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    When do we get to see pics and more info!?

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!  I would love to try it, do you know the ballpark pricing yet?



    In for info as well…


    Stealth Man

    Sorry, I am not in a position to release pictures until after the patent application is submitted as any form of publication would compromise the “novelty” of the invention.

    Stealth is built upon precision fitted devices and the Vac-Hanger will be no different. For each of the 12 girths, five small incrementally sized vacuum chambers,  glans caps and vac-seals will be included with the kit. This means that there will be a total of sixteen sizes available, each with its own series of accessories.

    For example, I wear a 24 girth, so I have at my disposal the 20,22,24,26 and 28 sizes available for use at any time. I have been using all of these regularly, except the 28, which I probably should test but have not felt the need, at least not yet. This is ideal as it leaves room for future growth as well.

    The size increments are 2mm from one size to the next so I am currently using a total of 8mm in size variation. This is required for erection levels or more specifically glans engorgement levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

    Your size selection actually depends on what your goal, level of interest/arousal or need for discretion is for a particular session. In all cases, the unique Stealth “vac-seal” and “glans-lock” system maintains a rock-solid (granite) bond between the glans and vacuum chamber.

    Versatility also plays a huge role in the Stealth approach to PE devices. Practitioners are generally very creative and come up with all kinds of unique combinations to meet personal preferences. This is a key factor in order to provide the best user experience. There simply is no “right way” for everyone.

    The kit will set absolutely set new standards for this type of device. Stealth will be priced lower than competing brands.



    Wish I could try it!  I’ve been holding off buying one for a while, but I’m guessing it’s still a ways off.  Can’t wait to see it and try it when it’s ready.

    I just bought a cheap one from eBay someone on another forum recommended a couple days ago.  I can only do so many manuals and like the idea of being able to hang while doing something else, like reading.

    If you need any help with development or anything I would love to.  Wish I could try it as a first hanging device but at least I’ll be able to compare!

    Also, why would only 2mm larger be enough to account for 1-1.5 cm circumference difference?


    Stealth Man

    We do all testing in house. This is a slow, deep and thorough process. Outside input is too distracting as everyone has their own ideas.

    2mm increase in diameter = 1/4″ increase in circumference.



    Any idea on an approximate time line for maybe a presales or trial user’s or testers on this product. As I would definitely be interested in being a tester. I have hit a wall,and am looking for something to get some more growth going.



    I would also like to get an approximate ETA.  I was in the process of purchasing a Vac Hanger, but will wait for your product,  Based on your customer service and quality of previous products I will wait, but for how long?


    Stealth Man

    >>Any idea on an approximate time line for maybe a presales or trial user’s or testers on this product. As I would definitely be interested in being a tester. I have hit a wall,and am looking for something to get some more growth going.<<

    Things are happening but it just takes time to make a complete and fully realized professional kit.

    The testing phase is long past so we would be looking at private prelaunch sales here and to our premium customer list.


    Stealth Man

    >>I would also like to get an approximate ETA.  I was in the process of purchasing a Vac Hanger, but will wait for your product,  Based on your customer service and quality of previous products I will wait, but for how long?<<


    The launch date is still unclear. We are working on multiple aspects of the project, which will suddenly all come together at the same time for more clarity on the release. I’d say another 2 months before this is a possibility and would highly recommend waiting, otherwise you may regret money spent on an inferior system.



    That would be great, multiple time buyer here. Have purchased ,and used every product here,including multiple sheaths. I would definitely be interested in being on the private prelaunch again,as I was with the magvolt.


    Stealth Man

    Appreciate your input and support!

    You can send us a note at the support email and mention that you would like to get on the premium customer list for the early notification and presale of the Vac-Hanger.

    I will be leaving the factory as all the components are currently or just about ready to go into production. This will allow the focus to shift to the patent preparation along with finalization of the instructions manual and packaging.

    We are currently working on the product motion graphics which will give an overview of the design aesthetics and functionality.

    Once we have the patent applications submitted we can publish the video which will give you all the insight you would need in order to make a decision if this is the kit for you or not.



    Can’t wait for the Vac Hanger as well.  Keep us posted



    Dear Stealth Man,
    Thank you for your constant fielding of questions and calming our impatience.

    Is there an educational or learning curve that is needed when considering use of the Vac Hanger?

    Many years ago an acquaintance (he swam in the gymnasium pool where I exercised) was enduring the degeneration of his sensations and his erections from diabetes. He was prescribed a vacuum pump to  help him increase circulation. His pump was archaic in concept and outcomes. His impatience led to frequently excessively pumping his penis to a traumatized state. His penis shaft was exaggeratedly large and puffed up. His glans was swollen and looked as if the cells had leaked cell fluid beyond the cell walls.

    Because your Stealth reputation is so exceptional, I am suspecting your Vac Hanger will cause no cellular damage, but will gently stimulate tissue growth. Your future videos will coach us each on the techniques best for us each.


    Stealth Man

    Hi Stephen,

    Your mention of the acquaintance at the gymnasium pool brings an important consideration with respect to the risks involved with advancing too quickly using penis enlargement devices. As men, we often dispel caution to the wind, with an over-enthusiastic bravado that has no place when pumping or hanging weight from the penis. For this reason, we will have the beginners template and the forum community to help keep these tendencies in check.

    There is definitely a learning curve involved when using the Vac-Hanger. It is typically recommended by experienced penis enlargement practitioners that the beginner first condition the penis with manual PE exercises for a few months before commencing, what is considered to be an “advanced” technique.

    In my experience, this is simply not true, however, the beginner should err on the side of caution, for at least the first month or two of practice. During this time the focus remains primarily on learning proper technique while strictly adhering to the guideline of the beginner’s session template that will be included with the kit.

    After gaining some experience, you can begin to actively explore the three session parameters of weight, duration, and frequency in order to optimize the routine intensity. The biggest factor here is consistency, which is needed to avoid interruption of building the intensity momentum. Otherwise, you will need to lower the weight and/or duration of the sessions before resuming the previous level of intensity, which of course hinders progress while adding another variable to be mindful of in your practice.

    All in all, vacuum hanging is completely safe when approached with a cautious yet curious mindset. However, lapses in judgment can lead to minor setbacks and outright disrespect of the established methodology of vacuum hanging can lead to injury.

    Therefore we must have an active community on this topic once the kit is made available. This will help curb over-enthusiastic tendencies with active support and offer encouragement when the pendulum of enthusiasm is on the wane.

    I personally have found the process of hanging to be quite addicting so my commitment has been strong. However, having recently shifted back to Canada there has been a cessation of practice since a month or so in the process. However, this will be useful for gaining more experience on the parameters involved when resuming practice after taking a long break.









    Thank you for your generous and wise insight, and for gathering us all in a forum for sharing our experiences.


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