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The Plow: Do’s And Don’ts of Manscaping

It’s not the early 1970’s, and all though you might be feeling the free love movement and watching episodes of That 70’s Show on repeat, it doesn’t mean you should walk into a romantic situation sporting a tuft of hair in you nether region that would make Phil Sector weep with envy.

If you don’t want to send your potential romantic partners running in terror, it’s important to take care of the old jewels and crown and not let it take on the appearance of poorly managed shrubbery.

Like with anything, there’s an art to manscaping, and not over or under doing it is essential for maximizing your package. At Stealth For Men we care about our brethren and want to see our fans and customers go the distance when duty calls, so fallow these simple dos and don’ts for trimming the hedges.


Buy a trimmer– A good step to keeping your goods looking good is buying a trimmer, with guards. Don’t forget the guard’s part, as a guard will be essential in not clipping things a little to close. Investing in some quality grooming tools will help keep your jewels game on point.

Do a little above the waist trimming too– Make sure that you keep your chest, back, and armpit hair in order too, all though some people might like that it looks like you have a Cosby sweater on when you take your shirt off, most humans prefer a little bit of grooming. If it looks like you have a Troll doll in a headlock then trim your pits, and definitely cut your back hair.

Keep Some Hair– The infant look has never been appealing for men, you’re a man damn it! No self-respecting guy should look like a ken doll. If you do decide to go baby smooth don’t be surprised if your romantic interest runs in horror. Remember even Buffalo Bill had the sense to leave a little patch of nature.


Shave shapes– Sure it might be funny to shave a heart into your bush and send it to your friends. However the only thing that is going to lead to, is your Mom being embarrassed that there is a picture of your genitals on the internet. Leave the shapes for the ladies, and just trim. There is no need for fancy lightening bolts or initials.

Use an actual razor– Some people might use a razor for their chest and back, but an actual razor should never travel south of your waistline. Bleeding out in your bathroom, or having to ask your roommates to rush to the ER because of grooming mishap will be something you never live down.

Wear briefs right after– Trimming body hair causes sensitivity, so it’s best to wear boxers after mowing the lawn, especially if you have used a razor to shave your torso, as this can cause ingrown hairs and itchiness. Make sure to wear lose fitting under garments for at least twelve hours after shaving for optimum comfort.

Follow this guide to manscaping, and make sure that when it comes to grooming you keep your game on point, as it will enhance you and your partner’s love life. For extra points, don’t forget to wear Stealth male enhancement underwear.

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