“Great product. Easy to use. Can wear it all day. Can go to the bathroom with it on so way less hassle than other products. Being uncircumcised it did take a while to get used to having the foreskin retracted all day, but thats nothing to do with the product. Comfortable. Easy to wash and has really helpped with my turtling. I now after 6 months have a more pronounced hang and have gone up 2 sizes. Shipping issues have been resolved since changing courriours. I would recomend this to any guy” -Chris I

“I have ordered a few of these. They are a great confidence booster and I notice that people check out my bulge with this on. I love the fact that now, even when I don’t wear it, that my flaccid length has increased. I love this and also recommend getting the coil as well. Great product, great customer service as well.” – Mike K

“If your’e here reading reviews for this product, you know what it’s for. Let me tell you, it does everything it says it will. Comfort, ease of care and the confidence while wearing it…….wow! If you are considering this product, you won’t be disappointed. A wonderful accessory for anyone that PE’s or just wants to carry that “full” feeling when out and about. The “ES” version is great as well, which is a sleeve only. Thanks Stealth………….. ” – Bruce M

“Amazing! Have seen results right away. Very comfortable product and easy to put on. Love wearing my stealth inner wear. ” – Daniel

“I have looked endlessly for comfortable underwear and even tried some with pouches that claim to accentuate and support. Stealth for men has been the only wear that accentuates, enhances for maximum comfort. Now I have to be mindful that pants and shorts are not too small. Any time I am without my stealth, I have to put it back on because I do not like to be uncomfortable. ” – Duane

“I wear it when I ride my motorcycle. It works better than a jock strap in keeping things in place. Nothing worse than getting in an uncomfortable position that you can’t adjust, sometimes to the point of sitting on your junk.. Before, I would have to pull over, take off my gloves and shift my junk around while everyone driving by was watching… ” – Jonathon

“I have been a customer for 4 years and love the products. Not only do I use the standard Stealth but special ordered a couple of shaft only sleeves for when I want my boys to swing free. As you get older the need for a anti retraction device increases and this works great. I love the way I hang better even after removing my Stealth. I only wish I had these many years ago they are life changing. I have to smile when I’m shopping and I get looks and smiles from younger women. ” – Paul Trickett

“I have been using stealth for several years now. It is extremely comfortable for all day wear. I never leave the house without it on. Creates an amazing profile without going to the point of making it look like I have an erection all the time. I wear it alone and with underwear. It has an amazing feel when you wear it. When I take it off I hang lower and my foreskin stays retracted. I believe it has improved my hang time in the sheets too. I’m on my 3rd larger size from when I started and all I can really say is. If you don’t ever try it you’ll never know how amazing it is. Thanks to everyone at stealth innerwear for an awesome product.” – C Terry

“I appreciate the looks I get from the ladies due to your products. I never realized how many women stare when I wear your inner wear. It definitely enhances my package and my self esteem regardless of the clothing I’m wearing. Thanks again STEALTH FOR MEN ” – MIKE T

“Stealth for men is the best male enhancement product I have ever purchased. It keeps everything compact but increases the bulge hugely. I wear it every day and really need to get a new one as it is almost worn out. All in all it is a purchase you will never regret. ” – Warren

“If your tired of the turtle-ling effect then you need to try stealth innerwear its awesome i wear mine every day no bulge with stealth.The sizing guide is right on,just plug your #’s in and order!” – Greg

“It’s a great product. I bought a couple for myself and a few more for my buddies. I got one defective product but I reported to customer service with the picture attached. Customer service shipped a new one right away. Great service. I wear it all the time as it is comfortable. For me best time to wear is when I go to the beach or pool party. You will notice that some girls were really checking out your crotch, giggle and smile.” – Jason

“Hey guys I just wanna start by saying this product is amazing. I have always been a “grower” and had a negative body image of my flaccid penis even when wearing shorts I worried someone would see the outline of my manhood. Well that problem is solved with stealth for men! Just wearing this comfortable device (I wear it 15 or so hours a day) has exponentially increased my confidence around women, truly worth the purchase right there. An added bonus is the permanent size increase when coupled with manual stretches and/or hanging. Best device to make sure all your hard work pays off on the market period! Pick one up now!!” – A Parry

