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    Hey guys,

    Just a thought that came to mind, if one’s glans is larger than normal when compared to the shaft just behind, that could also cause issues with getting the size correct. I suspect that if that’s the case, measure the widest part of the glans and perhaps take the difference between that, and the size that you get for the shaft, and use that as the size for the innerwear.

    (larger size-smaller size)=difference

    (difference/2+smaller size)=innerwear size.

    This will of course vary with the difference between the shaft size, and the glans size. If the glans is smaller than the shaft, then subtract the smaller from the larger, and follow the rest of the math. Be sure to adjust as needed, for comfort, fit, safety, etc.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Stealth Man

    Thanks for the thoughts UD,

    Securing a device such as this to the wide variety of male anatomical configurations is a major challenge. Hence, Stealth is the first to achieve a practical solution where so many others before have failed. Firstly, the 99 sizes which are standard for which custom tapered sleeves are not uncommonly required have been a huge barrier which no one else has attempted nor in my experience even considered, as we started out with 15 sizes that organically progressed to 99 as more and more orders for a wider combination of length/girth were placed over the first couple of years. Then, of course, our willingness to offer resizes that include custom tapered sleeves at a discount to find a solution is a major barrier to those who would attempt to copy our design, system, and support process.

    Getting back to your point. The completely flaccid and fully stretched shaft girth measurements are the key as this will be the condition at which secure extension must be maintained, otherwise, slippage will result when the penis is… completely flaccid and fully stretched and then mechanically retracted with great force when sitting or bending over.

    The head size is only a consideration when the coronal ridge is not pronounced enough for a secure grip, for which the standard sleeve with a tighter silicone ring is required. The larger size glans in relation to the shaft size does not have any bearing on the Innerwear sleeve sizing according to the shaft measurements. The only question here would be the ease of sliding the glans through a narrower circumference sleeve. The best solution, in this case, would be using the double-length spandex sleeve put halfway on the shaft with the excess length hanging off the penis to thread the Innerwear sleeve onto the shaft. Tip: pull on the sleeve to stretch the shaft thinner before sliding the Innerwear over the shaft.





    Hey SM,

    Glad to see you guys are still kicking. I suppose the formula above could be modified to account for multiple variables, but the gist was to keep it as comfortable as possible while getting the best fit for one’s anatomy possible. I have noticed in my own testing that the glans/flare makes a difference when trying to maintain wearing the Stealth, but that could be just me. Perhaps I need more of a taper, or something similar. In any case, it seems to hold better if there’s something there to press against, albeit not too firmly, or it could get uncomfortable.

    Anyhoo, on another subject; how goes the project with the Vac Hanger, etc.? I haven’t been keeping up lately.

    Have fun 🙂

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    Stealth Man

    Yes, the coronal ridge is best when more robust in form for optimal performance. Wearing the Retainer Band at the base of the shaft ideally maintains just enough engorgement (without over pressurizing) to augment the size of the glans for just this purpose.

    Well, I have just returned from India and am currently in Canada (rather than China) waiting out the coronavirus scare so this has limited my ability to move forward on the Vac-Hanger with any efficiency when not at the factory itself.

    Let’s see what can be done now and how it goes and I will keep you up to date.

    All the best mate!



    Yeah, you don’t want to get sick, it’s not fun. I am just getting over a cold (or something, it wasn’t too bad).

    I’ll be looking forward to things returning to normal, hopefully once they’ve found a treatment to help with the virus.

    Anyhoo, no rush, just curious about how it’s going. Although I’ll be looking forward to any updates on the Vac-Hanger.

    Enjoy your relaxation 🙂


    Stealth Man

    for the Vac-Hanger… unfortunately, we are on hold until I can get back there to complete the kit.



    I had some of the same issues but Bruce worked with me to order a tapered Innerwear.  When I started wearing the regular one, I loved it, but my head/glans kept slipping out of the ring.  In addition, I was too “aggressive” when I stretched to measure, so Bruce recommended I go down a size.  I’ll see when I get it.


    Also, he sent videos of how to put it on.  The second video of using the sheath to pull it through was great.  Saved a lot of “pain” trying to pull the glans through.  Thanks, Bruce, for all the help.

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