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    Stealth Man


    To get the inner wear on efficiently takes some practice however, if the size is not correct and the fit is too tight it will be painful. You do need to take into account that the materials will break in for a more comfortable fit after a week or so of regular use but if you are clear that this is simply not the case and a resize is what you need then please contact us at the support email to sort out your size requirements for a discount replacement.

    We are currently out of stock on a number of the Corkscrews and we have just shipped new inventory out from the factory so this will be resolved once the sea freight lands and clears customs.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and please note that you will be getting some freebies to compensate for the delay.


    Stealth Man

    Frankfurter2… definitely contact us on the support email to help make the proper size selection and get a discount on the properly sized replacement.



    Hey Stealth Man,

    No worries about the wait, I’m a patient person ๐Ÿ™‚ and support did contact me about the freebies.ย  Yes, putting on the inner sleeve became more comfortable after 7-10 days of the material becoming more relaxed, but as far as accommodating sleeping and erections there is a minor bit of discomfort where I believe I should at least try a larger size.

    I will contact support about ordering a “correct” size.

    FWIW – I really like the Premium sleeves compared to free skin that comes with the inner wear. If I could offer a suggestion about them, if possible it would be nice to have the ends sewn up rather than cut, as they tend to fray a bit after a month of use. This might not be such a problem if the intended life span is about 3-6 months before being replaced.


    Stealth Man

    The sleep test will definitively determine if the fit is too tight or not. You should wear the inner wear alone and see if you can sleep thru the morning wood without being woken up by any discomfort.

    There is absolutely no danger here as your penis will be fully engorged with fresh blood. In my experience you will just end up pulling it off and going back to sleep without fully waking up.

    When properly fitted you will sleep soundly and then after the material has broken-in for a more comfortable fit you can even layer one of the spandex sleeves and wear the Retainer band as well.

    With experience you will know how to optimumize your set-ups to get the best performance.

    The sleeve materials were selected from a wide variety of samples to find the ones that did not fray. The fuzz that you see forming is at the cut ends of the thread only. You can carefully trim the fuzz off with a sharp pair of scissors for a clean finish nice again. After you do this 2-3 times the fuzz will no longer appear.

    We tried various methods of sewing an edge but the finish is not so nice and more importantly the function was compromised.



    Hey guys,

    I was on the old forums before they were shut down, and have been using Stealth for a while now. I’ve picked up a few different sizes, so far, for different occasions and circumstances. When I first started out, there were some growing pains, usually related to interstitial fluid building up near the glans of the penis, and forming odd looking pseudo-bubbles there. Those eventually went away as I became used to using the Stealth, and now I no longer have that happen, unless I do something silly like pump a bit too much, and then put it on.

    Regarding pumping, I’ve only recently (in the last few months, as of this entry) begun trying it out, and have been doing my best not to overpump, and to keep it as safe as I can. Regarding other PE, I can’t say I’ve seriously tried much else.

    Anyhoo, if anyone has questions or would like input on how to wear the Stealth with multiple layers of jackets/skins, and retainer bands, don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll help where I can, and have been using the Stealth with multiple bands, jackets and skins for a while now. If anyone is interested, I’ve been considering creating a video for the method that I use for wearing, and ‘installing’ the Stealth. Although, keep in mind that the method that I use is probably not intended for those who are new to wearing it, as it’s a bit more complex, but, that said, it keeps turtling to a minimum, and is still very comfortable.

    Anyhoo, I think that’s enough of a book for now.

    Happy Stealthing ๐Ÿ™‚


    Christian Taylor

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks Umbrella Dragon.ย  That was great information.</p>



    Hey Christian,

    I’m glad to help out where I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun!


    Stealth Man

    Good to have you back UmbralDragon!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Stealth and the multiple layering.

    The interstitial fluid build up is a good indictor of the inner wear set-up being too tight. The only time I experienced this was during the testing phase of the spandex sleeves while sleeping. I was waking up with a pretty massive penis head and was both alarmed at the sight and excited with the prospects of experimenting with it more.

    Did not really follow up on that as I for the most part stopped wearing the spandex sleeves on top of the inner wear to bed. I have noted since that when the spandex sleeves are properly broken in that the interstitial fluid did not happen when on occasions when I forgot and wear them to sleep.



