What is Stealth Innerwear?

Stealth Innerwear is a revolutionary new design in male enhancement (patents pending) that both augments and supports the anatomy in the most natural way.

Stealth achieves this by using an integrated base band that comfortably supports the entire package by lifting the genitals forward and up. The sheath section lengthens the penis shaft while at the same time adding extra girth for a longer and thicker profile.

The concealed silicon bead embedded into the outermost edge of the sheath gently secures the garment in position behind the penis head. This effectively extends the flaccid penis while preventing retraction at the same time.

Is Stealth uncomfortable or inconvenient in any way?

Stealth initially makes you feel both physically and psychlogically bigger. In fact one of the greatest benefits is the enhanced sense of masculinity that you feel while wearing it. After a period of adjustment the actual sensation of wearing the innerwear disappears altogether… that is until you take it off!

Is Stealth uncomfortable or inconvenient in any way?

Using a proprietary Nano-Tech process the 100% cotton fibers of the Stealth fabric are impregnated with a combination of select earth minerals that produce both FIR’s and Negative Ions. You can read more about this in our articles section under FIR therapy, Negative Ions and scientific reports result papers.

Does Stealth come in my size?

In most cases… yes. The unique Stealth design is functional only because we offer the full range of sizes. See our sizing calculator for a precise fitting. If you are outside of the standard size range contact us for a custom fit.

What if I am uncircumcized will Stealth work for me?

Absolutely, simply pull the foreskin back so that the silicon ring fits snug against the back ridge of the penis head. Some users report sensitivity of the newly exposed glans when it first rubs against underwear or heavy jeans material but this sensation disappears after a week or two.

Will Stealth Innerwear slip off?

No… the Stealth design incorporates a unique medical grade silicon bead embedded directly into the fabric at the outermost edge of the sheath. This ensures that the sheath maintains the correct position comfortably secured behind the penis head.

What about when I need to urinate?

Not a problem, even using public urinals is fine as there is no need to fuss or make adjustments.

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