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    John Graves

    Can we see a pic of the new product your testing?


    Stealth Man

    Sorry John,

    I seem to have overlooked your post. You can see pics with description posted over at the testing lab topic…


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    I saw the post on the prototype sabre skins being offered here at a 20% discount to members.  I’m intersted in purchasing one or more if they are available in my size.  I wear a E32 in innerwear, which is kinda on the large side, girth-wise.  Do you have any of the sabre skins available in my size & what would be the price/ each?  I’m interested! Also, if available, how do I go about purchasing a prototype at the discount offered?  Please advise!



    Stealth Man

    Hi Jock,

    As we have already handled the details of your inquiry on the support email. I would just like to add here that we are offering the pre-production samples for sale at 20% and not the “prototypes”.  These are exactly the same as the final production Sabre Skins. However, we have not yet got the mould made for heat sealing the bubble pack onto the paper card back with instructions yet so it will be held in place by shrink wrapping. That would be the only difference when the final product is launched.



    Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, MMMMmmm, this SaberSkin is mighty fine!
    Thank you for early exposure to the final product and the very generous cost saving during this time.
    The MagVolts (both versions in copper and sterling) are also superb!



    I agree, Stephen…the Sabre Skins are of superb quality & grip the penis

    perfectly, moulding to your exact shape with daily wear over the first week! I sleep in mine too, and it’s VERY comfortable 24/7! lol!

    “Verdict” on the mag-volt is still uncertain for me! I don’t get the

    “tingling” sensations that have been reported by some who’ve worn it.

    Not sure if mine’s defective, or if it’s not being worn tightly enough around my ‘package” I’m seeking specific directions on re-sizing mine currently, to see if that will improve it’s functional wearability.

    ll report more on it once I can re-size it and wear it for a few days.




    Dear JockInTheBox,

    Your description of all-night wearing of the SaberSkin will be tested by me tonight. Thanks for the insight.

    Tingling is not what magnetics does to me. The effect is very subtle and the engineering and biological information indicates is a long-term experience. The MagVolt magnets are much stronger than any I have seen from Nikken (the largest promoter). Perhaps the MagVolt will have cellular benefits not seen by even the Nikken folks. Here is an interesting review of magnetic.

    The compiler of the above information is Gary Null, a sometimes trustworthy and sometimes eccentric searcher of alternatives to traditional medicines and invasive surgery.

    As a person of science, I’d like to mention the remarkable benefits humans have from what is usually shamed as the “Placebo Effect.” Anyone in science knows there are experiences we simply cannot yet measure or pinpoint the actual causes of. There are also benefits or improvements people experience from actions that do not yet have a solid explanation.

    Soooooo, until we can pinpoint exact causes for improvements by magnets and SaberSkin, let’s have some fun sensations and appreciate one another. These new developments by Stealth sure feel good.

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    Stealth Man


    Thanks for the feedback.

    The instructions for shortening the Mag-Volt™ are posted a thread on the topic.

    As you noted, the Thermo Plastic Elastomer Sabre Skin™ actually take the shape of the anatomy over the first week of use. For this reason, it is critical to keep the positioning the same each time you wear it.

    We made molds and tested several configurations and hardness of medical grade silicone but found the performance did not compare with the much more expensive injection molded TPE.

    Silicone is relatively flat and uninteresting in comparison to the dynamic elasticity of the TPE. To make the most of this quality all twelve girths are available for precise fittings and creative applications.

    The Mag-Volt™ is a powerful device with measurable electricity of up to .9 volts. The magnets are very high power with a rating of 5000 gauss.

    I did not feel a particular tingling sensation myself but noted over the first two days of use there were clear indications of some effects taking place. Most notable was the morning erections which were tremendously hard… of solid granite! Then was the flaccid size which was considerably fuller which also manifested as a tighter fit of the Mag-Volt. For this reason, it is suggested to take a day or two of wearing before deciding to cut the tubing shorter and to cut conservatively with more testing to make sure the fit is optimized with the size fluctuations that occur.

    Over the next week or so the obvious sensations faded and now I can wear for days at a time without much in the way of feeling too different.

    I still enjoy to wear and feel positive that the mild electrical current and magnetic field are having beneficial properties.

