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8 Erection Wreckers

Your erections are entirely based on blood flow. That’s why your heart has to be excellent shape in order for you to have top-quality boners. Anything that affects your heart’s health negatively also wrecks your erection. Another important factor is your testosterone levels, which can easily be messed with if you’re not careful. Everything listed below can mess with your beloved boners and sex life…

Sugar. Did you know that eating dessert too often can wreck your erection? According to a study conducted by Irish and American scientists, consuming sugar in any form spikes up your blood’s glucose and releases a hormone called insulin. This reduces your body’s testosterone production, which makes it tougher for you to get a boner. Think twice before ordering that cheesecake, it can mess with your performance in the bedroom later that night!

No sleep. Getting less than five hours night on a regular basis can plummet your testosterone levels down by 10 percent. Many studies have found obvious links between sleep quality and testosterone production. Good sleep is essential for high testosterone levels. So if you’re in bed for less than 8 hours a night, don’t be shocked if your erection seems as sleepy as you do.

Grocery receipts. The specific type of ink and paper that is used for most grocery-store receipts contains high levels of BPA. It is a chemical that unnaturally increases estrogen production, which is destructive to your body’s testosterone levels. Let’s leave the grocery shopping duty to your wife!

Soy. We all know soy is a popular health food. But according to Harvard Medical School, it has high levels of estrogen that tap into your body’s testosterone vault. A little bit of tofu won’t destroy your sex life, but eating soy multiple times a day could translate to trouble for your erection. Sorry vegans!

Too much shade. If you’re spending too much time indoors, you’re probably lacking Vitamin D. Italian Scientists have discovered that low levels of the sunshine vitamin can cause an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. The scientists tested 143 men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction. Almost of half of research group participants were vitamin-D-deficient, while only 28 had optimal levels of it. Furthermore, they noticed that the men suffering with the most severe degree of erectile dysfunction had 24 percent lower levels of vitamin D compared to those with milder forms of the condition. If your busy lifestyle keeps you away from the sunshine, we taking vitamin d supplements to get back on track with your bedroom game.

Babies. If you’re sleeping in close distance to your newborn, your testosterone levels could drop by 7 percent. You could blame poor sleep quality, but the real culprit is hormonal shifts caused by spending the night next to your child.

Booze. You already knew this one would end up on the list. And there’s multiple factors to why it made it’s way up on here. The hops in beer, the congeners in wine and spirits, all have “estrogen like” substances that attack your testosterone. Long term drinking can also affect your heart and blood flow which directly impacts your boners. Partying every other weekend won’t hurt… but if you’re having more than two drinks a day, you better be careful!

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