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    Stealth for Men

    We love hearing feedback from our customers. Please post about your experience with Stealth, your progress/results and how it has benefitted your life.



    Hi there,

    I thought I’d give a quick review and a summary of my thoughts.

    • Stealth for Men Support:
      • there was some problem with shipping but Stealth Support quickly responded to all my E-Mails within less than a few hours everytime. They even offered me a replacement which I received yesterday. 5/5 * for support. Very helpful.
    • The product and costs:
      • for a product like this which has a good quality imo the price of 35$ (for all sizes!) is fantastic. I’ve checked out other products in this category and they are either very costly (some even a few hundred $) or they lack quality. this is really different with stealth
      • the quality of the product is nice indeed. I had far more expensive products of this category and they had material problems or even broke after some time. even though I’ve just received Stealth I noticed that this will not happen
      • 3 advantages for 1 product. This was one of my main reasons to order it. other products mostly focus on one thing but Stealth is what I was looking for.
    • effects and usage:
      • I’ve worn Stealth for about a day now, with some breaks during night. It also slipped off once but that was because I used it wrong. After a quick feedback to the support I immediately got a helpful answer as well.
      • after the first night I’ve noticed that in flaccid state there was still additional gained left – a thing I usually only achieved after a pumping session the day before. This literally replaced a PE session and was worn very comfortably as well
    • long time effects:
      • as I’ve only worn it for less than a day by now I cannot judge this point yet but given what I’ve seen looks promising.

    With my next order I’ll make sure to test another size, most likely one size smaller in girth. I’ll also test the corkscrew which sounds quite nice as well. For a good price like this I doubt I could do anything wrong at all!


    Thanks a lot @Stealth team and greetings from Germany. 😉


    Stealth for Men

    Very useful review. Thanks Gard901!



    Having a bulge has always been a problem for me. I was born with hypospadias, so i am rather small. Ive gone as far as to get a trans packer to make it look like something is there. I came across steath about a year ago, seem interested seeing as it would be “my” bulge. I love it, have since ordered four. Wearing  it a good bit throughout the week. Gives me the ease of not worrying if some one is looking there. Only neg would be my shaft is a little smaller then the rest of my penis just under my head. So it can slip through the rim, even with the band. So i find i have to have some skip there too to keep it from slipping in. Otherwise i love it!


    johnny sexton

    I love mine.  I am uncircumcised so the feeling I get when it holds my foreskin back is amazing.  I also discovered that I can wear just the retainer band at times and fold my foreskin over it so that I appear circumcised.  I love to wear mine with the sleeves in tight jeans or running shorts. I get looks from women and men when they notice my bulge and the confidence it gives me feels great.


    Christian Taylor

    I love mine! I am also using PE and love the results from both. The price is fair, and the product is great. Service has been very good.  I’m going to be purchasing a larger set soon. I do think the instructional videos could be better.


    Stealth Man

    Agreed… we need to put up some actual clips to demonstrate the finer aspects of the recommended technique. This is something we will look into in the near future.


    Christian Taylor

    Coreyes, if you need tops, I’m happy to help. Feel free to contact me.

    [email protected]

    My name is Christian



    Mine was working great for about two weeks. Suddenly in the last week or two I have started retracting bad into the device. Not sure what’s going on?


    Christian Taylor

    M4g63spd I had this happen it was a size issue. The stealths do stretch a little after uses and depending in how you put it on it may stretch more. I am on my second set now and had to go up a size. That is not meant to be a brag but an encouragement.


    A really cool guy on the Stealth forum emailed me and we Skype to dhow me how to best use the products. Big help. I will pay it forward by helping you if you want. You can private message me.

    We can chat and I will show you what I gave learned. Most of us guys learn visually.



    Stealth Man

    If you are experiencing a drastic change in performance my first question would be if the baseband and sheath are set up correctly.  

    When wearing the Innerwear the logo letters should be on top when looking down same as your regular under wear logo would be.

    This requires that fold the base band twice so that the inside edge of the band is lined up with or overlapping the exposed seam where the single layer of material transitions to the double layer of the sheath section.

    Guys often think that this seam is supposed to be facing inside. If you do this the silicone ring will face outside and it will not secure the penis into extension properly with a tendency to roll under and cause retraction and /or slippage.

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    Thanks for the replies! As it turns out I was looking at the device I’ve been using. I was unable to get it pulled all the way down to the base of my penis due to the silicone ring not being large enough to get far enough down my shaft.  I was left with about 1/4 to 1/2” space between my shaft and fat pad.  So it appeared I needed a larger size. Just so happens I have the next size up already (measuring error on my behalf). The next size up is working great. Looks like the device had already extended my flaccid length to the point I had to size up! I’ve been using Stealth for about 3-4 weeks now. So I’m seeing good gains.

    My main reason for ordering Stealth is my penis really is prone to retracting, which drives me absolutely crazy.  The device does a good job of preventing retraction, although not completely eliminating it. Especially without the use of the retainer band placed just below my glans.


    Christian Taylor

    I swear my auto correct is possessed.  That should have read Corey and tips not tops.



    So far I have had great success with customer service. They have been quick to reply to my questions and have been very helpful. I really appreciate that.

    I am new to using Stealth and have much to learn, and many questions. If my questions help others I’m totally ok with that.

    One question I have is myself being uncircumcised has anyone noticed their tip cold? Is this an uncommon feeling?



    David. I’ve noticed that too, I’m guessing it is from the bit of constriction of blood flow that you get.

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