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    Bob B

    I first ordered the regular inner wear with the strap, had problem with the strap staying on as my balls ride very high and tight, as well I made a mistake in measuring. Emailed Bruce and after measuring to make sure the measurements were right and ordered the strapless version after a bit of time trying to get it on was able to finally figure it out. However can’t wear for any length of time as when I start to turtle it just works it’s way off. I think the problem may be that there is very little difference between where the shaft meets the head and the rim around the head. I have to assume that I may just be one of the guys that this may not work for which bums me out as I thought this was such a simple answer to my turtling problem. I do think this is such a great product and was also considering the Sabre Skin to use when using my Bathmate Pump to work on just length and also to ease water retention but assume that I would have the same problem with that. This wasn’t meant as a negative review of this product at all and again I think it’s an awesome product guess maybe just not for me.



    Don’t get discouraged!  I had issues starting out over a year ago too.  Everything would go on fine in the morning, but by afternoon it had already slipped off.  I ended up going down 2 sizes in girth to get the right fit.  Since then I’ve gone up a size, so I am right in between.  For me, my measurements in the mornings were very different than in the evening.  Once I got the right size, things worked out very well for me.

    Are you wearing just the innerwear, or the jacket + skin + retainer bands also?  When I wore all pieces, it also helped prevent the retraction.

    I found the sabre skin to be the best aid for me as well.  So now I wear innerwear + stealth + skin.

    Good luck and hope you can keep trying 🙂


    Bob B

    spamscottc i tried it by wearing the innerwear, skin and retainer bands (actually I have 2 retainer bands, 1- the original one I ordered which is 2 sizes smaller than when I ordered the new one and the one that came with the new innerwear). I put the larger retainer band around the base of the shaft and the smaller one behind the glans hoping this would prevent the turtle effect from pulling the innerwear off but that didn’t help. I had considered going down in size but am not sure if that is the answer the retraction when I turtle is very strong and I don’t know if that will even help.


    Stealth Man

    Hello Bob,

    For guys with a less pronounced coronal ridge, we can make a custom Innerwear with the standard shaft girth in combination with a size or two smaller silicone ring for a more secure fit. Some guys with a wider base require a tapered sleeve but in your case, the standard straight sleeve with a smaller and tighter fitting silicone ring should do the trick. Contact me at the support email where I can access your order history and go through the process of determining the best solution for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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