“First time I saw the product and how it works I thought it looks like a good idea, and after trying it I can say that this is a great idea, because it works. This is really confortable, you don’t feel you are wearing it. It isn’t like other super complex devices where you feel you have to hide it. You can wear it with confidence. It is well made, the materials are first quality. It is clean and stealthy. It is cheap, they got a good price for it. If you doubt about it, just try it. Measure your penish carefully, to choose the right one. A bit tight is better, because the gland could move inside. The customer service is really good and nice, they want you to be glad with the product. They really care.” – J.G Junior

“As one of the top gay male pornstars in the world, how I look soft is as important as how I look ready for action. My fans expect me to show a big package. Problem is, I’m more of a grower than a shower- except with Stealth. It expands me to my full nine inches so I never fall short (pun intended) of their expectations. Additionally, I find wearing the coil especially erotic. Just putting it gets me all excited and ready to go. Stealth is a fantastic product that’s safe, fun, and exciting to use.” – Dallas Steele

“Great tool for anti-turtling and healing in the right state after pe-exercises. I have used it for 2-3 months. Iv done pe-exercises for about a year. The product is Antibacterial, and non smelly too. I just has to wash it once weekly, or once every 14 days. I can wear it comfortably while sleeping, while running, while biking, while lifting weights at the gym, basically in every situation, and the best thing is, it doesnt slipps at all, when you have the right size. it doesn´t shows that you wear it either, but it may look like you´v got a slightly bigger package. But hey, thats a plus! A other good thing about the product is the price, it´s not overpriced, and the quality is good. I guess it can last a year if its´s propen taken care of. But I would buy a new one every 4th month or so, just to start with a fresh product. I really don´t have anything bad to say about the product. I recommend it to everyone who want to boost the process to get a bigger package or avoid turtling, beginners and veterans.” – Martin

“Had to say… I was a bit skeptical being uncircumcised… I was afraid of what was going to happen to my little man being all on his own down there!! At any rate… This thing is working wonders! Its actually a lot more comfortable then I could have ever expected it to be.. And yes.. It stops the turtleing right in its trax!!! Very Very Very happy I found this online and invested in my little man! Thanks Stealth!!!!” – Tim

“Give you some Great ! Self confidence easy to wear . comfortable I wear it most of the day. ” – Chad

“I have struggled for a long time with turtling. I found this product and I will never not wear it! Not only did stop my turtling it has increased my soft hang” will be ording more as my size increases!” – R Reuter

“I had been wearing the stealth for the past year, nothing like the comfortable and feeling the constriction of the stealth on your manhood that makes you feels so good. It also makes your bulge looks so eye catching and the enhancement of ur manhood boost your confidence as a MAN…. ” – Paul Ow

“Stealth is a covert way to add a bit off girth to the arsenal. Seriously I was looking for a way to prevent “turtle syndrome “. Stealth pushes your package forward as well adding some heft to your bulge too. Looks great in nice fitted jeans and even a pair of swim trunks. I really like how it’s not “one size” fits all. I can find a Stealth that’s tailored to fit me. It’s comfortable and light weight. It’s great for briefs and even boxers. Stealth is virtually undetectable at urinals too. So no worries when your out on the town. No amount of movement will make this fall off too. It’s great all around. ” – Steve G

“I have been using Stealth for quite a number of years now. It took a bit getting used to initially, but now it has almost become a part of my daily wear. Being Asian, I started with the D22 but have since moved to the E22. Word of advice for new buyers – take the time to really measure properly and don’t over-estimate (leave ego out for a while lol). Once you get the right size and fitting, the wearing is really quite comfortable. And I do feel that once you have worn it for some time, you will see much less turtling of the flaccid penis. Oh, customer service has been great. Very responsive and regular customers always get to try new stuff before they get rolled out. Thanks!! ” – Jin

“This is one product I highly recommend to men cause of its comfortability and its purpose of helping men with self-esteem problems of their size! I’ve tried many, many products similar to this and nothing compares to The Stealth. I will soon need to purchase a bigger size soon. I love how it gives you a very nice looking package in your pants. This Stealth really does enlarge your member. Again for those men out there who’s thinking of getting this product you’ll won’t be sorry. Mike ” – Michael L.

