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    Stealth Man

    We just got the foam samples and cases here is Canada to confirm the fit. We will make a couple of small adjustments to the foam, for example, a small air channel down the foam outside the screw cap so that it does not create a vacuum on removal which makes it bothersome to remove and put back in. We will submit the updated drawings for the foam production ASAP for the cases which have already been started. This week we get the test production glans cap and vac-seals and once everything is confirmed we start the production for these as well. The instructions are almost complete and ready to print. After that we assemble the kits and ship sea cargo for stocking on the shelves before launching. No fixed date but everything is coming together quickly now. We do have the ADS stretching accessory belts and graphene heat pad as separate purchases which will be offered at a discount when purchased with the kit.

    thanks for your continued patience!



    How are things coming along?


    Stealth Man

    Yes… we have the cases and foam in production now. I am finalizing the instructions for proof reading before printing the manual and log book with beginner template. We are currently working on a product page for the website which will showcase the Vac-Hanger and the two demo videos… once you see these you will appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into making the system 110%. I am really looking forward to share more details with you guys.. so hang tight!

    thanks again for your continued patience.


    Stealth Man

    btw. we have finalized and are currently testing our new compression hanger prototype, that simply stated… is bang on too!

    It is not like any of the existing clamp hanger designs which I feel are painfully outdated… pun intended.

    It is a much simpler project requiring only two sizes, however, it will be a complete kit that makes for an amazing overall user experience.

    We should be launching this about 6 months after the Vac-Hanger.



    Dear Stealth Man, just a note of alert…. the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have about 280 cargo ships circling offshore and all are two weeks delayed in unloading. If shipping to the US can be done in other ways, you might have items saleable before Christmas. Just wanting the best outcomes for you, Stealth Man and Team!
    With the pilot and air traffic control pushback against vaccine mandates or job loss, air transport of cargo may soon be seriously disrupted as well.
    I am eager to see and “test-drive” your ingenious devices.



    Stealth Man

    Hi Stephen,

    Yes, the cost to ship is 3-4x what it was before the pandemic… insane, with longer wait times and labour related issues States side to boot.

    Before Christmas is out of question. We need a month at least and then we will be at the mercy of the shipping times after that.

    No problem… we just carry on and get there when we arrive.

    Thanks for your continued support… much appreciated Stephen!



    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays all!

    I was hoping to get some sort up update on the new package by now. Has there been any new developments? Do you have a better idea about dates and prices that you can share with us yet?

    Will you be taking orders soon? Kinda feels like waiting for a Tesla, lol.

    I don’t suppose you have any other surprises in store for the new year? I haven’t seen much info about it here but I am interested in the new FIR warmer and if its got a neat fitting design or if it’s going to be similar to the TherMedic one I already have.

    Please drop us something to chew on…




    Stealth Man

    Hello Richard and crew,

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

    We are making slow but steady progress. The custom carry cases with foam inserts are finally done. This required a very careful chain of communication with repeated samples for testing to confirm that everything was perfect. We have 12 different kits according to the standard Stealth girth measurements with 3 incremental chamber sizes in each kit along with a number of other components. We could not afford any mistakes on this as everything ties in together as one with so many components.

    Meanwhile, we also made some modifications to the injection moulds for improving the production quality of the glans cap and vac-seal which is used for securing the chamber in place. This required a 6-week wait for the machine time slot. However, it should be completed before the end of the year and then on to the final production.

    I have been diving deep into the final hanging routine for the past 2-3 months twice a day/6 days a week. I am also testing the final iteration of the new Stealth clamp hanger pro so it has been an hour of clamp hanging in the morning and an hour of Vac-Hanging in the evening.

    Surprisingly, this yielded what I consider the best method for vac-hanging above 10 lbs so it was critical to be included in the Instructions. We now have a total of 4 basic methods but there are many sub variations possible for individuals to explore and find what works best for them with respect to chamber size, engorgement level, wrapping techniques, using the glans cap or not, with alternative sleeve layering styles and combinations etc.

    We also added three incrementally shorter webbing straps (think seatbelt material) with D-ring for smaller 1.25, 2.5, and 5lbs plates over and above the standard single larger webbing strap used for attaching the bulk of session plates. This allows for convenient addition and subtraction of the smaller plates for effective modulation of the fatigue level during the session without interrupting the steady application of traction.

    Of course this new information has been added into the instructions… so the instructions have been left as long as possible before committing to the printer along with the Stealth beginners template/log-book.

    The production order for the injection moulded chambers was submitted last week with a small modification to the chamber screw cap vacuum lock post depth to ensure a leak proof valve seal. No worries, we have some amazing product demo videos that will detail all of these finer points with absolute clarity.

    No doubt it has been a painstaking process to organize a production of this complexity while maintaining exceptionally high quality. We have also taken all the time needed to eliminate design updates from happening in the future.

    The Vac-Hanger Pro will set the bar in this category of device very high while striving, as always, to maintain exceptional value for your dollar.

    I have included a couple of pics of the FIR graphene heat pad which will be available in 3 sizes…




    Awesome to read. I can’t wait to test out the final product

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