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    “[…] the large “ring” or ball band which is worn behind the ballsack next to the body”

    Yeah, that part.  I’d definitely be in the market for it, if you could just sell that part by itself.  I assume it’s made separately, and then attached via sewing manufacture to the rest of the product/apparatus.  So if you could just have the factory produce the ring by itself (maybe have 2 or 3 different sizes, eventually – if it takes off) and then market it as a fantastic CR.

    Might become one of your better-selling products…

    Thanks, Stealth Man… and I might take you up on that resizing order soon.  Meantime, I’ve been trying to find innovative ways to work with it, as is.  I’ll tell you what would be really helpful, though.  Those rubber-band-like accessories that ship with the kit… if you could sell those separately, that would be great. I’ve found that, with some adjustment, I can use that rubber band to assist – quite effectively.  Just place it immediately behind the part that ‘grips’ the neck.   It works rather well… and distributes the pressure over a larger area, so that’s gotta be better, anyways.

    But yeah, it would be nice if I could purchase those rubber bands separately, at exactly the size I would need.  Even if I had a ‘perfectly fitted Stealth’, I think I would still want to use this approach for two reasons, 1) distributes the ‘constriction’ over a wider area as previously mentioned, and 2) it’s an additional ‘anti-turtling’ backup system.  So in all seriousness, I suggest you sell those separately.  Or maybe a custom-size ring (option), for each Stealth order… rather  than just the standard size based on the girth selection.  But if that interferes with pre-packaging, please just sell ’em separately.

    But yeah, my fundamental issue is simply that I’m not shaped like a ‘mushroom’… more like a root.  We’re all different.  🙂  I have a hard time fitting into it, not because of the head (that’s the easy part), but because my girth gradually expands more & more towards the base.  I’m finding my ways, though.  And thanks for your suggestion about using the sleeves.  Those things are definitely good multi-purpose tools.

    Just to be clear, I really like the product.  And I’d recommend it to anyone who feels so inclined to try it out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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