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    I was sent a mag volt that wasn’t sized for my “package” properly.  I wear a larger size 58mm steel cock ring often, but my mag volt needs to fit more snuggly, IMO.  How do U replace the nipples and sleeves and reattach them after removing a section of the tubing to decrease the diameter of the ring?  I don’t want to screw up m mag volt by just cutting it without directions on reattaching the nipples & sleeves to the magnet as it was manufactured.





    I probably miss-measured and I also need to make the diameter smaller so it will fit more snuggly.


    Hey fellas. I had the same question and Bruce sent me this reply in a support email:

    No problem with shortening the Mag-Volt. First, roll the small silicone o-rings away from the magnets on top. Then pull the silicone tube off of the nipples and cut to length with a sharp pair of scissors or box cutter. Reconnect the tube over the nipple and roll the o-rings back into position next to the magnets. Be conservative with the amount you remove and test before deciding to make it shorter again.


    Props to Bruce for always having helpful feedback!


    Stealth Man

    Yes, that would be the ticket.

    Roll the silicone o-rings off the nipples and then pull the tubing away from the magnets. Cut the silicone tube a bit on the conservative side and test to make sure you want to make it shorter again or not.

    An important point… make sure that you orient the magnets by clasping the two smaller magnets together and attaching it as a single unit side by side with the larger magnet at the bottom. This will align the N and S poles before re-attaching the silicone tubing.

    The instructions will be included with the Mag-Volt™. Hence the 20% pre-launch discount for the forum members that is available now.



    One thing worth mentioning, especially for new magvolt users, is that the tiny silicone O rings are small, important, and easily lost!

    I didnt’ even notice it was there and needed to close it after opening it for my first wear.  Therefore when wearing it the first time, I hadn’t fastened it correctly and a few minutes into wear, the connection came apart and before I could make it to the bathroom, it shifted and suddenly the magnets clamped together hard, with my scrotum in between.  I can’t begin to tell you how unpleasant that was lol.

    After reading here, I realized there was a small O ring I should look for, luckily it hadn’t fallen off, but totally could have since I wasn’t aware of its need/existence.   It is small and can take some work to get back onto the tubing, but it really hold the whole thing together well.

    Figured I should share this snce mine didn’t come with instructions.

    It would be awesome if that ‘part’ was integrated into the metal on the sides, maybe by spinning them it tightens down like a screw on that side of the nipple, and screwing the other way loosens it?  Not really sure if there is a more elegant design.

    Either way, you certainly feel your junk electrified, and it is certainly a new experience and sensation lol.

    TLDR: Be super careful to not lose the tiny O rings that keep the device closed.


    Stealth Man

    Good points Whaim,

    As far as elegance goes I think the O-ring is the simplest, most streamline and cost-effective method. Any kind of threading would not be possible on the magnet. Although a metal insert might be possible the added bulk would be a real challenge.

    We are expecting delivery of the instructions any time now. Meanwhile, you can access the file here…



    Amazing!  Thanks so much!


    I wore it all day twice this week, I may need to order a larger size girth innerwear for when wearing the magvolt, my penis seems to want to hang much fuller.  I’m glad I ordered the E length, it fits so much better, I can’t believe I originally ordered a C.

    I originally thought those 2 smaller magnets were a clasp but couldn’t figure out how to get them apart.  I tried pulling and “unscrewing” but to this day I have not figured out how to separate them.  That’s how I ended up discovering the silicone o rings you mention here are only for resizing.

    I just tried again but still am not sure how to unclasp them.  Do I just need to be more forceful?   I’m just scared of breaking something lol


    Also of note, we have a metal detector at work and on both days I wore it, I didn’t set it off, so that is exciting!  I still wouldn’t wear it through airport security tho haha



    Just figured it out, if you bend it, it opens!

    Was pulling so hard, and nothing, those are some powerful magnets!


    Stealth Man

    Yes, the magnets are powerful being rated at +5000 gauss.

    The key is to “crack” the two smaller clasping magnets apart with two thumbs centered in the middle, and the fingers on the opposite outside ends as if you were snapping a pencil in half.

    Pulling them apart would not work as you have discovered!

    The first week or so I also had dramatic size fluctuations of both the penis and ballsack. For this reason, it is recommended to test the fit for a few days before deciding to shorten the silicone tubing to avoid making the fit too tight.



    Pulling them apart not working is a feature you should use as a selling point.  You seriously but some thought into this!

    I just, after a few days, cut about a half a centemeter off total from each side.  Fits well. I actually like wearing it over my regular stealth, the new E size was what I shoulda started with, no clue how I picked C.  Wanting to try a larger girth next lol debating on when or if I want to try anything else, and maybe another of this size for a backup – but until then, I’m sold on loving it!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!



    Stealth Man

    Thanks, Whaim.

    Everything we do at Stealth is original. We will re-invent pre-existing products only if they are in need of radical improvement. We would never stoop so low to copy or imitate a well thought out product. You will see this more clearly when we launch the new Vac-Hanger.

    The Mag-Volt™ was a relatively minor project taken up to fill the extended time needed for the Vac Hanger to be ready.

    I like to wear two Mag-Volts™ in tandem side by side to create a thicker ball band similar to the Stealth Regular when wearing the Extension Sleeve or sheath only Stealth.




    Huh, I really wish I saw this thread before I went ahead and made my own modifications…

    I don’t know how but I guess I really messed up on my measurement and had probably about 1.5″ to 2″ of silicone tube that basically had my mag-volt falling off. With no physical instructions to follow (and not thinking to contact support) rather than adjusting at the magnetic ends, I simply moved the bottom metal piece to one side, cut the silicone cord down the middle, and started making small incremental cuts until I had a balanced snug fit in both completely flaccid and erect.

    The obvious downside to this method that the silicone tube will slightly pull out and constantly needs to be pushed back into the bottom metal piece.

    Just need to find the width and order a new silicon cord and will cut it to the appropriate length and move all the important bits over to it.


    Stealth Man

    No problem Tekcon.

    Send us a support email and we will send you a 12″ length of replacement tubing. The tube will be sliced 1.5″ down the middle for easy insertion thru the beads. Once the three full-size beads and O-rings are placed on the tube you can cut the tube to size. Make sure that it is a bit longer than you need and test otherwise you risk cutting off too much tube. Fit the tube over the nipples of the clasping magnets and roll the O-Rings into place.

    A key point to note. Before attaching the clasping beads on to the tube make sure that the N and S poles are in the correct alignment with the bottom magnet.

    If by chance the silicone tube is slipping off the nipple in use, you can use a small dab of 2 part A/B epoxy glue from the corner store to permanently bond the tube onto the nipple. You want to be sure you have the optimum fit before committing to the bond.



    Hi Stealth Man,

    No worries, I found a supply store that had a similar silicone tube that was slightly smaller than the tube used where the beads are able to slip on and be adjusted easily while unclasped a (straight line), and actually hold their position when clasped (circle).

    I’m going to need a bit of clarification on your comment: “Before attaching the clasping beads on to the tube make sure that the N and S poles are in the correct alignment with the bottom magnet.”

    I’ve lined everything up as well as I could compared to when I received it in the mail. I’ve got the bottom magnet centered, the two metal beads to the sides, and the clasping magnetic beads up top. There were no markings on the on any of the beads to indicate an orientation or alignment. Would it be possible to get a little more detail, or an image explaining this.



    Stealth Man


    When you clasp the two smaller magnets together and then bring them into contact with the larger magnet, they will automatically be attracted in the correct orientation of the poles. It will then be clear which end of the silicone tube to attach to each of the clasping magnets. The magnets will be repulsed and flip if you have it backward.

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