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    Stealth Man

    thats interesting… maybe a bit too “sexy” for me personally.

    I experimented with different underwear in the beginning and found that my original pouch style worked really well compared to bikini and boxer types.

    Standard jockey style with pouch…




    I too have experimented with different underwear, the old tight whites fit different , so my choice for me is boxer briefs.




    Never running on the street when you wear Corkscrew. It bounced up and down and might fall off.


    Stealth Man

    There is a learning curve with the Corkscrew so you don’t want to push too fast too soon and deal with the unexpected!



    A funny thing happened in my Mag-Volt-wearing day,

    Mid-presentation of the John Maxwell’s six leadership principles with managers we have a segment of the seminar where I carry around to each participant a deck of cards that are used to clarify what are their most important human values.

    I reached for the steel mesh basket in which the decks are stored and began walking around the massive mahogany conference table when a distinct “clink” of magnet to metal caught my ears and latched onto the mesh basket with my crotch securely bonded to the steel.

    Perhaps no one else noticed…perhaps. Yet, in the ensuing moments while verbally enumerating the steps of their exercise clarifying their most important values, I was trying my best to discreetly unfasten my business suit trousers from a steel mesh basket.

    Over the weekend, one of my home chores was to checks fluids in the car, a 1984 Mercedes diesel sedan. Since I’m rather short compared to you fellows, the fluid checks and refills required leaning over the large engine. You can guess….the steel car glommed onto my crotch like Gorilla glue with a resounding “CLICK!” through my Levis.

    My Mag-Volt has me highly charged and keenly attentive to what surfaces are near my encircled penis.

    Can you imagine what will happen when my 95 cubic inch steel scuba tank needs hauling down a ravine to the river? Scuba tanks are nothing more than giant bells. They ring loudly and clearly as many church bells cast from bronze.

    Fun adventures are ahead.


    Christian Taylor

    Oh my gosh! That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!


    Stealth Man

    Interesting point that you bring up. I will keep this in mind when coming close to metal objects.

    Sounds like a great test of your ability to maintain composure during a highly distracted state. Well done!

    The magnets are very powerful as can be noted when connecting and disconnecting the two smaller clasping magnets.

    The early prototypes that I tested were zinc and copper plated magnets. In this case, all four beads were magnetic. I was sitting at a restaurant table eating with a few others when I felt a sudden pinch with intense burning pain. I figured the silicone tube next to the metal bead was pinching the ball sack and excused myself to go to the men’s room to investigate. The side and bottom magnets had attracted one another thru the ballsack and snapped together causing great pain. I knew then that this was not the way to go and to separate the magnets with solid zinc beads on either side.



    Stealth Man,

    Ouch, it hurts just thinking about that one. I hope you weren’t injured. That’s taking “research” to a painful level.

    I’m still looking forward to ordering a Mag-Volt, but due to the holidays and more days off than I would have preferred, it’s going to be a bit longer. I just hope the discount will still apply.

    Good stories, guys. I recommend using something to keep those magnets properly protected from impact. (perhaps a layer or two of surgical tubing on the outside to act as a shock absorber?)

    Happy Stealthing 😉




    Dear Stealthman and Stealth Test Team-members,
    Though you do not have the salary or ticker-tape parades of an Astronaut, you advance our understanding and pleasures of the inner worlds. Thank you, StealthMan for all you do!

    I stand with UmbralDragon in celebrating your inventiveness and hope the restaurant pinch was not too high a price to pay for the insights you immediately incorporated in the Mag-Volt! — for all our sakes!

    Frankly, the occasional and abrupt locking onto a metal might only be socially embarrassing if dancing with another chap also wearing a Mag-Volt OR a woman wearing a steel chastity belt. Since chastity belts of steel are very rare these days, the only special alert ought to go to our gay brothers who may have the happiest fun with such magnetic docking.

    Motorcycle riders may create a whole new meaning to crotch-rocket (smiling) but will have no social price to pay by being discovered lightly stuck to their fuel tank (chuckling at the situation).

    I can’t even imagine the scene if an iron ore miner from Guongdong, Pilbara, or northern Minnesota becomes one of our Stealth For Men compatriots with his Mag-Volt worn at work. (He’ll have some stories for us – chuckling more).
    The current power of the Mag-Volt is excellent, and I heartily appreciate the forceful clasping the opposite poles of the set has. The non-magnetic spacers are brilliant, and the interspersed magnetic tubes are perfect.