“No more Asian size! I was so happy when my wife noticed about my size – bigger & thickness than before. She really love it! Stealth was the best product for male enhancement, very comfortable with great concept, good quality and the most important is – it works! Thanks Stealth! From Malaysia with love.” – Aidiladha Razad

“Live thisproduct I have been using stealth for over 1.5 years my first size was c24 I used it 24/7 for about 5 months then I had to get e24 size as I gain almost 2 inches in length and 1/2 inch girth it boost my confidence and my other half notice it but she didn’t know keep things this way . Thanks” – Asif

“I am contented with stealth by hundred percent. The sizing system is excellent. Sits perfectly, nothing dangles more around and the effect: largely, greater greatest.” – Frank

“I have been using Stealth for men the last 4 years and the item has become part of wardrobe. I wear them 24/7. I can clearly see an improvement of more than an inch since I started. What else is there to say except that it is easy to use, affordable and it works. ” – Ian

“Until I found this product, I tried and failed in keeping my member in a nice, long, flaccid state. Not only does it boost my confidence and ego, but it really helped me to cement the gains in size, which I would lose had it not been for Stealth. I believe it also helped me in training a longer and thicker member. Soon I will order a few sizes larger Stealth innerwear.” – @et

“Love this. Keeps me extended and looks fuller. Nice a comfortable. Im looking to buy another one” – Charles

Stealth is the most comfortable stretcher device out there. It has aided in cementing my gains and gives a very nice bulge in the pants. It is amazing during winter to keep the member warm, and also looks natural. Consequently because I have used stealth, it has allowed me to go up a couple of sizes. Which makes the wife happy. And makes the ladies eyes go big. Thanks stealth! . – Charles

“The stealth is very comfortable once its on, it will definitely increase your flaccid length, keeps its shape and the silicone ring works well. Boosts your confidence for sure. I like the bottom loop around the jewels.” – TB

I’m not lacking in the size department when erect; it’s the flaccid state that had always bothered me … before Stealth for Men, that is. This product is amazing. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be happier. The enhancement is noticeable but not in a negative way. It doesn’t look freakish but it’s definitely “there.” I’ve caught plenty of men and women looking down at my package, and I love it. I’ve also noticed a slight increase (about one-half inch) in flaccid length. I suppose that’s to be expected after years of use? Thank you, Stealth for Men team, for the much-needed boost to my self esteem. – Riley

As a dude open to an extra boost in confidence, yet new to enhancement products, I was extremely pleased with the immediate results, as well as the fit and comfort (as promised). I definitely made the best decision! Aaaaand customer service was super helpful and prompt. I was very impressed with the product and services…just as impressed as my onlookers are! 😉 – HE

I have a pretty big erection but turtle when I’m not aroused. I’ve bought four of these so far. Wear it everyday to give me that confidence in my pants. Added bonus is that it keeps my goods from chafing when I’m working out. Totally recommend this product – Rob

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people at Stealth for producing a an outstanding product. When I ordered my first Innerwear it was not an exact fit because I did not follow the measuring instructions correctly. I emailed customer service with my issue and received a fast reply from their Sizing Expert/Bruce G. Stealth quickly shipped me a properly sized replacement at a reduced price. The Innerwear is very comfortable and I usually wear it to bed after my PE exercises to prevent turtling and help cement my gains. I have definitetly noticed that my flaccid hang has increased. The Innerwear also enhances my bulge and improves my confidence. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is interested. Thank you Stealth – Mark P.

The Stealth Innerwear is everything I’d hoped it might be. It’s very effective in prevention of turtling, allowing my penis (and entire package) to reside much more fully, yet not at all obscenely. It is VERY comfortable and presents a most natural, yet manly appearance in slacks, jeans, bathing suit– in any attire. As the fit and comfort is so awesome, I am now considering an order for the corkscrew. With the innerwear on, it’s easy to now see how the corkscrew might fit and work for me – Charlie F.

