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    Christian Taylor

    Sometimes we take things a little too seriously. I thought it would be fun to start a new thread to share some fun or funny stories about our experiences as Stealth users (or whatever). The point us for us as guys to have a little fun and maybe laugh with each other.


    Stealth Man

    When I first starting coming to China 6-7 years ago I often went for a foot soak/massage and shoulder rub from an attractive woman in her shop.

    At the time, I rather enjoyed to get others attention as a form of “research” into the psychology behind Stealth… my own and theirs 🙂

    Laying back on the recliner while having your feet and the legs massaged was great. Of course it was pleasure to notice her eyes attracted to the sizeable bulge as well. On one occasion I had both her and her young good looking apprentice, one on each thigh while very nearly and occasionally making slight contact with the goods…. ahh yes!

    I also vividly remember a Chinese guy walking past and as he was leaving could not help but stare at the massive bulge… with a scowl he wasn’t even trying to hide.

    … damned westerners.


    Christian Taylor

    Hey there Stealthman.  Great story! I work and live in Cambodia along with my family so I understand about the ‘damn westerners ‘ stare. Locker rooms can be awkward!

    Ok. I’ll share a story. We are missionaries  (obviously not the uptight prudish types or sexually repressed) and as part of our work we go back the the states every few years to raise awareness and support.

    So about a week after I get my first stealth I’m speaking at a college group. I’m not used to the stealth yet and had not really paid attention to the bulge. I had been doing penis exercises for about 9 months and had killer gains.

    So i was wearing cream colored Italian silk and cashmere pants that I had custom made (custom made us the only option in Asia when you are 6’1″ tall) and they were slim/skinny cut. And I was wearing my stealth for one of the first times…

    I’m used to making eye contact with people as I speak but everyone is having a hard time looking at my eyes. Even the guys were looking at my crotch and making the DAMN face. (Guys, let’s be real here and admit we all glance at each other to see how we measure up). I was thinking I was being really boring or something . I get home and ask my wife if u really flopped or something. She was like ‘no, why?’ After telling her she said,” look at your cock! No one is going to look at your eyes!” So, now I’m excited to be planning to order my third (but first I’m growing another half inch to an inch.)

    Ok, have fun, share a story to make us all laugh.

    I have a few more for later, and some are rather embarrassing.  Because we all love self-deprecation from time to time.

    Happy Stealthing and swing that bat with pride!



    Christian Taylor

    Here’s for some self deprecation as promised. I had brought a group that was visiting us in Cambodia to this awesome 300 foot deep volcanic lake with cold water.

    I was wearing my first, smaller Stealth so it wasn’t too obvious in my trunks. The last thing I wanted was my swimsuit bulge to ‘stand out’ with a group of college age kids (including young girls). I’m a dad for Petes sake.

    So as I’m swimming, the very cold water did what it always does..  shrinkage. I shrank up and popped through the  stealth.

    I had to act casual and get to the bathroom to warm my schmeichie and put it all together. I was so worried that it was going to drop out of the trunks and  be lost forever. Lol. Thank God that didn’t happen.




    So i work for a fire department still in my first year and of course we’re tailored for our work cloths when we get on well i wear my stealth all the time at work and to me it’s not noticeable but clearly the guys noticed i don’t have enough slack for the package so ive been ordered by the chief to go get retailored for new pants lol i don’t really consider my member to be small but with stealth i guess it’s hard not to look


    Christian Taylor

    <p style=”text-align: left;”> Great story. It’s great getting the glances!</p>



    So last Friday I went out to dinner with the wife to a casual Mexican restaurant in N. San Diego county.  I had my stealth inner wear on and wore tan shorts with a collared shirt that hung to my hip are and dockers(shoes), I thought nothing of it. When I walked in to put my name on the list, I scanned the room just to see how busy it was,  I think I was there 3 mins and I made eye contact with a female that smiled at me then her eyes strolled down to my crotch area and then back up to my eyes and the smile turned into a naughty, mischievous smile, more like “hey I see what you got there and I like it” kind of smile. I looked down and then I realized that she could see the outlined shape of my cock through my pants. Now I don’t have a big guy like some of you but I smiled back and felt a little more confident, I was slightly embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I lol about it now and I’m going to wear slacks and light colored pants/shorts more often.


    Christian Taylor

    Sounds like a great night out. And I’m guessing it gave you a confidence boost!


    Stealth Man

    Yes, I have experienced the sort of interaction many times. Particularly during the first year or two when I was much more attuned to the novelty of the attention I was getting while wearing Stealth.

    I can also relate to the arousal aspect and often found myself feeling this way for hours on end when walking around in public.

    A lot of things were changing very fast for me on different levels with the new feelings I was having.

    I found the effects I was experiencing during that time quite fascinating.



    The evenings and weekends seem to be the very best time to practice stretching with the Corkscrew. I’d need all my suits tailored to be even moderately discreet with the Corkscrew.

    Friday, my commute ends with carrying stuff from the car in 102F temperatures and rushing to strip away all semblance of clothes except my Stealth InnerWear. Having purchased a couple sets (once I actually discovered the correct measuring skill and size) I stripped, showered and re-dressed with InnerWear and the Stealth Corkscrew. Realizing the mailbox is likely brimful with correspondence, I slipped into AussieBum shorts and t-shirt to walk the 150 yards to the mailboxes of all my neighbors and me.

    Halfway to the postal boxes, my Corkscrew slips off my penis head and fills the inner lining pouch of the AussieBum gym shorts. Realizing how ridiculous I look — as if carrying a regulation pair of baseballs for a scrotum.  I pivot, return home, re-set the Stealth Corkscrew and embark again….with the gentlest sway of fine sensations Stealth triggers in me.

    Ohhhhh the htings we do for penis sensations!


    Stealth Man

    haha… I laughed out loud.

    Try screwing the coils down for a firmer fit along the entire shaft. This will distribute the load and make for a firmer grip and less risk for this sort of mishap!



    <smiling> Stealth Man….you gotta plan, and I’m stickin’ to it.




    So, tomorrow I fly across the USA and promise to doff the Stealth Corkscrew until my destination gets me beyond all TSA agents. Having to explain this hefty coil serpent-like on my penis is just not one of those flight delays I want to cause.

    Attending a class reunion with Stealth Innerwear is on the agenda. If my classmates and I have a skinny-dipping romp in the hotel pool, I’ll recount the hilarity of how I keep-on or pull-off the Stealth. Who knows, there could be promotional opportunities at such a frolicking when the Class president is wearing such intriguing penis-gear.

    Cheers to you all!



    Christian, your eye-on-cock tale of your presentation was hilarious! You are soooo right… it seems obvious that we all notice one another.

    Your description of a classroom of diverted eyes is delightful!!! I’ll have to try some silk and cashmere trousers as well.

    Your playful spirit is winsome.



    Just an FYI for those of us who are worried that the Stealth might pop off and fall out of trousers/shorts. Try wearing some very lightweight briefs (under your shorts, or trousers, even swim shorts, since the ones I link to below dry pretty quickly) that have a pouch for holding your package separately, it’ll catch anything that might decide to fall off, and will keep it secure until you can get to it to replace it, or stick it in a pocket. It’s happened to me a few times when wearing a metal glans ring, but isn’t a big deal when one is prepared.

    I like these, because they’re comfortable, and keep things in place. They also help if I’m wearing a ball stretcher, and perhaps a glans ring, so they don’t bounce into each other. They also work well when using the Stealth. Although they can accentuate the equipment, rather than hiding it.

    I do suggest checking the sizing chart, and perhaps ordering a size up.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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