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    My wear time of the innerwear is maybe around 14hours,


    If I wear my Innerwear it always moves up at the base, is this normal.

    I only can put my innerwear on with the sleeve under with using the larger sleeve half down the shaft and put the innerwear trough it. But when I want to


    I use this method to put it on.

    First, put one of the thinner spandex sleeves over the glans and halfway down the shaft. Use the excess length of spandex sleeve hanging off the penis to thread the Innerwear sheath on and then slide it into place at the base of the penis. Remove the spandex sleeve by sliding it out:

    When I do this getting a little pain and not easy to slide it out. 

    and tuck the excess skin back inside the sheath:

    Its not easy at all to put the skin back in the sheath, it always rolls out again

    What Can I do about this.

    Thank you




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    I’m having the same issue. I’m also trying to put the inner wear on the same way, but it will not stay on. I’ve tried two sizes of innerwear with the second size being as correct as possible, but the testicular strap won’t stay around my sack (mine are very tight against my scrotum, and I’ve read the forum post about the ball stretcher) plus the band at the head of the innerwear won’t stay on either. I keep turtling out of it. I’m also uncircumcised, so it’s really difficult to get the skin inside the innerwear with just the head protruding out.  It seems if the strap would stay in place the band at the head would too.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Also, I keep reading about the ES, but can’t find the product on the Stealth website.



    Hi Fait5x5.

    I have also the ES this one also moves up at the base its my 3th that still not fits right. I am done with buying another.

    Here you can find the ES version ;


    Strapless Innerwear

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    Stealth Man


    You can contact the support email [email protected] to go over your sizing issue and we will make you a custom tapered sheath if required. We will not charge you for this service as you have made several attempts to find the right size already.

    Please mention your username and ask for assistance from Bruce.

    btw. as you mentioned, when using the spandex sleeve to thread the sheath of the innerwear on, it can be a bit tricky to pull off after it has served its purpose. In this case, you need to experiment with the optimum placement of spandex sleeve on the shaft. It should be no more than  halfway down and even less for it to slide off more easily. Of course if you do not place it far enough down it will come off too easily in which case you can experiment more to find the optimum placement.


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    Stealth Man


    Sounds like the silicone ring is not seated firmly behind the glans so that the excess skin is able to crawl back out after being tucked into the sleeve. We can make a tapered sleeve or a standard straight sleeve with a smaller silicone ring if required for a secure fit.

    You can try holding the underside of the silicone ring beneath the glans and use the other hand to pull the skin at the base of the shaft near the ballsack opening to draw the skin all the way down the sleeve. This will help prevent it from working its way back out when tucked in behind the ring. Check to see if the ring is seated directly behind the glans. If you are still experiencing slippage then you definely need to make some adjustments on the sizing for a better fit.



    Thanks for your reply Stealthman,

    I already contact the  [email protected] already many many times, about my sizing size issues. I already have a free tapered one from stealth and also had Bruce help. Did many many things with the sleeves. I have put it under the stealh and above it. But Have already 3 sizes down. still it fals of with the silicone ring I think the silicone rings are bad and stretch out to far afther few uses because, when first wearing it for 2 days it fits great, or the sizer tool are to bad on your website because I followed everything perfect Have measure me penis many many times like 30 times. Or the stealth is not made for my penis.  afther the 2 days it falls of again. and many times when wearing it. Its not painful when wearing it about many many hours. but when I turn my innerwear off it also hurts behind the glans.

    Thank you for helping me.  I am done with the innerwears. Gettign only nightmares with them. Pain and slipping off. always getting mad when i see them.

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    Following for info purposes and because I’ma beginner. Also to see if my account is flagged. I have contacted customer support and made a thread on the forum with a question and haven’t gotten a response from a stealth rep.



    I have found e-mailing customer service directly seems to work best. I have seen a few others on here say the used the contact form an didnt get a response. I also used the form an didnt get a responce. Bruce asured an i have seen his assure others that they have responed. I think it my be a glich in the form it self.



    Dear Stealth Man and Team,
    After many months of wearing Stealth inner wear, spandex sheaths, neoprene platinum sheaths, corkscrew, MagVolt and SabreSkin in daily variations, I am unreservedly grateful to you for the innovations and customer care.

    Though my test-drives in various sizes required a bit of size changes, every experiment was fascinating and lesson in anatomy and engineering as well as uncovering new pleasures.

    Of course the greatest praises go equally to Bruce, Stealth Man and Christian for guiding and knowing so very much more than I could guess. Others among our troop of wearers selflessly gave of their insight. Thank you, guys.

    Just now arriving home after a 15-hour workday, I stripped away business attire and smiled at the sensations of the InnerWear + SabreSkin + MagVolt combination I assembled to wear many hours earlier.

    Thank you for being a perky part of my day.



    Stealth Man

    Excellent.. thanks for the kind words and all the best to you Stephen!

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