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    Afternoon, all!

    I’m a brand new customer living in Tennessee.  I got my Innerwear last week and am so impressed, I ordered the Corkscrew, Sabre Skin and some additional Premium Sleeves over the weekend.



    Stealth Man

    Welcome aboard Gherron!



    Welcome to you, Gherron!
    …sounds like we are both experiencing some fine sensations with excellent products by Stealth.


    Christian Taylor

    Welcome Gherron! We are all here to support you.



    Hey guys, I’m from Tennessee, I’m on my third stealth and I enjoy the wear and my wife likes them too! The bulge it gives is fantastic! I’m considering the corkscrew for nighttime wear but haven’t taken the plunge yet…kinda waiting to see what this vac hang is gonna be…I’m still new to PE, only jelq in the shower and wear the innerwear…I occasionally dry pump but considering the bath mate. Well, it’s good to be here and welcomed!



    Hey, Guy from Tennessee,

    Welcome to Stealth for Men.

    Watch who you get your Bathmate (if you do) from.  The main site has three URLs for the “official” site.  They have terrible customer support.  Bathpump dot com is the best site.  I bought mine from the latter.  I confused it and the main site and had a problem I directed to the main site.  It took three emails to get a response from them that told me I didn’t buy it from them (and I could take a flying leap–my thought about it).  I blasted them on the PEGym web site, got an immediate response from their rep and my problem was quickly resolved.  Stealth for Men (I assume it’s Stealthman) has a rep on PEGym for support as well.  Stealthman has been a big help here and there.



    Hey kenj, thanks for the reply and the good info! I’m looking into them but I just wonder how the vac hang is gonna do. I read a few reviews of the PF and this guy that wasNt endorsed by them wore it a year, gained 2” in the first 6 month, and had nothing but praise for it so if the VH is gonna be better than that, I’ll be getting in line ASAP!


    Stealth Man

    Hey Switch… welcome!

    The Stealth Vac-Hanger is the most advanced design and versatile device in its category by a long stretch ;). Once you see the actual device you will know instantly what I mean. Unfortunately, we are unable to release any pics at this point as the novelty of the device will lost if exposed to the public domain and our patent applications rejected. We are currently waiting for the travel ban to be lifted so I can get back to the factory to handle the production and final details of the kit assembly in person.

    All the best!

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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