Strapless Innerwear


The Strapless Innerwear comes with all the benefits as the original Innerwear, without the strap. This option is suitable for men with balls that are larger, higher riding or hyper retracting. Some may prefer this version simply for comfort reasons.

Prevents Retraction

Wearing the innerwear eliminates retraction that can lead to a negative effect on your confidence.

Extension Training

When worn daily, Stealth Innerwear continuously trains your anatomy to remain fully extended.

Bulge Enhancing

Our design lengthens the penis up to twice its normal flaccid size while adding plenty of extra girth too!


Does not interfere with daily activities such as urination.


Stealth always stays in place and doesn't slip off.


Can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.


Expands easily and comfortably to accomodate spontaneous erections

True Innerwear

Can be worn under anything - underwear, swimwear or on its own.

Healthy Functions

Infused with Negative Ions, FIR Therapy and Antibacterial properties.

What's included

With your purchase of the stapless Innerwear, you will receive a free Jacket, Skin and Retainer Band. These extra components work together to give you a longer extension, fatter girth and better durability.


An integrated penis sheath that comfortably supports the entire package.


A discreet spandex jacket that adds extra girth for a longer and thicker profile.


A nude coloured layer of thin spandex that helps lengthen the penis shaft.

Retainer Band

A silicone band that maintains engorgement and prevents slippage.

  • Honestly I've tried so many methods to enhance what I've got for nearly 10 years, finally found a product that's doing the business for me.
  • I just made my second purchase, I must say it is an ingenius design and concept. Now I have an underwear bulge I can be proud of!
  • Stealth feels awesome, I just adjusted my package and it feels heavy and thick!... cash your check, the Stealth is well worth the money!
  • What I like best is that you can wear it to achieve an enhanced but naturally looking bulge. A great product to increase girth, length and soft size.

Strapless Innerwear


Please follow the measuring instructions at the bottom of this page. Then enter your length and girth into the drop-down boxes below. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you. If you select the “Buy Now, Measure Later” option, our sizing expert will send you an email to help you choose your size.

Our broad spectrum of 99 sizes helps ensure that every man gets his perfect fit. For optimum performance, Stealth must be sized accurately. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

Measuring Instructions


To measure length: In the flaccid (soft) condition, clamp your penis head using your thumb and finger. Fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Lightly press the ruler slightly (1/2" only) into the fat pad towards the pubic bone. Measure along your shaft without including your penis head.


To measure girth: Once again, fully extend your penis to a comfortable stretch. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your shaft right behind the penis head. If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap a strip of paper behind your penis head. Mark the strip of paper and then measure the distance on a ruler.


After you’ve measured yourself and double-checked for accuracy, enter your length and girth into the drop-down menus. Our calculator will automatically choose the most suitable size for you. The size code will be shown in the display box for your reference. You may manually adjust it, if needed.

How to Measure
How to Wear

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dave G.
My experience with Strapless Innerwear

After wearing the Strapless Innerwear for about three weeks I can say that it is a great product. It is very comfortable and I can easily wear it all day long. It is already serving the purpose that it was purchased for. My previously turtling penis no longer does that. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants to hang instead of turtle. I tried the standard Innerwear first but it gave me a little more bulge than I was comfortable with. The Strapless Innerwear was the perfect solution.

Great Scott
Just read this if you doubt…

If you need a selling point for this system just this:
I walk up to the urinals with pride now. No I’m not eyeing other guys and not expecting them to eye me but…I don’t have to fluff, stretch, or anything. I whip this bad boy out. It’s nice not to feel self conscious. It’s nice to have a long thick dick. Yeah

Movin’ On Up!

I have been a strapless inner wear user for a year now and have had to reorder twice and moved up in size both times. Bruce is top notch as far as recommendations go. Highly recommend this product for ease of use and boost in self esteem.

Great Scott
Just wanna say…

I have to say Bruce is my hero. I have bothered the man several times now and he has helped me each time with each issue. The latest issue was my penis. I had a slight injury due to over wearing and a size too small. Not only did he not complain over me sending a dick pic (I was freaked out over my dick problem) he offered his help and I am forever in his debt…again. This company is amazing. And before I over used my penis…the innerwear feels amazing. Thanks Bruce and Thanks Stealth.

This is my favorite PE product hands down!

This does EXACTLY what you want it to do. I love it with the ball strap! The ball strap is velcro so, very customizable. I wear boxer briefs, so I enjoy having a big ole elephant trunk print. This definitely helps with that!

It just feels gigantic in this thing and, it definitely speeds up recovery from pumping and, extending. Must have for extending! Try it with the coil, zomg! I think that combo alone, is enough to help a lot of men burst through plateaus. Pumping with this on in a larger tube makes the head swell and, looks amazing!

I will absolutely continue buying them. I've already sized up, 2 sizes in one month. The shipping was nice, quick and, discreet. Thanks for making an awesome product!