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    Stealth Man

    >>In regards to the Sabre Skin product, in the picture you posted a page ago it looks that is the Sabre Skin on top of the Extension Sleeve rather than Innerwear.<<

    The Sabre Skin is designed to be worn over the sheath section of either the Stealth Regular with ball band or the sheath only version aptly named the Extension Sheath or ES.

    >>Will the Saber Skin be a package deal (Extension Sleeve + Sabre Skin) or will it only be the Sabre Skin?<<

    The Sabre Skin is an individual purchase that sold by the girth in a standard 8″ length.

    shoot me a message over at the support email [email protected] for ordering the pre-launch Sabre Skin and/or Mag-Volt at a 20% discount on the regular price.



    Yup, I contacted [email protected] a few days ago and I’m set to go. I got antsy and the support channel usually responds within 24 hours on a business day. Thanks Stealth Man!



    Will the regular stealth work with the magvolt?  Or only the extension sheath?

    Also, will an extension sheath  or regular steatlh be available with an integrated magvolt or will there be a way to “integrate” them?  (or some other combo?)


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    You should be able to wear the magvolt with the innerwear but it might be a little crowded. But, might be beneficial if you really want the bulge effect.

    Probably not in their current design. When you order the magvolt you have to give Stealth a measurement around the genitals with an erection. My understanding is that it isn’t as elastic as the innerwear.



    The new products arrived and I am the proverbial kid inundated by candy!

    The Extension Sheath fits flawlessly!
    I’ll read and watch the video before cutting the Sabre Skin to length similar to the Extension Sheath.

    WOW! The MagVolt is amazing. The look is very interesting, techy and bulge-making. The feel wearing it all night is terrific!
    I might need to enlarge the MagVolt ever so slightly as one of the wee silicone o-rings was not strong enough to hold the tubing to the nylon-nipple.

    The MagVolt wears VERY well with both the regular InnerWear Sheath and ring-base in addition to the use with the Extension Sheath (no ring-base serving as an integrated cockring.

    These sure are amazing, new products!!!! Your team is so very helpful and gifted with perfect advice.

    More later …. after trimming the Sabre Skin



    What sabre skin video?  I got it and am scared to mess it up, I just closed it till I could figure out how to ‘deal’ with it.



    SabreSkin length to fitOoops, I spoke inaccurately. The photo of the properly fitted Sabre Skin was my guide.

    The cutting was easier than I imagined … and the Sabre Skin fits fantastically!!!!!!



    The length is measured after donning the Extension Sheath or regular Stealth Innerwear Sheath.
    The length to cut the SabreSkin can be readily assessed by holding the SabreSkin with its styrofoam insert alongside your penis when already inside the Sheath. Using a scissors, you cut the length just barely shorter than the length from the Sheath’s silicone ring to the base of the Sheath.

    I cut across the SabreSkin and through the styrofoam shaft that is inside the SabreSkin. That way, the two parts of what was a long SabreSkin will each have an inner shaft of the styrofoam to keep the pliable SabreSkin  in a cylindrical shape and not stored flat where the SabreSkin walls could stick together.
    The MagVolt fits perfectly like a pliable cockring and is emitting its magnetic and voltaic benefit for cellular growth.

    I’ll keep you posted on progress. The products are very well made and appealing in a technological and pristine way.

    If you find other clever ways to enjoy these fine products, please alert me.




    First day of test-wearing the Extension with Sabre Skin and MagVolt. Geeeeesh this is fun and fascinating sensations!

    More later as I learn how to make the best adjustments.

    The second MagVolt (copper) I purchased is perfectly secure and a definite enhancement!

    I’ll fuss on securing the tubing coupled to the nipple of the sterling MagVolt. I might have inadvertently introduced a slight bit of silicone…. as I was fussing with a gasket for my car window and also cleaning a firearm (the personal-defense kind — not the personal pleasure kind 😉  ) on the day the Stealth products arrived.

    You guys at Stealth sure do make fine products and superb insights from customer service! Thank you!


    Stealth Man

    That’s great to hear Stephen!

    True, the new products are a lot of fun to work with. The TPE rubber of the Sabre Skin™ is so dynamic, unlike the silicone sleeves which are relatively flat in comparison. We made moulds and tested several silicone variants but it was clearly inferior to the injection moulded TPE. The Sabre Skin™ will take the shape of the form it is stretched around so you want to be consistent with the placement. We now have the finished bubble pack heat sealed on the cardboard back with the instructions which describe how to easily put the sleeve on. The official launch will be in another 10-14 days so the 20% prelaunch discount is still available to the forum members here who read this.

    The official Mag-Volt™ launch in another 14-21 days.



    Are you planning to develop new products such as compress hanger and Jelqing device?

    Some compress hanger examples are: MaleHanger, BibHanger, P-Hanger and Total Man Compression Hanger.

    Jelqin devices: Jelq Roller Limited Edition, Power J Gym and Passioner.



    Stealth Man

    Compression hangers do not suit my temperament. However, I am aware that there are committed practitioners in both camps. I do feel that a shorter 15 minute high intensity clamping session before starting a longer lower intensity vacuum hanging  session would maximize the advantages while minimizing the drawbacks of both at the same time. In which case, we will be considering an advanced compression hanger design as well after the Vac-Hanger is launched.

    I have not really looked into a jelq device, but certainly the cost of LG Hanger’s is absolutely ridiculous… as are the rest of their over priced products.

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