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    I was reading on here that some customers have received a discount on a resizing order after their 1st attempt turned out to be ineffective.  I’ve also seen it suggested that other customers contact support in order to get a ‘custom fitting’.

    Well, I think I need both.  I really don’t think I want to go smaller in girth, because I can barely put the thing on, in the first place.  -It’s actually a difficult task, despite stretching the thing on a pipe (‘neck’ portion not included) for weeks.  But once I actually do get it on, I can last about 5-10 seconds max before I ‘turtle’ — so needless to say, it’s not working as intended.

    Basically, I need a ‘neck size’ (part that prevents turtling) that’s probably about 2 sizes smaller than the standard for that ‘girth size’.  Again, I read on here that such a thing was offered to others that were having a similar issue.  Is such a custom order possible?

    If not, I’d just need help for a discounted 2nd order… and I’ll just have to stretch the living heck out of it, before I can ever hope to wear it.  Trying to stay optimistic, but I’m not sure this product is ever going to fit me.



    I have had the same issue – my head is way too big to get into the stealth ring and always a pain to get it on. I have still worn it for 3 days with great difficulty but it stayed on all day.

    The cork Screw is not staying on. I have to figure out what is going on with it slipping off… Still staying optimistic.



    I haven’t needed a custom order, but I have ordered 4 sizes over time. If your head is not sliding back inside the innerwear when turtling, you might be able to order a smaller diameter sleeve.  The sleeves really help prevent the innerwear from bunching up.  If your head stays in front of the ring, that might help. You could also test wrapping some athletic tape around the innerwear to keep it extended.

    I have a smaller diameter premium sleeve that works great, but it is pretty hard for me to put on!  That matches a smaller and longer innerwear that I must turn inside out to put the ring over my head first, then work to pull the innerwear on where it should be.  Fits great for days once on, but it is a struggle when too tight.


    Stealth Man

    Yes we can give you the resize discount on the replacement and if a custom sheath is required we can make that for you also. Contact us at the support email and we will organize that for you.

    If you find it challenging to get the sheath onto the penis shaft you can try this alternative method to put on and wear…

    First put one of the thinner spandex sleeves over the glans and halfway down the shaft. Use the excess length of spandex sleeve hanging off the penis to thread the sheath of the Innerwear on and then slide it into place at the base of the penis. Remove the spandex sleeve by sliding it off and tuck the excess skin between the glans and silicone ring back inside the sheath.

    The Corkscrew is sized for the maximum weight in a given size parameter. However, you can remove coils one at a time with a box cutter to find your preferred length. The kit includes the PVC end cap to seal the wire after cutting. For example, I wear the D24 with 3 coils removed for a lighter/smaller profile coil that is easier to put on and wear for longer periods in comfort.


    Thanks, Stealth Man… and I might take you up on that resizing order soon.  Meantime, I’ve been trying to find innovative ways to work with it, as is.  I’ll tell you what would be really helpful, though.  Those rubber-band-like accessories that ship with the kit… if you could sell those separately, that would be great. I’ve found that, with some adjustment, I can use that rubber band to assist – quite effectively.  Just place it immediately behind the part that ‘grips’ the neck.   It works rather well… and distributes the pressure over a larger area, so that’s gotta be better, anyways.

    But yeah, it would be nice if I could purchase those rubber bands separately, at exactly the size I would need.  Even if I had a ‘perfectly fitted Stealth’, I think I would still want to use this approach for two reasons, 1) distributes the ‘constriction’ over a wider area as previously mentioned, and 2) it’s an additional ‘anti-turtling’ backup system.  So in all seriousness, I suggest you sell those separately.  Or maybe a custom-size ring (option), for each Stealth order… rather  than just the standard size based on the girth selection.  But if that interferes with pre-packaging, please just sell ’em separately.

    But yeah, my fundamental issue is simply that I’m not shaped like a ‘mushroom’… more like a root.  We’re all different.  🙂  I have a hard time fitting into it, not because of the head (that’s the easy part), but because my girth gradually expands more & more towards the base.  I’m finding my ways, though.  And thanks for your suggestion about using the sleeves.  Those things are definitely good multi-purpose tools.

    Just to be clear, I really like the product.  And I’d recommend it to anyone who feels so inclined to try it out.


    Stealth Man

    In this case, let me know the measurements at the base, mid-shaft and behind the glans… we can even put a size smaller silicone ring to fit behind the glans for more secure extension.

    The Retainer bands of your choice are available on request. Just let me know and I will send you the custom invoice for the same.



    Is discount resizing still a thing. I’ve had mine since the 19th. I like the concept except its disappointing that it’s not working properly for me. I too have a “neck”problem and underestimated my length. average measurements placed me on the edge of two sizes and went for the smaller size thinking I’m just trying to overcompensate after reading another post in the forums lol.


    Stealth Man

    sure, just send us a note with the details at the support email and we will be happy to sort out the fit for you.



    Thanks my resize is on it’s way now!


    Stealth Man

    Great! Let us know how the resize works out for you.

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