    As Stephen pointed out there is plenty of information available online these for those interesting in doing some research.





    After received Sabre Skin, try it on for few days for now. Really enjoy the combination of Sabre Skin and ES. But I have some problem w/ the length result, how you guys manage that longer dick when you wear the suit pants?



    Dear Ian5009,

    The wearing of suit pants can be very revealing. You have me smiling as my progress is definitely slower than your growth, yet still, fun.

    The choice of underwear and day-long adjustments are not new to us guys. Selecting boxer-briefs with a well-designed pouch helps align our penises with the zipper (or off to the side): McKillop, John Sievers, Clever, Unico Mundo, Xtremen and a few others.

    As you likely have noticed of some guys with longer penises in trousers, they care little about concealment. Others are more subtle and usually resort to choices of underwear/jocks/thongs to manage extra length/girth in their pants.

    Are you using the Innerwear and the sheaths? Do you use the Corkscrew?

    If I’m wearing the Corkscrew it takes some stretching and then careful bending downward to make the device concealed within pants (suit pants or casual).

    Have fun.



    Hi Stephen,


    Yeah, I’m kind of  jock or thong guy. Without Corkscrew, it’s really showing off bulge while wearing a jock. Maybe I should put some boxer on w/ Corkscrew. Thanks man.

    Yeah, and bye bye my jeans.

    Lots of fun.



    Hi Ian5009!

    The forward protrusion of me wearing the Stealth InnerWear with the Corkscrew or without the Corkscrew is well managed by wearing a jockstrap or some thongs as the pouch can be centered in business suit pants or casuals.

    Ian, do you carefully bend and stretch the Corkscrew when you are using it?

    When I read the advice of StealthMan, I tried some modifications to the layers of the Stealth Innerwear and the Corkscrew angle. Here is how…
    1. Morning shower
    2. Put on the Stealth InnerWear [sometimes with a layer or two of the thin Lycra sheath(s) and sometimes with thicker Premium Sheath(s) and sometimes with a combination of sheaths and stretchbands he provides, and sometimes without any sheath or bands — if I am going to wear the Corkscrew]
    3. Remove the Corkscrew from its shaping tube, slide the Corkscrew onto my penis …
    4.  …and  carefully resize the two to three rings of the Corkscrew that are nearest the tip on my penis so they “snug”  firmly around and behind the silicone ring embedded in the end of the Innerwear sheath. [That means the Corkscrew rings are snugged around the distant end of my penis shaft and seated behind the glans (or head) of my penis — which is behind the silicone ring of the Innerwear.]
    NOTE: Adjusting the snugness of the two to three rings of the Corkscrew may require several test drives to get the snugness just right instead of too loose or too tight
    5. Once the Corkscrew is snug enough to hold the head of my penis and the Innerwear silicone ring, I stretch the Corkscrew backwards to seat against my pubic bone [atop my penis shaft] and against the skin where the scrotum and penis shaft meet on the underside.
    6. Stretching the coils of the Corkscrew to the correct tension is a variable stretch that Christian taught me to go slow and not be too vigorous (I’m smiling and grateful about his wise counsel).
    7. When stretching the Corkscrew away from my body, I then carefully bend the metal coils downward — which makes the Corkscrew a little bit less conspicuous under clothes.
    8. I put on a McKillop’s T-Bar jock and get to work or play in the big wide world.


    Stealth Man

    The appearance can be controlled to a great extent with the underwear selection. I am a hardcore Levi 501 button jeans guy. These days the size I wear is roomier in the crotch which pairs well with the pouch style Stanfield’s underwear I currently use. The pouch style shows more than the tighter fitting underwear without too much clarity of form with the 501’s. However, I typically wear my shirt untucked which maintains a more conservative look overall.



    Really helpful, you guys.

    Most days I don’t wear Corkscrew out, I only used it at home. After using Sabre Skin, I did try put Corkscrew on with me to the work. No matter jock or boxer, I’m still learning how to manage that curve w/ Corkscrew.

    Maybe I could used to the new bulge with me. Some my co-workers had talked about my size for a while.



    All my jeans are slim or skinny. After using Stealth, I have to go back wearing my gym pants or suit pants.

    It’s really better fit in those underwear with big pouch.

    A happy costumer.

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