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    Stealth Man

    yes, they will be launched around the same time as the Vac-Hanger, however, if you want to order one now and don’t mind it being shipped from the factory I can send you the invoice for purchase now.

    The sizes are…

    small – 10 x 17.5 cm = 4” x 7”

    medium – 12.5 x 20 cm= 5” x 8”

    large – 15 x 22.5cm = 6” x 9”



    I cannot wait for the Vac-Hanger.


    Stealth Man

    Yes me too!

    The team just came back from a week long holiday and will soon be working on assembling of the kits. The formatting of the instructions will be completed by the end of this week (hopefully) and then we look into the printing of the manual and beginner routine template/user logbook.

    This was delayed as long as possible as we are always adding and refining content with respect to something or the other presenting itself for inclusion.

    For example, the kit comes with a wide variety of components which can be mixed and matched for different set-ups. The last round of testing revealed an unlikely combination so we added a “4th method” which has proven to be the safest and most secure set-up of all imo.

    Finally, we added at the very last moment a carbon fibre base plate that enables horizontal plate orientation as another option along with the various vertical arrangements that are possible such as the “sit to stand weight modulation” and laddering up” techniques.

    Here are some pics of the 5 suspension belts and carbon fibre base plate for the horizontal arrangement…




    WOW, looks very impressive!

    Can’t wait to see the final product in full detail.


    Stealth Man

    Thanks Richard,

    We also have the option for the All Day Stretching (ADS).

    Note, this is an accessory component sold separately. This also includes a fully adjustable double-wide velcro belt for the waist, similar as the knee and ankle belts seen here. This provides the option to stretch horizontally around the waist or upwards back over the shoulder for a wide variety of traction angles.

    You can use the smallest of three chamber sizes included in each of the 12 different sized kits (18 – 40 girths)  or as a kit owner, purchase even smaller chamber sizes at a discounted rate for more discreet use under clothing while going about your daily business.

    Note the heavy duty, high quality design which built for performance and maximum comfort. We use carefully constructed velcro sport belts along with robust custom branded elastic webbing fitted with high quality all metal hardware.

    We have not cut any corners A-Z through out the entire kit in our steadfast aim for the very best user experience possible.



    can we preorder?


    Stealth Man

    bcquest, at this point I can only share some teasers with you and the Stealth forum members here. We have yet to submit the patent application so we must refrain from revealing certain novel aspects of the design for now. We have a couple of really amazing photo realistic product demo videos that present the overall system on one hand with the detailed functional elements on the other. After not seeing these for a while watching them again literally makes my heart throb with excitement.

    I can’t wait to exclusively share with you all here before anywhere else.




    These teasers are seriously getting me excited as well!

    I have a similar method of using multiple straps with my ADS setup also. I find a knee support strap works really well too.

    Can’t wait for more teasers and reveals here 🙂


    Stealth Man

    Yes, the ankle attachment with support at the knee works really well to help distribute the load. This provides maximum comfort with more or less constant and controlled traction whether sitting or standing.

    Much if not all currently available ADS devices are practically useless in my experience. For the most part being uncomfortable to wear at the knee with non-elastic webbing with inferior plastic hook, elastic cord and cheap plastic stopper for adjusting the traction.

    I don’t understand the lack of innovation. Innovation in this case being the simple functional aesthetics that comes with application of good design principals.



    Do you know what the price point will be?


    Stealth Man

    Yes, we are looking at the $300 range.

    This will include three closely sized Chambers, Vac-Seals, and Glans Caps for each of the 12 different kit available. The difference between each size is approximately 2-3 mm depending at which end of the size spectrum. This is the equivalent of 5/64″  to 1/8″ difference between each size with the same ratio for chamber depth and related components.

    This provides the ability to precisely size the fit for any level of engorgement for a given session one day to the next. For example, ADS (all day stretching) is fitted with a smaller size chamber with the larger size for the fully engorged glans or future size gains.

    You also have other factors such as various taping methods, with or without the glans cap which have a significant impact on the chamber size selection.

    In all, the user manual has 4 suggested “methods” that work well in our experience with the possibility for new and unique variations that users will inevitably implement as adaptations of their own.

    Obviously, there is no “one and only” method, level of engorgement and subsequent size selection that can be claimed as the best. For example, as you already know, measuring for size selection is subject to variables. Therefore, having multiple sizes in short sequence optimize this aspect of getting the right fit from the get go.

    This is a professional system that represents the highest quality in every respect from superior system and design with advanced features, quality components, a comprehensive User Manual with beginner Routine Template/LogBook. Everything comes in a durable carry case with foam insert for safe packing and storage of the components.

    For your reference, here is a sample page from the User’s Manual..




    Any news?


    Stealth Man

    Hello Mark,

    China has opened up granting visas for travel. I was able to secure mine and am currently in transit with an unplanned “detour” into Korea as a result of the strict testing protocol which didn’t account for the long layover so I was not able to catch the connecting flight into China. Now I spent 3 days here getting my 48 hours and 24 hours preflight COVID PCR tests done again so I can make the final leg of the journey into China. Once I land it is 7 days quarantine in government facilities + 3 days home isolation before I am back at the factory to oversee the final packaging of the kit and personal QC before shipping by sea cargo for the inventory to be ready for the launch. Slow progress to be sure but the obstacles to overcome are not a joke so we carry on carrying on and everything will be done to perfection. Thank for your continued patience… it is very much appreciated!


    Victor Dixon

    Is this product line available or is there any planned date for launch?   I see many of the posts are nearly 3 years old so I’m wondering if this product development has been abandoned.  Please advise as I had strong interest in it.


    Stealth Man

    Hello Victor,

    Thanks for your interest in the Vac-Hanger… which is very near completion.

    I am currently in Korea in-transit to factory in China to personally assemble the kits to make sure everything is in perfect order. I will have 14 days quarantine before I am able to be active in the factory so once that is complete we will be shipping sea cargo.

    At this point, we will begin the email launch sequence to our newsletter subscribers for the prelaunch discount offer. You can send me a message at the support email [email protected] and request the newsletter confirmation email and I will see that it is sent to you.

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