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    Hey @Stealthman,

    I’ve never done vac hanging before.  I’m super curious and interested. The quality and ingenuity looks really great, I can see a lot of quality and care went into making this product.  And from my perspective as a techie, great job on the interactive images, videos, and craftsmanship. I’ve got a few questions…

    Does the vacuum only focus on the glanz, or the shaft too?  I’m not sure, but from what I can see, it appears to be glanz only with Sabre skin keeping the shaft in place. If this is the case, is the focus on lengthening?  If not, how does this improve overall girth in addition to length from the weights?


    Is there any benefit by vac hanging seldom, such as once per week?  Or does it require more consistent usage to make it worthwhile?  I’m sure this is subjective to a degree.

    What’s the reasoning for 3 different sizes?  Is it just to mix and match, or is there more involved, such as room for growth / progression?


    Out of the 3 sizes, is the ordered size in the middle or the first one?  Another way to ask, are two additional sizes larger, or is one smaller and the other larger?

    I’ve seen some images with a leg strap, does that come with the kit or is that an add-on?  Perhaps this is the hanging belt?  With the leg strap, is the intention for, longer session? Or maybe wearing under clothes?

    What and how are the tapes used?  Each time, or just to mix and match?  Curious how long they would last before needing to be replenished.

    I’ve probably got a lot more questions, but I can understand some of this requires experimentation and based on individual anatomy and goals.  And more than likely the user manual shares more details.

    Thanks, product looks really cool!


    Stealth Man

    hello @spamscottc

    Thank you for acknowledging the attention to detail that was required to bring this project to fruition… it has been a real learning experience for sure.

    In answer to your questions…

    The vacuum is isolated within the chamber as the base of said chamber is cinched down into place over the tapered inner lip of the vac-seal. This further compresses the Sabre Skin onto the shaft for an air-tight seal.

    The glans cap with vacuum channels will contribute to this effect but is not necessarily needed depending on your preferred set-up for a given session.

    Here are a couple of images from the comprehensive user manual included with the kit…

    This image illustrates how the components are aligned to create an airtight seal with the tapered inner lip of the Vac-Seal (hatch lines) to create a clamping effect on the Sabre Skin over the shaft behind the glans (no tape).

    The second image (with tape) does not include the Glans Cap, however, the seal is not compromised in any way, so the set-up is a matter of preference, which can be determined with a bit of experience. I personally like and use both methods.

    Btw. there are 4 basic methods described in the user manual, however, there are a wide array of potential sub-variants for users to explore and discover on their own and share as well.

    These two set-ups demonstrate the utility of having multiple closely sized Chambers available in each kit. Btw, although you would think that including the Glans Cap would require a larger chamber size… the reality is that the glans is compressed so that a smaller Chamber is more effective. Whereas, the tape only method allows the glans to expand under vacuum with the chamber walls precisely fitted to limit risk of over expanding the glans. The fit can be fine tuned with more or less tape, as required. Level of engorgement effectively modulates the fit for a secure grip when using the Glans Cap.

    The accessory ADS system which is used for all day stretching (sold separately) includes ankle, knee and waist belts for extension down the leg, across the waist or over the shoulder. For the purpose of concealment it is recommended to purchase an even smaller chamber size (available to kit owners at discounted prices) as it is required for setting up in the completely flaccid condition.

    The completely flaccid set-up is not recommended for high intensity/short duration extension training with heavy weight, for which Glans-Lock™ with full engorgement is highly recommended to create a cement like bond between the glans and Chamber walls to effectively eliminate slippage under heavy traction. The user manual goes into detail on the principal of Glans-Lock™ among other innovative new ideas.

    Traditionally, chambers are sized at a specific level of engorgement for purchase of a single “recommended” chamber size or at best small, medium, and large options which are typical cause for sub par performance. The reality is, users need a range of chamber sizes to optimize the fit for any number of methods and levels of engorgement. What Stealth has learnt over the past 12 years, if anything, is that highly creative users inevitably tend to customize to meet their own particular specifications… therefore, we always look to offer choices rather than impose authoritative rules with subsequent limitations.

    Having said that, various tapes and taping methods are suggested in the user manual but experimentation will determine individual preference. The tapes provided will last for quite some time, depending, and are available at relatively insignificant cost per use. Use of the Glans Cap will eliminate all but the most essential tape which is required in minimal amounts to protect the urinary meatus or pee hole.

    Once you have the kit in hand, have studied the user manual, and experimented with a bit practice you will get a much better understanding of the individual components and various combinations and methods with more specific questions and possibly some new ideas to share yourself.

    All the best!


    Stealth Man

    I was just reviewing the questions and note that I overlooked a few of them.

    Hanging weight from the penis, whether it be a vacuum or compression hanger, is the most effective means of achieving gains in length. However, girth, at least in the flaccid condition… is intimately related to length. When length gains relax the penis will fatten up with the redistribution of mass for a heavier overall flaccid hang.

    With respect to erect girth gains there are a couple of simple “advanced techniques” that can be implemented such as bundles and fulcrums.

    Bundles involve rotation of the shaft 180, 360, or 540 degrees to effectively twist the penis around by 1⁄2, 1, or 1 1⁄2 times. Twisting of the shaft activates the cellular structures for accelerated gains in both length and girth. This effect is similar as twisting a wet towel to wring out the excess water with the increased potential for tissue expansion with re-absorption of blood after the torque is released.

    Step 1: Twist the shaft around to the desired number of rotations.
    Step 2: Insert the Carbon-Fibre Tube (included with the kit) through the carabiner and use the thighs to secure in place when standing and the ankles when sitting.

    Free spinning manual rotations are another possibility. For this method, manually spin the desired number of rotations in one direction and then release, or hold, before spinning back in the opposite direction. Experiment to find the most effective speed of rotation and duration of hold.

    Fulcrums utilize the Carbon Fibre Tube (included with the kit) placed over the thighs in the seated position. The shaft of the penis, with Sabre Skin left remaining full-length, is draped over the tube for hanging weight.

    The diagram below illustrates how the Carbon-Fibre Tube acts as a fulcrum to harness the power of leverage and weight for amplification of the stretch around the fulcrum.

    L= leverage / F=fulcrum / W= weight

    For glans gains the larger sized chamber can be used for hyper engorgement of glans under vacuum. In this case, the chamber size must be accurately fitted to prevent over expansion to the point of tissue damage which will be indicated by an easy to recognize “stinging pain” that will become unbearable if ignored for too long. As always… pay close attention to feedback from the body in the form of sensations and respond accordingly.

    As you have three closely sized Chambers in each kit, one smaller and one larger than your size selection ie. if you select size 24 you will also receive the 22 and 26 sized Chambers. The fit can then be precisely modulated with more or less tape to achieve the optimum level of engagement while also establishing a friction grip to help secure the chamber in place to prevent slippage under the applied traction achieved by hanging weight.



    I have bought Penis Pumps before. One similar to this, you couldn’t get valve wet or it would ruin it and not work. Is yours similar?


    Stealth Man

    Wetting the valve, if anything… will only improve the performance of the seal.

    So, no… nothing even remotely similar.

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    Stealth Man

    >>Is there any benefit by vac hanging seldom, such as once per week?  Or does it require more consistent usage to make it worthwhile?  I’m sure this is subjective to a degree.<<

    Yes, you would definitely keep the anatomy conditioned even with once weekly sessions for increased vascularity, tone and erectile quality. It is up to the individual to experiment to see what sort of results are possible with various workout routines. By the same token over-training can lead to a loss of erectile quality and this is one of the indicators to be noted when evaluating the results of a particular routine for making the necessary adjustments to optimize results.

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