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    So, albeit that I’ve only been wearing it for 2 days now, but Mag Volt is the real deal!  I’m not even using innerwear, and I’m staying full and heavy all day long.  I swear I can feel an electrical charge down there.  No turtling or anything.  It’s comfortable and enhances the bulge as well, while being much easier to wear for me than innerwear.  😀



    Good to hear!  I received mine earlier today and am testing now.  Can you wear it with the Innerwear or is that not recommended?  If you can, anyone have tips on how to wear both comfortably?  Should the Innerwear strap be outside the MagVolt or inside?





    I’ve only worn it with the innerwear.  I bought an extension sheath with no baseband to wear with it as well.

    If you wear with the normal innerwear the mag volts main function is when all the metal parts are touching your skin.

    The salt and other stuff on your body creates a bridge for the electric circuit to complete and causes the effect.  If the mag volt is on top of fabric I can’t imagkne it would work as well.


    Stealth Man

    The Mag-Volt should not be put on top of the fabric ball band. Things do tend to get a bit less organized when wearing the Innerwear with ball band and Mag-Volt at the same time, however, the metal generally does stay in contact with the skin for the salt bridge circuit that Whaim mentions. I tend to wear the strapless Innerwear with the Mag-Volt acting as the baseband. Two Mag-Volts in tandem replicated the width and function of the ball band very well.


    Larry D

    What do you mean by wearing 2 mag-volts in tandem.  I have a hard time keeping it on, even though it is tight my testicles come out?  any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?



    Stealth Man

    Two Mag-Volts can be attached side by side for a double width and worn together to good effect… practically the same as the ball band on the Innerwear.

    Sounds like you need to shorten the silicone tube to get a tighter more secure fit.

    Here is the link to the silicone tube replacement that will give you a clear idea how to shorten the Mag-Volt without removing the beads.

    The audio quality is not so great so I am going to see if I can’t make it better… if so I will have a new link for the updated video.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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