What is Stealth Innerwear?

Stealth Innerwear is a 3-in-1 bulge enhancer, extension trainer and anti-turtling device.

While wearing, Stealth lightly stretches your penis. Over time, it trains your anatomy to remain extended even when soft. This increases the flaccid length, turning “grow-ers” into “show-ers”.

Wearing it instantly gives you an enhanced look and bigger bulge. This is achieved with an integrated baseband that lifts and pushes your entire package forward, while the sheath provides you with extra length and girth. The unique, anatomically-correct design looks completely natural unlike other male enhancement products that use slings, padding or cups.

Some guys experience “turtling” (extreme retraction of the penis) when they are cold, nervous or during physical activity. This body phenomena can have a very negative effect on your confidence. Stealth uses a silicone ring which is securely fitted behind your glans to prevent it from turtling back inside. With regular wear, it also trains your penis to stop turtling permanently even when you take it off.

What is the Stealth Corkscrew?

The Corkscrew is a Penis Enlargement Exercising Device the can be worn on top of your Stealth Innerwear for a more intense stretch. It targets the inner-ligaments of the penis to gain length faster.

Is Stealth Innerwear uncomfortable or inconvenient in any way

It may take a few hours for your body to get used to the feeling of wearing Stealth. After this adjustment period, it feels totally natural and comfortable. Stealth doesn’t interfere with urination or your daily activities and is designed to accommodate erections.

Does Stealth come in my size?

We have designed a broad spectrum of 99 sizes to ensure that (almost) every man gets a perfect fit. In the rare circumstance that Stealth isn’t available in your size, please contact us for a custom fitting.

Does Stealth work for uncircumcised men?

Absolutely. Simply pull the foreskin back so that the silicon ring fits snug against the back ridge of the penis head. Some users report sensitivity of the newly exposed glans. However, this is normal and the discomfort will disappear in about a week or two. Some uncircumcised men use Stealth specifically for the benefit of being able to keep their foreskin retracted.

Will the Innerwear slip off?

No. The Innerwear uses a silicone ring that is secured behind the glans while the baseband is secured under the scrotum. This ensures the Stealth garment stays on at all times.

How do I wash the Innerwear?

The Stealth fabric is embedded with an anti-bacterial treatment that kills odour-causing elements. This means the Innerwear doesn’t need to be washed as often as regular clothing. It can stay smelling fresh for two weeks or more.

It is best to hand wash Stealth with mild soap (such as hand soap or body wash), to protect the anti-bacterial treatment. It can be dried in the dryer on high-heat with no problem.

Can I wear the Innerwear while swimming?

Yes, many customers use Stealth while swimming at the pool or beach. Simply rinse out the chlorine and run thru the dryer (or hang dry) after use.

I have small/high-riding balls, will the baseband fit me?

The Innerwear comes with snap buttons to adjust to a tighter fit your balls.

I have another question. How do I contact you?

On the bottom right corner of every page, there is a Live Chat Support button. If we’re online, you can click it to start a real-time chat. This is the quickest way to contact us. You can also email us at info@stealthformen.com or use our contact form.

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