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    John Graves

    i’d love to beta test the product for you!!



    Agreed, is there a way to sign on for this?


    Barry Blythe

    Count me in also.



    Stealth Man

    We have a vac hanger in the works as well as a combo water/air pump.

    The vac hanger design is nice and clean with a few minor new features as well. It will be available in the next 2-3 months.

    The pump will set completely new standards with full control over the water/air inflow/outflow. Each part is being factory made to spec according to a carefully thought out and fully integrated design. Launch date will be sometime in early 2018.

    In late 2018 to early 2019 the new spring loaded extender is being planned. It will be fully compatible with the vac-hanger but also feature a major breakthrough in design.

    These product designs are pretty much finalized except for some minor adjustments with respect to the manufacturing details that still need to be worked out.

    Beta testing hasn’t played a big role in our development process to date. However participants who establish leadership roles in the community will receive free samples of the very first product off the assembly line. We will also be offering major discounts to active members during the prelaunch stage. This would be available to those who are making significant contributions to the Stealth community in general or in a particular field of expertise.

    Once relationships begin to form and exchange of ideas start taking place then beta testing would become a definite possibility.



    I am also interested in being a beta tester.



    Well, I think you already realize how much I enjoy Dong Toys, so count me in for testing as well!  I’ll offer honest feedback and extra effort to follow any suggested routine consistently for beta testing your new products.  Being a “crash dummy” is fun…especially if it involves “Dong Play”! LOL!


    Christian Taylor

    I would love to be a test dick for you.  Please consider me for the test group!



    I’m interested as well. While I can’t say that I’m completely active in the PE community nor am with my own routines, it’s been a really fun journey growing (ha!) with the Stealth brand since 2014. It’s always exciting to hear about new products coming out, so I’d love to support in whatever way I can.



    I am pretty new to this, and have been wearing my Stealth regularly for a few weeks now.  If you’d like the perspective of someone who is kind of new to wearing Stealth and PE, I’d love to be a tester and give you some honest, constructive feedback from the perspective of a “newbie”.






    I to am a newbie and would like the chance.



    Hey guys,

    I’d also be interested in helping to beta test new products. I’ll be sure to go over the strengths and weaknesses that I see, and I’ll do my best to offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve the designs. I also might be able to help do that, as I am familiar with designing 3d objects. (I created a line of penis rings that I have designed, if you are interested in having a look at examples of my skills. Just let me know, and I’ll send the info.)

    The reason that I mention the penis rings is that I use them along with my Stealth(s), to help maintain the anti-turtling capabilities, and to keep the penis somewhat engorged to help keep everything in place without retraction.

    Anyhoo, have fun all 🙂



    Bumping the thread to see if there were any updates on the air/water pump mentioned by Stealth Man.

    I seem to have out-grown my current bathmate and looking to upgrade to a larger size, but curious to see what the timeline on the Stealth brand is.



    I woul also like to try any new products and test them for your company. I have been wearing the sleeve product for about 3 weeks now and love it.  Rodney T.



    Don’t forget about me.  I am really enjoying your products, in fact I just ordered my second innerwear with the intent to use after PE. My next purchase is a Hydro type Vac. … any chance you have a prototype ready to be tested/ reviewed?

    Keep up the great work.


    Stealth Man

    Right now we are focused on the Vac Hanger so the hydro pump will not be available till sometime next year. However, be prepared to sell anything you might purchase in the meantime as this will be the one to have.

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