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Drink Like a Man

New Years Eve is approaching fast, and while most guys will go out and indulge in poor quality booze and cheap champagne, some more debonair dudes will be sitting confidently in their booth reserved for men of intrigue, sipping at more superior drinks.

If you fancy yourself as a proper gentleman who, by day is chopping down a tree with their great grandfathers axe for your wood burning stove, and by night can be seen driving around town in a vintage Aston Martin with a tall model, then you must be able to drink like a modern day man with a dash of panache and class.

This New Years Eve instead of overindulging on Red Bull and Vodka and shots of Jagermeister, enjoy high quality bourbon or something neat. If you are wondering what type of drink will take you from boy to man, than try one of these classic drinks, and celebrate 2017 in style.

Old Fashioned

Much like facial hair and handcrafted leather goods, Old Fashion’s are back in style. Drinking one of these will make you feel like a Kennedy in Cape Cod. Old Fashion’s have stood the test of time and for good reason, as it is an IBA Official Cocktail.

Bourbon Neat

There are some drinks that instantly put hair on a man’s chest, and bourbon neat has that type of true grit. Quality bourbon will be smooth and is meant to be sipped slowly with some dignity. Walk up next to a beautiful woman at the bar, order the most expensive bourbon and watch her indulge in intrigue.

Vodka Martini

There aren’t many clear drinks that can make the man list, but if James Bond drinks something, who are we to question it? If you want to really come off like a man of distinction, order it shaken, as that is how it is traditionally made. The vodka martini was featured in David Embury’s book The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, an essential classic cocktail guide.


Named after the most metropolitan city on the planet, the Manhattan is a classic drink that most historians date back to the 1870’s. The traditional Manhattan is made with American Rye Whiskey, but can also be made with Canadian Whiskey (as it was during prohibition) or bourbon. A Manhattan will make you stand out amongst a crowd, as a refined and confident man that doesn’t consume poor quality liquor.

This New Years Eve standout amongst the crowd and distinguish yourself as a dignified man of class and style, and as always enjoy libations responsibly. Have a great holiday season, and remember for unparalleled confidence try Stealth For Men, male enhancement underwear.

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