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The Love Diet

Unless you’re Sting and have perfected tantric love making, there are probably ways in which you could increase your performance in the bedroom. As men, we often don’t want to look at our short-comings. However if you want to keep your partner interested and coming back for more, it’s important you hold your own in the throes of romance.

One way that you can improve your sexual performance is by paying attention to your diet. Sure, you may have been led to believe that a man’s diet should consist of nothing but steak and beer battered delicacies, but the truth is that your diet can have a huge impact on your performance. As you might have guessed, the healthier you eat, the better you’ll perform in bed.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your performance in the bedroom, try adding these foods to your diet as not only will it make you a better lover, but will also benefit your overall health.


Commonly referred to as nature’s butter, avocados have reached mass appeal as an essential health food in the last couple of years. The reason avocados are essential for love making is that they are loaded with healthy fats that are actually good for heart health. If you know anything about biology, you’re aware that blood flow is essential for a fully aroused unit, so eating avocados will help make sure you aren’t flying your freak flag at half mass.


As far as libido enhancing fruits are concerned, figs are right there at the top of the list. They are packed full of amino acids that can not only boost libido, but your stamina as well. They are also considered an aphrodisiac because of their high fiber.


One might only associate bananas with potassium and being the fruit most used as a mock telephone, but the super love making powers of the banana go way beyond their semi-phallic shape. Bananas contain bromelain enzyme, which increases libido, and helps reverse impotence in men.


You don’t need to chug two uncooked eggs a la Rocky before love making, but incorporating eggs into your diet can have pay huge dividends in the lovemaking department. Eggs are packed full of B6 and B5 vitamins, which help keep your hormones in check and will reduce stress, which is essential for maximizing performance between the sheets.


Of course it is never intelligent to indulge in copious amounts of garlic right before you go out on a date or before a possible romantic encounter, but you should be getting plenty of garlic in your diet, as it is a life and love making super food. Garlic contains allicin, which promotes blood flow to your love organs, which will make sure you stay fully aroused throughout the morning, day, or night. Make sure that you make garlic a recurring theme in your diet as it can take up to a month of regular consumption to show results.

Stealth For Men’s bulge enhancing underwear will assure that you are fully confident in your package presentation, and by following these simple diet tips you can also make sure to boost your confidence when it’s time for your pants to come off.

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