“Stealth is a wonderful product that helps wearers gain confidence and better psychological health. Excellent for its comfort and support. The sizing system is excellent” – @dga223

The quality of this product is outstanding! There was no faults and the delivery was on time as well. Great customer services who listens well to their customers. – Sham R.

“I was looking for a way for me to keep my gains and it brought me to your interesting site. It looked to be a holy grail to a way to keep my gains. The material is firm and allows no turtling. Stealth has made my shaft like steel and my wife has noticed the impact both in size, stamina, and the amount of ejaculation! Already recommended it to 5 of my friends!”@foreverpharaoh

“I’ve been trying for years to find something to end my turtling. I like Stealth because it’s flexible and that it’s designed to keep from turtling. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to stop turtling” – Jeff C

“I have most definitely benefitted from Stealth. I came back for a 2nd one! What I like best about the product is the extra bulge and thickness I’ve received. Stealth is the easiest way to get the best results for male enhancement! Love the product!” – N. Clark

“more comfortable than wearing a c-ring or other enhancers.” – D. Stewart

“Great concept and good customer service. I love the custom fit. It’s good quality and it works” D. Bohmer

“Stealth has given me a better flaccid hang state. I like the good quality, convinience and ease of use.” – Anthony G.

“I have seen some change in the short amount of time I’ve worn it. What I like best about the product is that you can wear it without others noticing a huge bulge in your pants. A great product that improves your soft size.” – R William

“I want to tell you your product is well made and I use it 3-4 days a week, all day and on into the night. I also like the fact that I can simply hand wash it in dove liquid kitchen soap and cold water, rinse it out and hang it on the towel rack to dry. It holds its shape and it seems to look new always. I have a new confidence level in my appearance which I totally credit to Stealth, that is what I wanted and that is what I got. Your product does do what it say it can do” – Beihl

“One problem men like myself who have an enlarged prostate is the urine stream tends to spread and splatter. I’ve noticed the sheath helps keep my urine stream from spreading. So far I’ve been favourably impressed. I’ll be glad to contribute more impressions when I’ve got more experience wearing it. It’s comfortable. Does the right job of keeping the corpora cavernosa stretched.” – Rusty L

“I really appreciate the great customer service, and I’ll spread the word because of it. Again, good business practices like this are uncommon in today’s world, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.” – Shann C

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