    Even after tithing and gift-giving to neighbors and family, I acted with gluttony, by buying two Mag-Volts. In my silly head I mused my excessiveness was to test if any noticeable difference could be felt between the copper and silver plating. Since both elemental metals are fantastic conductors of electrical current and do not hinder the magnetic core wrapped with them, I guessed both would feel the same… but just wanted to test the guess. Indeed, they are both fantastic experiences.

    Here is some trivia……
    Did you know that if properly measured, the distance around our penises and scrotums is nearly always the same as for our wrists? Perhaps the wrists of rock-climbers and manual cow-milkers are bigger, but usually a perfect cock-ring is also a perfect fit for a wrist. Two of the Mag-Volts clasped together is usually a perfect and snug fit around the neck. Unless my neck is bigger than usual male proportions because of occupational or sport exercises, a neck band is roughly the same as two cock-rings linked together.

    Now, this may all seem utterly silly until you realize wearing your Mag-Volt on your wrist might just be the most convenient carrying place between Mag-Volt wearing sessions (if you ever do take a break).

    These are just some goofy thoughts that might stimulate creative fun among any among us.

    Cheers our Astronaut and to you each and all!


    Stealth Man

    Thank-you for the kind words Stephen… I find it helpful knowing that members here appreciate the time and effort being invested to bring new products to market.

    With respect to the metals used to make the Mag-Volts.

    Silver is a nobler metal (cathodic) and is rated higher on the Galvanic corrosion chart as it is more stable and less likely to corrode. Whereas zinc being the active or less noble metal (anodic) corrodes by giving up electrons which pass across the salt bridge created by sweat to complete the circuit. Copper being noble than Silver with a corresponding lower rating on the corrosion chart should, in theory, generate a lower voltage. However, in testing, they both had the same reading at around .75 volts, more or less, depending on the fluctuations on the voltmeter reading. The highest reading I was able to measure was .9 volts.

    If you are interested you can read more on the topic here…

    and here…

    As to the trivia you mention…

    Yes, the Mag-volt I wear fits my wrist exactly right!




    Stealth MagVolt to the Rescue!!!

    The Saturday morning of chores started normally with shower, shave, donning Stealth and clothes. The priority of the morning was a car repair before volunteering to plant 230 trees for a nearby park.

    The car needed a replacement part installed. The switch mechanism that runs the headlights and fog lights had begun to fail and turn on the fog lights when the car was shutoff. Hmmmm.

    The part was ordered and arrived. The torque screwdrivers were readied and I dutifully watched the YouTube (the university of the known universe) for exact procedures.

    All parts came apart perfectly and the re-assembly began after reconnecting the electrical couplings. When inserting a screw to tighten down the part, I fumbled and the screw slipped down…down…down into the cavernous cowling that houses the steering column and rearward of the steering wheel.

    Exasperated at not being able to see the essential screw and not having an extra, I sat still and wondered how to disassemble the entire system to even see where the screw had lodged or perhaps rested. I pondered over what tools I might have to make the task easier and realized the screw was steel …. and the brilliant solution arose 🙂

    In moments I unbuckled my belt, and slid my trousers and underwear down in order to fetch my MagVolt. In a very public parking lot where movers and residents wandered by regularly I am fortunate to not have been arrested for momentary “flashing nudity” to my neighbors 🙂

    With MagVolt in hand and easing its length into the  cowling, nothing clicked to its powerful magnetic field. Using its end magnet to glide along the plastic shroud that hid the screw I hoped to attract the screw. Drawing the MagVolt along the plastic-like covering behind and below the steering wheel my eyes spied the screw appear from the darkness, obedient to the laws of magnetism, and arising to my grasp.

    StealthMan can now add automotive repair to the many benefits of the MagVolt and having one handy and carried on the Handyman 🙂


    Stealth Man

    Very enjoyable read Stephen.

    what ingenuity and excellent storytelling as well.



    Christian Taylor

    Great story. Now that’s what I call putting your all into auto repair! Lol



    With my MagVolt back in its proper place and doing what its genius inventor intended I must encourage you guys to think creatively. I wonder … if I swallow a steel bolt … could the MagVolt pull it upward and out of my …. NO, I will not experiment with this one 🙂




    Wow..Great story, Stephen.  You definitely thought bigger than the box!

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