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3 Ways to Charm a Woman

So you have finally convinced a girl to come over for dinner… Now you are frantically pacing the 300 square feet of your studio apartment, wondering how you will impress her enough to seal the deal. For centuries, men have faced this same predicament, and luckily there are some tried and true approaches to wooing ladies.

You don’t have to be Ryan Gosling to hit a home run with your date, as there are some basic ways to impress her. If you are looking for sure fire ways to get any woman’s attention, try learning one of these three skills, and watch the her swoon.

Learn to Play an Instrument

While you may never be Jimi Hendrix, by learning a few basic chords on the guitar you can melt a lady’s heart. You can buy a cool looking guitar for a few hundred dollars, and if you practice a few times a month you should be able to learn some fun and easy songs. With a plethora of online tutorials on, you can pick three songs and perform a mini concert for your date. Bonus points if you can sing along!

Learn to Cook

Don’t confuse this with “purchase frozen food and throw it in the oven.” If you really want to impress a date, learn how to really make some magic in the kitchen. Take a few cooking classes and really get into the experience, you may even meet some cute girls at the class. One of the most amazing experiences you can have with a beautiful woman is inviting her into your kitchen and preparing a meal together. Not only will you be showing her your sensual side through your culinary prowess, but it also shows her that you are willing to take the time to teach her something, which builds trust.

Learn a Second Language

Some languages are so sensual and beautiful that even when people are yelling at you, it sounds as if they are reading you a beautiful poem. Learning a second language can be a huge asset when it comes to impressing a girl. Even if you have never been to another country, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some phrases in a foreign tongue. Tell her she is beautiful in Spanish and then follow up with your dreams of visiting Spain. She will suddenly view you as a world traveler and not some guy she met at happy hour down the street. Learning a foreign language will show that you are interested in other cultures, and that you love to learn, which will make any date weak in the knees.

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