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    Is it the scrunch skin or fabric, stealthman already answered here about fabric, if it’s skin, hold the silicone ring and pull the skin down by your scrotum so there is no skin bunching behind the glans before the ring.

    This helps all skin stay taught inside the innerwear as well.  I often find this necessary when putting it on, and once in position is good for the rest of the day.



    After a bit more testing, it seems to be the fabric that is scrunching. Thankfully the scrunching has not negatively affected the ring’s ability to hold the glans in place. And as long as I’m wearing it right – no slippage or pain!

    A couple of weeks now with this custom unit and all has been great. It’s a pain to get on sometimes but I’ve managed to wear the ES/premium sleeve/double length sleeve and the 30 and 26 retainers (base and glans, respectively) all day at work and I can just go about my day and forget I have it on. I’ll remove it for exercise and then at home, the premium sleeve and double length sleeve and the retainer bands are plenty to keep full length and engorgement even through the night. I’ll be wearing it 24/7 soon with a day here and there as rest, usually on the weekend. I’m just now realizing I haven’t tried the corkscrew with the newly-fitted sheath…I couldn’t get it to work before without the whole apparatus slipping off sheath and all, but now I should give it another shot.

    I gave working out with the extension sheath another go and had no issues. Actually, even in workout/athletic boxer briefs, I still found I was flopping around on my run! In this case, I had to dress left or right towards the thigh. I haven’t figured out yet how to wear the sheath and point straight down in boxer briefs without the very top of the glans ridge beginning to retreat into the ring, creating a slight “v” shape at the coronal ridge, which eventually causes discomfort. I’ve tried retainer band on and behind the ring to prevent this but I still can’t rest pointed downward in anything but boxers or commando without that happening. Any tips there are appreciated!

    I’ve had an interesting look or two, which was entertaining. However I workout at a local Y and there are lots of kids around all the time and I think it’s best to probably forgo the sheath until I change my workout venue.

    I’ve only had one or two instances so far of seeing other people notice the extra bulge but I’m hoping it becomes more common, at least for a while – it’s a great confidence boost and really entertaining for sure! Honestly – I was thinking the other day  I might accidentally piss off some soccer mom or parent some day with my “obvious erection” from dressing left/right and occasionally wearing tight-ish jeans or thin athletic shorts. Not sure if I would just tell someone who decided to comment to F off and mind their business or if it’s a legit concern that could get me into trouble. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Thank you Stealth Innerwear for creating a great product and a supportive customer care team and community!


    Stealth Man

    sorry for the late response Jhark,  I somehow overlooked this post!

    Its good to hear you experimenting to find what works best for you. It’s amazing how much nuance there can be the optimization process.

    I remember the early days of wearing my Stealth and the novelty of getting so much attention. I recall going to a local foot massage place here in China. I would lay back in the recliner to enjoy the woman’s handy work. There was a certain level of arousal involved too so it was not something that was going unnoticed. Another customer was on his way out and he was clearly none too happy the situation as he just glared at me. Oh well, such is life.

    The little V kink in the highest point of the coronal ridge and therefore must shoulder the first line of resistance to the forces of flaccid extension. The best remedy would be to shorten the length for a more relaxed fit. You can do this by making larger tucks in the folds of the baseband to draw more of the sheath back inside to minimize the length.



    Stealth Man,

    Thanks for your previous advice. As follow up now that I’ve (finally) gotten back into using the corkscrew with custom sized ES, I had a question:

    Wearing the ES normally or with one of the premium sleeves is no problem at all, I notice no slippage at the silicone ring through daily activities. With the corkscrew, though, I am still getting some small slippage of the silicone ring at the coronal ridge. I can continue to tighten the coils at the head to keep it from sliding, but it seems like by the time I’ve found the sweet spot between no slippage and sufficient circulation I’ll notice the silicone ring begins to fold over on itself, like the ring and the fabric just behind it are just a bit wider than the “ring” created by the last few coils of the corkscrew. This has me wondering if I should get a smaller diameter silicone ring on my next order, so that folding of the fabric (which allows for the head to sometimes slip through) is lessened. The size I have now is comfortable, so I don’t want to go down in size and be uncomfortable just for the sake of the corkscrew. What do you think?


    Stealth Man

    Sorry for the late reply Jhark,

    My first thought is that you had the Innerwear inside out as this is what leads to the silicone ring folding under and the glans slipping back inside the sheath. However, as you mention that you are using the ES then this would be highly unlikely. I would recommend experimenting with the load distribution by tightening coils along the entire shaft for a more secure fit. What size Corkscrew are you wearing? The size and weight will have a big influence on the dynamics of wearing the device so this is always a consideration as well as experimenting with removing some coils to optimize the experience.

    With respect to the fit you have now and going to a smaller silicone ring… this would be a more subtle nuance that I am not in a position to say. I think that you are in the best position to make this sort of decision and then see what the difference is as a direct comparison is the only real way to get a definitive answer to the question of size adjustments for the best performance at this level.

    Photographs could help provide more information but I would have to see if there is something more obvious to comment on. Often times there is.

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