As a 3K hour user of the Phallosan Forte, I must say I’m really impressed with the superior convenience of Stealth, since I can wear it non-stop, pee, and add or remove the corkscrew as needed anytime. I’m too large flaccid to wear the corkscrew in public, but around the house in a pair of sweats or basketball shorts it’s fine, (although OBVIOUS). Innerwear alone makes my usually obvious bulge even bigger as a natural born “shower”, but I don’t wear tight shorts or pants, so it’s not “gross” in public, just “very evident”. What I like most about Stealth over a Phallosan Forte is it maintains a full engorgement of my entire penis shaft unlike the PF, which just pulled on my glans with a vacuum while extending my ligaments. I got no expansion in girth along my shaft using a PF unlike with Stealth. I also discovered by adding a horseshoe style penis head ring behind the silicone ring of the Innerwear after kegeling a bit of blood & expanding my glans, I can benefit from BOTH an engorged mushroom head AND an engorged shaft simultaneously, which I really LIKE! My Stealth corkscrew is heavy enough to create a consistent TUG on my penis for up to 12 hours daily, and the entire Stealth gear is not only easy to wear & more convenient, but more COMFORTABLE to wear ALL DAY than the Phallosan Forte, IMO. Best of ALL, the Stealth is considerably less expensive than a Phallosan and the quality & versatility of the Stealth means few replacement purchases need to be made; only an occasional $35 Innerwear as it wears or is outgrown by the user. Syealth Innerwear & Corkscrew is a WINNER for guys seeking superior comfort & convenience while simultaneously enhancing their penis health & size ! – Mark G.

I have tried everything for male enhancement. The stealth thus far is the only method that has brought me noticable results. I also bought the corkscrew with my stealth and I wasn’t disappointed. I have only had both for 2 weeks and already gained 1inch in length! Guys give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed! – Mas

The Stealth is great at having a wide range of sizes to make sure you get a great fit. They keep innovating with new products like the Corkscrew has a variety of uses and ways to be used and adding the retainer band shows that they listen to the customers. The customer service is very responsive as and understanding. – Dan D

The quality of this product is outstanding! There was no faults and the delivery was on time as well. Great customer services who listens well to their customers. – Sham R.

“I was looking for a way for me to keep my gains and it brought me to your interesting site. It looked to be a holy grail to a way to keep my gains. The material is firm and allows no turtling. Stealth has made my shaft like steel and my wife has noticed the impact both in size, stamina, and the amount of ejaculation! Already recommended it to 5 of my friends!”@foreverpharaoh

“I’ve been trying for years to find something to end my turtling. I like Stealth because it’s flexible and that it’s designed to keep from turtling. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to stop turtling” – Jeff C

“I have most definitely benefitted from Stealth. I came back for a 2nd one! What I like best about the product is the extra bulge and thickness I’ve received. Stealth is the easiest way to get the best results for male enhancement! Love the product!” – N. Clark

“more comfortable than wearing a c-ring or other enhancers.” – D. Stewart

“Great concept and good customer service. I love the custom fit. It’s good quality and it works” D. Bohmer

“Stealth has given me a better flaccid hang state. I like the good quality, convinience and ease of use.” – Anthony G.

“I have seen some change in the short amount of time I’ve worn it. What I like best about the product is that you can wear it without others noticing a huge bulge in your pants. A great product that improves your soft size.” – R William

“I want to tell you your product is well made and I use it 3-4 days a week, all day and on into the night. I also like the fact that I can simply hand wash it in dove liquid kitchen soap and cold water, rinse it out and hang it on the towel rack to dry. It holds its shape and it seems to look new always. I have a new confidence level in my appearance which I totally credit to Stealth, that is what I wanted and that is what I got. Your product does do what it say it can do” – Beihl

“One problem men like myself who have an enlarged prostate is the urine stream tends to spread and splatter. I’ve noticed the sheath helps keep my urine stream from spreading. So far I’ve been favourably impressed. I’ll be glad to contribute more impressions when I’ve got more experience wearing it. It’s comfortable. Does the right job of keeping the corpora cavernosa stretched.” – Rusty L

