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    Hi. New customer. I bough the VacPro, n Innerwear, and some premium sleeves. Got everything yesterday. Nice package! -ing.

    I tried the innerwear first. Instructions seem to vary. Ultimately I just stretched the silicone ring open with my thumb and forefinger and pulled that mushroom head on through. Then I adjusted the sleeve downward and voila it fits and stays in place BUT! It seems a bit small. My glans stayed engorged and felt cold to the touch after 20 minutes of not thinking about my dick. No pain, but … well I wonder about the fit.

    SO! I have not opened the VacPro kit yet. I saw that sticker saying “not returnable after opening the plastic wrapper” so I decided to use the innerwear first as a fit test. 🧠, I have them.
    Today I am just wearing one premium sleeve as a ring-less anti-turtling device. It fits great! Keeps my stretched out, is flexible, can pee through.

    Everything I ordered is 24D. Those are my fitment notes. Any advice?


    Stealth Man

    hello @Sparkplug… good to hear about your initial experience with the Innerwear.

    Putting on the Innerwear easily would indicate that the size is correct, however, the engorged glans also indicates a tight fit but not so much that you would want to make any size changes quite yet. If the fit was really too tight the engorged glans would be dark purple with some degree of discomfort which would demand immediate attention. I suggest giving it some more time for the break-in period in which the material will stretch out to fit over the first 7 – 10 days of daily use. The cooler glans is not a problem as the temperature of the glans fluctuates normally although more frequently under extension.

    As your observation skills are sharp you can keep a close eye on things as they progress before coming to a conclusion on fit. Let me us how it goes as it will be helpful for others to hear about your experience with feedback on potential remedies and what-have-you’s as the fit stabilizes.

    We do offer custom fittings when required, which typically involve tapered sleeves to a tighter fit behind the glans or a straight sleeve with smaller silicone ring when the shaft width to glans size is not so pronounced as well as substantial discounts on straight up resizes etc. Btw. you can send your request to the support email at [email protected] to receive a link to the demo videos for wearing the Innerwear, Sabre Skin and Corkscrew. We even have a video for setting up the Premium Sleeves with a few folds over top of a Retainer Band positioned behind the glans combined with the Ball Straps… which I have been wearing most recently to good effect.

    Regarding your new Vac-Hanger… congrats!

    I would not worry about the size selection as the fit of your innerwear is so close that it would not be of much consequence one way or the other. In fact, I wear the 24 girth (D series for length too) as well and rarely find myself using the 26 girth chamber with more focus on the 24 and 22 chamber sizes. The 26 is there if you need it but I feel users will tend to size down on additional chamber purchases when they want to expand their range of chamber options. Particularly for ADS extension training in the flaccid condition with low intensity all day stretching. For this purpose, I wear the 20m or even 18 girth chamber sizes. The larger size is always there for glans expansion purposes and future gains in size.

    Thanks again for your posts!



    Thank you for the details.

    I guess the sizing is a bit different for me. My glans is very mushroomy. The flaccid girth measurement just behind the glans is about 50% of the flaccid girth of my glans at the ridge. With any amount of erection, the glans just blows up and flares out. So… yeah, less banana, more portabella.
    However, last night I opened the package and gave it a try with the 24. Bit tight, had to squeeze the glans down as much as possible. Tried the 26: much easier!  Of course, this was with less than 3 pounds of weight and only for 20-30 min total. And so, I will just trust the process and get in touch if I run into more questions. 🙂


    Stealth Man

    Yes, the male anatomical proportions can vary widely between individuals in so many ways.

    We have our standard 99 sizes which grew out of necessity over the past 12-13 years after starting out rather naively with a presumed 15 size selections being more than sufficient. And beyond that, for even more personalized fittings, we manufacture to meet the need for an array of custom sized configurations, nature of the beast… so to speak.

    This involves for the most part tapered sleeves which are wider at the base that taper down for a tighter fit behind the glans at a mild angle or straight to mid-shaft before tapering steeper down to the glans.

    We also have guys who require straight cut sleeves with a size or two smaller silicone ring when the shaft is thicker with a relatively less pronounced coronal ridge of the glans… to secure the flaccid in extension throughout the day without slipping back under the silicone ring when bending over or sitting.

    In your case, we have the self described “Portobello” effect… which is something to be proud of in my estimation. Now this may require some adaptation with a smaller sized Sabre Skin over the shaft, your current 24 girth sound about right, combined with a larger Chamber size, Glans-Cap, and Vac-Seal.

    One could even experiment with a double layering of Sabre Skin to bring the shaft diameter more into alignment with the chamber base to see if that would offer a suitable path of optimization in the pursuit of the ideal set-up.

    For this purpose, a larger chamber set including the Glans-Cap and Vac-Seal seems to the direction to take at this point. Stealth offers, exclusively to kit owners, additional C-Sets of any size at $50 for the first set and $25 for additional sized sets after that.

