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    Any word on the patent submission and video? Can’t wait for release!


    Stealth Man

    Hello Bigjuan,

    Thanks for your continued interest and patience.

    We are currently working on the motion graphics animation clip to show-case the product. Meanwhile, we are also working on the box packaging with foam insert to hold the components in place. As we have all twelve girths that are standard for Stealth with three sizes for each kit… it is a complex task with high MOQ’s. We are also including a glans protection cap for each of the sixteen total sizes that we will have available in the series. Size 24 has been tested and approved so now the balance of molds for the remaining fifteen sizes are undergoing manufacture. The order for the packing tubes been placed and once these are in hand we can start the production of the TPE components for safe storage directly out of the mold on production. All the other components are on in hand for the completion of the kit. This would include the pump, gauge, scale, vacuum tube with custom adaptors, the valve assemblies, three different tapes, carabiners, belts, etc. We will also be including a cord and pulley system in the kit, so we are putting that together as well. The last thing will be the submission of the patent application before we are in a position to release the details of the kit in preparation for the launch date.

    I project of this magnitude and complexity take time. So again, I appreciate your continued interest and patience!



    Thank you for such a detailed update! Very excited for release 😁



    Is there a way to actually talk to someone about ordering the strapless es , and the corkscrew.

    This is my 2nd order and I would like to get it correct this time .

    Also would like to try the mag volt but cannot get an erection to order this.


    Stealth Man


    You can send a message to the support email at for a more in depth evaluation of your size requirement. You need not get an erection for the sizing of the Mag-Volt, in fact, if you are not getting regular erections the measurement should be done in the flaccid state.



    This is my fourth purchase with stealth but the recent strapless I bought is complete unusable for me. It’s damn hard to put in and secondly after put on the foreskin will easily push the inner wear eject out from the head.

    It’s totally dissatisfied purchase, Can I have a replacement for a normal with strap ?? Please advise.


    Stealth Man


    No problem, we can do that for you but first I would like to address these issues to see if we can’t resolve them first so that you have the opportunity for a proper evaluation before coming to a conclusion.

    To get the strapless version of the Innerwear on most effectively, you can use the following method.  First, put one of the thinner spandex sleeves over the glans and halfway down the shaft. Use the excess length of spandex sleeve hanging off the penis to thread the Innerwear sheath on and then slide it into place at the base of the penis. Remove the spandex sleeve by sliding it out and tuck the excess skin back inside the sheath.

    Another very effective method to draw all the foreskin back inside the sheath is to hold the underside of the silicone ring with one hand. Then use the other hand to pull the skin at the base of the shaft near the ball sack to slide the skin back deep inside the sleeve. This will allow you to securely seat the silicone ring behind the glans without having any skin slide back out and get in between the silicone ring and the glans.

    For your reference, I have attached a picture of the D24 strapless that I wear which demonstrates the proper set-up which you can clearly see performs flawlessly.

    Some guys prefer the Stealth with ball band while others like the strapless version. I like both equally and alternate between the two depending on my mood or just to change things up for a different look and feel.



    Curious to know if there are any updates on the vac hanger. Not trying to be pushy, just excited to hear about progress.


    Stealth Man


    I am catching a flight back to the factory tomorrow. Lots of things are waiting for me there, so let’s see. I am guessing another 4-6 weeks but then it will be nearing Christmas… not the best time to launch.



    Christmas, is an excellent time to launch the New Vac Hanger!  I can’t wait, Merry Christmas to me!  Please let us know as soon as the Vac Hanger is available for purchase.  I definitely want to be one of the first to use this hanger.  All your products so far have been outstanding in quality and I’m sure the Vac Hanger will not be an exception.  Thanks!


    Stealth Man

    Hello dcguy,

    Sorry, I posted a reply yesterday but sad to see that it didn’t stick.

    Christmas was a bit too optimistic. I have a visa limitation that requires me to leave on the 17 of Dec. No way for me to organize the shipment by then. Then I am off to India for 6 weeks retreat only to return Feb 1 in the middle of the Chinese Spring festival holidays. Once everyone is back two weeks later for completion of the kit and pack along with the rest of the inventory for shipping ocean freight, which takes another 6 weeks to land. So we are realistically looking at sometime Spring 2020.

    Sorry to disappoint, for now…. as you will end up receiving a hanging system second to none.


Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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