“I really appreciate the great customer service, and I’ll spread the word because of it. Again, good business practices like this are uncommon in today’s world, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.” – Shann C

I wish I could meet the inventors of Stealth and give them a hug or shake their hands. They changed my life in a way I never thought possible. As a tall guy with large thighs and a ‘grower’ I have always been self-conscious about looking ‘small.’ Now, I feel big, thick, whole and complete. My interactions with women are way, way more positive and my performance in bed has improved as well. I could go on and on but you owe it to yourself to try this product if you are looking to improve this side of your life. – P

I just recently purchased this product and I love it . I am not circumcised and this device really helps keeping that foreskin back I have wore it two days now and my wife loves it when I am in shorts or pants its makes her happy. I have noticed her grabbing my crotch alot more than normal. I have noticed other women when they come over are staring at my crotch area my wife said she didnt mind and they even asked her when they were talking does your husband have a big penis. The customer service is awesome they helped when i had an issue on how i was wearing it backwards. I am going to purchase the corkscrew to try and increase my size and see how it works I will keep everyone up to date if it works. – Rod

I gotta say that this product is pretty awesome. I started off a year ago at D24, and am now very comfortably at an F30, In about a year, I have learned to relax a part of my body that I never realized was so tense. Allow the ligaments in my shaft to relax always had zen-like qualities to me ever since I strapped on my first Stealth. Now my dick knows how to relax and stay relaxed. I am officially now a “show-er” as my cock now hangs low even when not wearing the innerwear. Thanks to a previous commenter in this thread of comments. I read one guy’s comment about using the new custom neopreme sheath alone without the rest of the Stealth apparatus. It worked really well this morning. I put it on my half mast shaft and got an instant erection. The sheath helped sustain the erection, while the fabric itself helped maintain relaxed ligaments. Pretty awesome. – Paul

I purchased the Stealth for the sole purpose of maintaining a retracted foreskin. I am very impressed with the product. It is doing a great job of keeping my foreskin back, as well as helping with my urine stream. I don’t have much of a package size issue, but it definitely keeps you in a more defined position. Very comfortable and easy to wear. – Dave R

Well been having problems with my man parts for awhile..but now since Ive been wearing this innerwear.i had doubts at first but since I had I done increase in size n my girl love me more now since I’ve been wearing this innerwear. Thank you for STEALTH…..😀  – Terrence H

Beyond being frustrated with turtling during normal daily work and activities, I was miserable riding my road bike in padded compression shorts that only exasperated my situation. I found this product after using an ace bandage wrap that cut off circulation. The stealth sleeve has magically solved my turtling. Sizing is critical so I recommend taking your time to get it right. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Bruce at Stealth was beyond helpful to ensure I had the right fit. I wish I either invented this or found it years ago. I am one thousand percent satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend this product! – Rob

Feels great you can hardly tell you are wearing it. It definitely gives of a print through your clothes. Very comfortable and you dont have to remove it to go to the bathroom. I highly suggest it – Michael

Great product and the customer service is hands down the best that there is. This company really cares about the customers and deserves every penny earned. Awesome all around – Antonio

I’ve found Stealthformen a couple of months ago. I was looking for a natural longer and thicker look to give my tiny turtling cock in my bikini without any unwanted lines that makes it look like your wearing an enhancement with a hugh fake bulge! Let me tell you this is PREFECT for the natural look! Keeps me at a good 4″ facid state and 4 1/2-5″ girth all day long even in cold water! Or bigger if you want. I order the correct size or so I thought! Lol! When got my order,which arrived quickly I was so excited to try it the next day. So I put it on as the direction said too but after some time I found that my head was coming back thought the Stealth. So I contacted customer service who help me to discover I had actual ordered the wrong size and they helped me get into the correct size now!! Customer Service(Bruce) is outstanding!! So I got my new size which was shipped quickly again and it was a little snug but customer service said it will stretch a bit in a week or so and yes now it fits like a glove! No hurtling now! I wear it all day like 15hrs.a day and don’t know its on. Can ever get hard with it on! So if your thinking of trying it I would highly recommend it to any guy! Good luck and hope you enjoy like I do! – Brad H

