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Your Penis Health Matters

Let’s face it, your Johnson is your best friend and the most important thing in your life. After all, you’re a man, so no point in lying to yourself that you love your dog more. Men tend to overthink and overcomplicate things in their lives, from emotional relationships to career choices, all the way down (quite literally) to how they should go about taking care of their crotch cannon.

The matter is quite simple, yet if you fail to adhere to some basic steps in ensuring year-long penis health, the consequences can be severe. So, best not to dilly-dally, here is why your penis health matters and how you can ensure a throbbing pocket rocket for years to come.

Quality shut-eye is important

Did you know that you experience, on average, three to five hour-long erections during your sleeping cycle every night? The body is an intricate, self-sustainable system that makes sure everything is working properly. Like many healthy processes that take place during the night, your Vlad the Impaler is up and running, making sure your crotch area is efficiently supplied with fresh oxygenated blood.

The more night erections you have, the healthier your erectile tissue will become, helping you maintain a strong and sturdy full mast for years to come, and especially as you cross the notorious thirty threshold. So, make sure you sleep, and sleep well.

Don’t be overweight

Not only should you avoid being overweight because buying two plane tickets is absurd, but also because the added body fat percentage can severely impact the health of your love shaft. Generally, a healthy body fat percentage for a man is between 15% and 25% and you want to keep yours near the lower end of the spectrum.

Obesity can steal away your manhood, quite literally, as the excess fat transforms testosterone into the female hormone, estrogen. High estrogen levels in the male body can lead to serious health complications, so be sure to stick to a healthy diet and even try supplements that support testosterone levels in men and ensure the health and vigour of your atomic turtle.

Be Zen like Bodhidharma himself

Do you think that Shaolin monks or Zen masters have problems with their erections, libidos, or any other crucial part of their dangling participles? Emotional stress is one of the biggest culprits in every disappointing bedroom adventure, and whether you are stressed out from work, or you’re anxious because the girl is way out of your league, you need to find a way to chill out and rebuild your confidence.

You need to find your safe haven, and a type of exercise which makes you de-stress, be it a workout session in the gym, a long walk or fifteen minutes of mindful meditation in the morning. Don’t let stress dictate your love life.

Stay vigilant

Of course, the health of Richard and the twins is not always something you can completely control, and not only should you adhere to some healthy lifestyle choices, you should also stay vigilant. Unfortunately, testicular cancer is quite a common illness in men, and if you do pick the short straw, you at least want it to be when the condition is in its infancy.

So, man up, grab the dingle berries with confidence, and examine thoroughly. If you notice any lumps that are new or unfamiliar to you, or if the feeling is different, be sure to pay a visit to a trusted urologist, just to be on the safe side. On a lighter note, most surface irregularities aren’t a sign of cancer, as the testicles are quite intricate in nature, so don’t obsess over it, just make weekly self-examinations a habit.

Pump some iron

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that a muscle pump is better than an orgasm. The man apparently never had an orgasm in his life, and while he definitely should, the more important lesson from this timeless aphorism is that a good pump can really do wonders for your sex life.

The release of dopamine during a sweat session paired with an increased testosterone production (means your balls are working overtime) will make you a bigger, faster, stronger man altogether, with an erection as stiff as a brick and the stamina of a racehorse. Better make weightlifting one of your habits as well.

Maintaining the health of your little hell raiser is no joke, it’s a serious business and fortunately you can ensure it is in a mint condition by sticking to these essential rules and habits that will promote the longevity, strength and well-being of Mr Longrod Von Hugendong.

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