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    Simply put, I’ve found that if I remove the bulk of the stealth product, to where only the ring remains, IMO it’s the best cock-ring on the market.  Comfortable, healthy to wear for a decent period of time, etc.  And yes, it definitely has it’s uses.

    Not sure how convenient it would be to modify production to sell only the ‘ring’ portion of the product by itself.  But if they were made available at a reduced price (from the overall/standard product), I’d definitely be stocking up on them, over time.

    Seems highly marketable, as well.  Advertise it as ‘the best, most comfortable cock ring you’ll ever find’.  Besides, there’s definitely a large market for these things, too.  And as I mentioned, there are times (ahem, attire) where you really can’t get away with wearing a full stealth… but a CR is perfect.  Plus there’s exercise/training sessions, ‘sexual activity’ sessions, etc.  Plenty of good uses, I assure you.



    Stealth Man

    I am not entirely clear on your idea.

    Do you mean to have the silicone ring only which is then worn at the base of the shaft like a traditional CR? Or to include a portion of the fabric as well and keep it behind the glans? Or do you mean the large “ring” or ball band which is worn behind the ballsack next to the body?



    The way I read it, it looks like he’s talking about the base band of the Stealth Innerwear.


    “[…] the large “ring” or ball band which is worn behind the ballsack next to the body”

    Yeah, that part.  I’d definitely be in the market for it, if you could just sell that part by itself.  I assume it’s made separately, and then attached via sewing manufacture to the rest of the product/apparatus.  So if you could just have the factory produce the ring by itself (maybe have 2 or 3 different sizes, eventually – if it takes off) and then market it as a fantastic CR.

    Might become one of your better-selling products…


    Stealth Man

    Actually, yes.

    I have been working with a fully adjustable prototype strap that we will be introducing once we get a chance to get back to the factory and begin work on the numerous projects that are waiting for completion.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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