Product works over time. Can make you hang longer. Be sure to measure correctly. I did not and was bit tight and short. Being uncut makes it even more important to measure correctly or can be uncomfortable. High quality construction and worth trying if looking to gain length and confidence – William

NOTHING COMPARES! This product is truly the first product that does what it claims! STEALTH: The product is soft, goes on easy, stays in all day. Being 100% honest it took me a few days of trailing the product at home before I learned how to fit it just right for my penis, once I got comfortable with the device it’s been a life changer. I work in a hospital where I wear scrubs. I can easily hide the product beneath the scrubs, but occasionally catch staff looking as they notice a larger bulge below. I also got the corkscrew which I wear at night at home. The stealth innerwesr is so comfortable I can wear it during my 12-14 hour shifts without any issues. I used to be a grower now I’m a SHOWER! My penis has increased from a flaccid length of 6″ to 7.2″. The erect length has had mild increases as well. I feel fuller whem soft and am much more confident changing and showering in the locker room (have even caught guys staring). Sexually I’m a rockstar. I don’t know if it’s my confidence being more hung, the fact that my penis is receiving more blood flow, or a mixture but my sex life has NEVER been better. OTHER PRODUCTS: I have tried everything from pills (placebo at best), to metal extenders (pinch and slide off), to the ESL40 (painful and had to be removed every 30-45 minutes due to pain) and none of it worked. – Ryan R

The Stealth is great at having a wide range of sizes to make sure you get a great fit. They keep innovating with new products like the Corkscrew has a variety of uses and ways to be used and adding the retainer band shows that they listen to the customers. The customer service is very responsive as and understanding. – Dan D

So, I have to start by saying thank you to the folks at Stealth for Men, what you all are doing is a great service to a broad spectrum of customers, and I hope you are doing it for many more years. And for those of you who are on the fence, bear with me, because I can get a little long in the tooth. I had been really noticing an increasing difficulty urinating a couple years ago, and I kinda marked it off as temporary and didn’t really put much thought into it, and while it did come in waves, each time it seemed to get worse. I looked for solutions that could address the issue I was having without pharmaceuticals, and stumbled upon the Stealth website one day when I didn’t have much time to devote. A couple of weeks went by and trusty ole Google marketing and traffic monitoring saw fit to remind me of the visit, so I did my due diligence and took the plunge with Stealth. I got the full monty, innerwear with all the accompaniments along with the corkscrew. When it arrived, the first thing that impressed me was the packaging, which was simple, understated, and discreet. Now, to be honest, the first time you put it on, it is kinda nerve wracking, as the ring at the end of the sheath is stiffer than you’d expect, and has a good grip. It’s pretty tough to get on the first time, but you can rest easy, you are not going to deform this material by stretching it. It’s tough stuff, and it by nature has to be, right? The innerwear is stout, and for those who have high riding testicles, the snaps are a breeze to use. Now, if you feel a little discomfort after a while with the snaps shut, release the snaps, because that discomfort can turn into a snowball quickly. Generally I notice it when I have the snaps shut and I get a little excited, but normal circumstances rarely result in the sensation. The two supplemental sleeves are a breeze to put on also, and very resilient. The corkscrew is something to respect, fellas. Follow the instructions to a T, as you can pinch yourself dangerously if you misuse the heavy coil. but if you use it correctly, the gains are almost immediately noticeable. Once you get a feel for how it works you can really push the envelope, using it for treating Peyronie’s Disease, battling an enlarged prostate, or simply for enlargement exercises that really require little conscious effort on your part. Be warned, if your pants fit snug, you’ll want to consider looser dungarees. This thing work exactly as you would think it does, and it holds it shape for as long as you need it to. I wear the innerwear every single day, but the corkscrew I had was lost in a move I made earlier this year, so I have not been using one, and I haven’t really needed it, but I might get another one in the near future. This product is a real gem, and it can help you whether you seek holistic treatment, boosted confidence, or simply to experience gains that are noticeable and lasting. It has helped my urinary tract health, my libido, and I have probably scored a few “goals” because of this product. It is worth every penny, and I will continue to purchase this product as a part of my health and wellness regimen. – UGA Bulldog

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