    Heya Stealth Man,

    I think that was the case for me as well. It was also when the Stealth I had was new, too, so I am pretty sure it hadn’t relaxed into fit yet, as well. I recently ordered a new one, so we’ll see what happens with that one. I’ve also taken to wearing a metal glans ring to help with turtling.

    What I do is put on my longest skin sleeve, and then put a glans ring on over that, just behind the head of the penis (make sure you use the right size, guys, in case of erections.) After that I put on the Stealth, then a retainer band over the metal glans ring, it adds a little padding in case the stealth hits something.  After that I’ll add one of the black jackets, and then also another skin layer. Once those are on, I’ll add another retainer ring over where the glans ring is, then fold them all down the shaft, and smooth it all out, then add a final retainer ring at the base of the penis over the end of the sleeves to keep it all in place, and to encourage a bit of penile engorgement. Overall it’s very comfortable, and it doesn’t slip off. It also adds some nice thickness, and holds its form really well, with the additional skin layers, and jacket.

    I’m interested in trying out the Corkscrew, but at this point, I’m not sure I want to spend the $50 on it quite yet.

    Anyhoo, hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hey guys,

    I’ve done a short video, but I haven’t uploaded it yet. If anyone is interested, I might be able to upload it to either my Google Drive, or perhaps Youtube as a private video. It’s a bit under 8 minutes or so long, and I show how to put the Stealth on the way that I normally do, so as to enhance prevention of turtling, and perhaps to aid with gentle extension of the penis. I do use a metal glans ring, but you can leave that out, and perhaps use something a bit less rigid.

    Also, I wanted to check with Stealth Man and the forum operators as a whole about posting video links. Is that permissible?

    In any case, happy Stealthing ๐Ÿ™‚



    Is comment editing going to become a thing at some point? It would be very helpful, as it would allow us to update comments with new info, as needed. ๐Ÿ™‚



    I just joined this forum so new to this. I have the corkscrew and all the other stuff. I also use Bathmate in conjunction with the coil and PE excercises. ย Looking foward to hear from you.



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey guys! Just stopping by to say hi! I was also involved in the original forums and am very glad the new one is up and running! I have been using stealth for several years off and on and have lots of experience with pe and different devices. I’m happy to be involved and offer any assistance I can. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ</p>


    Stealth Man

    Welcome back Bigjuan!



    Hey fellas,

    I’m brand new to the Stealth world and am stoked to know there’s a place like this to toss questions around and get help and support.

    There are times when I’ll be walking around naked and notice my hang and think, “Damn, son! You look good!” Unfortunately, more often than not my dick is in travel-sized mode, expanding only when necessary. Granted, I live in a generally colder climate than most (Montana), but still, I’d love to have my dick relaxing more and hanging more fully, especially around locker rooms, etc. When I stumbled across the Stealth, I was excited to see that one of the benefits to watch for is the “retraining” of my dick. I’ll definitely be watching.

    I just received my replacement Stealth tonight and have been wearing it all evening. I started off by overlooking the measuring details given on the site, instead giving girth measurements from around the base of my non-stretched dick and somehow being overly optimistic with length. The result was a nice, thick dick…and a sleeve with a silicone ring that was far too big to hold me in there. Tonight’s version may actually be a push in the opposite direction, but maybe it’ll stretch out as the days pass.

    For now, I’m gonna leave it there. It’s past 2am and I’m gonna see how well I can handle the Innerwear while sleeping.

    I’d appreciate hearing back from any of you. Thanks for your help, guys!, 35yo

    Bozeman, MT


    Stealth Man

    Hey Bozeman.. glad to have you ย on board!

    The inner wear needs to be sized accurately to perform properly. If the fit is snug at first it will definitely open up for a more relaxed fit over the first 7-10 days of daily use.

    If you are sleeping with it right away make sure you have only the inner wear on and not the sleeves layered on top specially with the snug fit when new.

    Stay alert to your body response and take a break for a few hours or overnight if any irritation and/or redness begin to occur. The principal being the sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again.

    Keep us posted on your progress as you move thru the learning curve.


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