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    Stealth Man

    good to hear Ian!

    Experimentation is the key to find the best set up and clothing combinations.



    Dear Ian,
    As Mae West wittily stated, “It is better to be looked over than to be overlooked.”

    She also advised, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”

    The curve of the Corkscrew is demanding some special clothing adjustments for me as well. It is a fun process.



    Took your advice, try put the Corkscrew on with some curve. It took times but worked. It felt great when you walked outside with the Corkscrew. FYI, I put the Sabre skin beneath the Corkscrew.



    The sizes for Sabre pre-sale show: A24, B26, C28

    I wear a E26.  What would be the ideal size for me if I invested in the Sabre?



    I’ve gotten a few sizes already that are not those.  I don’t think it’s sold by the length? Or did it change?


    I bought it by emailing him a few weeks ago and got it added to a resize order, and it was only 1 length and your girth.  I got a 26 which made my head turn blue and a 30 which seems to be good so far.  Both were 8 inches I think, with instructions to cut to desired length.


    if you do it right you can turn it into 2 items, one that is compression for your penis, the remainder can be used as a cock ring on top of the other or without the other.

    just be warned that, at least for me, it does not play well with long pubic hair.  I wear a separatic underwear and have learned how to put it on right so it’s not a problem, but those first few days of learning were rough lol.


    Stealth Man

    The Sabre skin is sized for the girth only. The standard length is 8″ which as Whaim mentions, is cut to size. We were working with a temporary off-site payment page for this offer which did not give us full control over multiple products and shipping costs so we had to manage with workarounds. In any case, if your size was a D24 then you would get the 24 girth Sabre Skin which could be cut into two “D” length sleeves. If the Innerwear or Corkscrew was included with the order then we would also know what size to send.



    Stealth Man

    A few mentions of the pubic hairs being problematic have been reported. I personally have not had any issue with this. However, after a week or so of use, the Sabre Skin will lose its tackiness and becomes less of a problem with hairs.



    The Sabre Skinâ„¢ is a fantastic feeling when worn over the Stealth Innerwear which wicks away moisture and allows great circulation.

    The Sabre Skinâ„¢ gently compresses the entire length of my penis and maintains the gentle stretch of the shaft to its customized length. What words even begin to describe the sensations? Comforted. Invigorated. Fervid. Roused. Extended. Alert. Spirited.

    Since the Sabre Skin™ arrives in an 8” length we cut to the proper length for use with the Innerwear, is there anything  harmful about using that remainder of the Sabre Skin™ to only wear directly against the skin – if we keep from excess moisture buildup and realize the TPE will conform somewhat to our actual penis girth instead of the wider Innerwear?

    Would you advise wearing the Sabre Skinâ„¢ and Innerwear when swimming in chlorinated pools? I suspect the chlorine will weaken the Innerwear for a shorter lifespan like it does for nearly all fabrics? Of course, this means a perfectly dry Stealth Innerwear would be worn after the swimming session while the wet Innerwear can air-dry.

    Will swimming in chlorinated pools harm the qualities and lifespan of Sabre Skinâ„¢?

    What are the “proper care and feeding” instructions for the Sabre Skin™? Is it okay to use simple gentle soaps to wash by hand?

    Is Sabre Skinâ„¢ harmed by contact with water-based or silicone-based sensual lubricants?

    Sunrise of Sunday is beginning here, as is the time for gardening chores before church. I’ll do my best to keep my steel pruning shears far away from my Mag-Volt. ?



    Stealth Man

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The Sabre Skinâ„¢ is food grade and safe for internal use ie. sex toys. Contact with the skin will pose no danger or risk whatsoever. You can wash with warm water and mild soap. Air or towel dry.

    The Sabre-Skinâ„¢ will conform to the shape that it is stretched over. In which case, you should be consistent with the placement to maintain the shape and curve that it takes on.

    I have worn the Innerwear to chlorinated pools and hot extensively with no problems. However, I used the same Innerwear exclusively for the pool and reserved a second Innerwear for regular use only.

    I have not tested the Sabre Skinâ„¢ in chlorine but I highly doubt there would be an issue with the TPE as it is a very stable material.

    For swimming, I recommend wearing an unstretched Skin directly over the shaft of the penis with a second Skin on top which will stretch out to size. Although you will not have the same degree of extension with this double layer it does, however, make for the most realistic looking and feeling flaccid possible under a wet tight-fitting swimsuit.

    Water-based lubricants are fine but silicone or oil based should be avoided just to be safe.

    Ideally, you should use the plastic bubble pack the Sabre Skin came in (or equivalent) as a tray for storage.







    Dear Stealth Man,

    Thank you for your wise advice. I’ll implement immediately.

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