    However, in your case, as I had advised to go ahead and break the shrink wrap seal we can make your first C-Set selection at the same $25 with additional sizes for only $25 as well. All sizes include all three components… Chamber, Glans Cap and Vac-Seal.

    Chamber sets will not be available for purchase to the general public at any price.

    Take your time to consider and then let me know what you think.



    I am posting here because I was unsure of where else to share my two month findings.

    So I have been trying to make the Innerwear system work for me and after almost two months, here are my findings:

    1) Foreskin. The system does not seem designed well for lots of loose foreskin and I have yet to find a way to compensate for the difficulties:

    a. putting any of the system on without pinching or pulling or otherwise owie on the foreskin.
    b. the Innerwear always ends up sliding up the shaft and off because the foreskin allows it to glide along until it eventually overcomes the ridge of the glans.
    c. the SaberSkins all suffer the same problem as the Innerwear

    2) Grower vs Show-er: On the one hand we have measurements while flaccid. On the other we are told to get a partial erection to facilitate getting the Innerwear or SaberSkin on. I am *definitely* a Grower. I go from a little worm to a 7×5 cylinder capped with a big mushroom head. It’s not that I have an especially large penis; it’s just that a thing fitted for my flaccid doesn’t come close to fitting over my 50-75% erection. In the process of trying to stretch it on with the attendant pulling and rubbing of glans and pinching of foreskin, I totally lose my partial boner and end up just stuffing my tender parts through a fairly rough fabric tube. … I CAN DO IT THOUGH! It’s just real rough. Using the sabreskin to slide things on only adds an additional layer of material to control – it makes the whole process  way more difficult. Anyway, once the Innerwear is on, I tend to either watch some trusty fave porn or just close my eyes and think about fucking to get my erection back and that helps the glans stay out for longer.

    3) Eventually, it all comes off anyway. Foreskin glides, bringing sleeve with it, eventually overcoming the ridge of my glans (with an uncomfortable rubber against tender skin rubbing, usually while waiting in line at the grocery store or something awkward) and falling off. Well, not all the way off, as the band around my scrotum keeps it from falling off and down my leg.

    In conclusion, I think the Innerwear concept works great for circumcised guys or guys with perhaps less foreskin or tight foreskin? Not sure. But it just isn’t worth the hassle of putting on for the duration it is effective, which is about an hour.




    Review of the Vac-Hanger

    I am fairly content with the functionality of the Vac-Hanger. Once I get it on and the few pounds of suction applied, it is very secure. I still wonder if my particular dimensions cause me some trouble. It is difficult to get the Glans Cap on with any amount of erection as it is much smaller than my glans. I have the 22, 24, and 26 sizes. 22 is definitely not possible. 24 is possible to get into place but very difficult to fit properly with the other two parts. 26 is also possible and slightly less difficult to fit properly, but it DOES fit and seal and work.

    Foreskin: As with the InnerWear, I feel the Vac-Hanger is not designed with foreskins in mind. Putting the VacSeal in proper place with the GlansCap under the edge properly is always a hassle, because the GlansCap is too small, and my foreskin keeps just getting in the way.

    Once the GlansCap and VacSeal ARE finally in place, the Chamber slides over with a bit of spit on the edge and everything works great from there.

    I keep wanting to pull my foreskin over my glans and then put the GlansCap on top of that, but it’s way too small for that. But I think that for some men with foreskin this might be the best way.



    Stealth Man

    Hi Sparkplug,

    If you are unable to fit into the two smaller chambers 22/24 and barely manage to get in the larger 26 then I strongly suspect that even the 26 chamber is too small. You also mention the Glans-Caps being too small so this is definitely a question of finding the proper fit.

    How does the 24 Sabre Skin fit along the shaft? If it is of suitable size then it would reconfirm the large mushroom head you described in your first message.

    You would need to consider going up to the 28 or 30 girth chamber size with corresponding Glans-Cap and Vac-Seal. With the larger sized Chambers you may also need to create a larger diameter shaft which you can easily do with a second layer of Sabre Skin. This would be a fine tuning process that you would need to experiment with to know what works best.

    The design is the same irrespective of the foreskin so it sounds like the larger Glans-Cap would be your solution here too. To retract the foreskin or pull it over the glans for extra protection would again require some experimentation to find with method or style of set-up works best for you.

    We have additional chamber sets available in all sizes which includes the specific size Chamber/Glans-Cap/Vac-Seal for the set. These are exclusive to kit owners at the low price of $30 per set.

    If you would like to take advantage of this offer then send me a message at the support email at [email protected]

    Btw. the smaller chamber sizes are very useful for all day extension training with the ADS Belt system. In which case, the glans is inserted into the smallest possible chamber while in the completely flaccid condition with Glans-Cap for an even smaller compressed size.

    For example, I am also size for the 24, but were the 18 and 20 chamber sizes for discrete all day wear while under clothing for low intensity long duration extension training as I go about my daily routine.

    The foundation of the system is built around the flexibility of component selection for creative application to meet specific requirements.



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