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Yoga for The Bedroom

Often yoga evokes images of suburban moms who flock to expensive gyms after dropping their kids off at private school. However, in most metropolitan areas, yoga classes are filled with young attractive people who are in attendance to get toned...

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8 Erection Wreckers

Your erections are entirely based on blood flow. That’s why your heart has to be excellent shape in order for you to have top-quality boners. Anything that affects your heart’s health negatively also wrecks your erection. Another important factor is...

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Male Enhancement Pills Don’t Work

We have all heard the late night commercial’s promising bigger packages and improved performance, however if there were any empirical evidence backing up these claims, every man on the planet would be cashing out their savings account to order the...

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Your Penis Health Matters

Let’s face it, your Johnson is your best friend and the most important thing in your life. After all, you’re a man, so no point in lying to yourself that you love your dog more. Men tend to overthink and...

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