so now and I can already tell a pretty big difference in my length and slight difference in my girth. I have gained about an 1/2 inch in both length and girth so far, which I think is pretty drastic in the time I’ve been using them. It makes me feel like king of the jungle (insert Tarzan yell here). I will also say it feels a little erotic with my shaft inserted and my erections are bigger and harder! You have made a couple great products and I am happy to have stumbled upon them!

July, 2020

I love stealthformen! Best product I’ve ever bought. I don’t believe I ever needed growth but I did have trouble sometimes getting a Real hard erection. I still have that issue but now my junk is a inch bigger just after 1-2 months.

July, 2020

I highly recommend stealth products for men. It gives me confidence and it is very comfortable, I use it every day, every where. Great product!!

July, 2020

I started with the innerwear the same size as in the demonstration film for Stealth For Men Innerwear and corkscrew. I finished increasing in size all the available sizes left sold by Stealth For Men. I went up 4 innerwear and corkscrew sizes, and now wear the longest Sabre Skin daily and do not to cut any off. I just put it all on the way it is delivered. the Sabre Skin is the best product for the money I can think of. You can roll it up and down to increase size gradually during the day, and at night in bed while you sleep and wake, and it does not break for a long time. Buy four skins you will make it; increase size, all the way it is worth it: the amount of money is little the product big quality Sabre Skin.



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