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Yoga for The Bedroom

Often yoga evokes images of suburban moms who flock to expensive gyms after dropping their kids off at private school. However, in most metropolitan areas, yoga classes are filled with young attractive people who are in attendance to get toned and maintain their emotional well-being.

What’s better than a class full of young, psychically and emotionally fit 20 and 30 something’s who are in great shape and look like models? The answer is nothing. Not only does yoga help you stay fit, reduce injury, and maintain mental clarity, but it also can make you a legend in the bedroom.

Yoga has long been associated with sexual prowess. Even though it might not be as manly as bench pressing and MMA fighting, it can do wonders for you and your romantic partner, in the bedroom. If you are wondering if yoga is right for you, try to keep these four benefits of yoga in mind.

Harnesses Your Focus

Life can be overwhelming. Between our careers and often-hectic personal lives, our bedroom performance can be severely hindered by unneeded stress. Yoga trains enthusiasts to focus on their breathing, which in turn, allows them to stay present. When you are present and attentive you become a better romantic partner, as you aren’t taken out of the moment by everything else that is weighing you down in life.


Being flexible is a key element to really performing in the bedroom, as being hindered by achy and stiff muscles will only lead to disappointment for you and your partner. Male performance often comes from the hips, which for many men, isn’t a focus area during their daily workout routine. Men’s hips can often become stiff and lose flexibility, which has a negative impact on their bedroom performance. Many yoga posses focus on opening up the hips and restoring flexibility.

Core Strength

Many men confuse core strength with having washboard abs. However, true core strength comes from focusing on elongating and strengthening the core, which helps with everything from bedroom performance to posture. Yoga doesn’t promote an over abundance of crunches, which can actually be harmful to our spines. Instead, yoga focuses on planks that strengthen the core without being harmful to the spine. Having a strong core and flexible back will take your bedroom performance to the next level, as they are key contributors for a healthy sex life.


The science is in and the more aerobic exercise you do, the longer you will last in the sack. No one likes an in and out man, and practicing yoga can help with your more tantric exploits. By improving your lung capacity, heart rate, and mental fortitude, you will be naturally boosting your stamina when it comes time to really lay it down. If you make practicing yoga part of your daily routine, eat healthy, and reduce stress, your bedroom game will be so on point you might have to hire an assistant just manage your exploits.

Make yoga part of your weekly routine, as it will not only make you a better lover, but also improve your overall well-being.

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