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    First, I want to preface this post by saying how GLAD I am to have stumbled across this product. It’s the best product I didn’t know I wanted. I haven’t received any direct compliments yet (been wearing it for around 30 days semi-consistently now, usually about 8 hours a day or more with a day or two off usually on the weekends) but I love the effect it has had on my confidence and the bulge in my pants!

    I purchased a B30 initially and after I found that the ball band doesn’t work terribly well for a man with only one ball (le sigh), I ordered the ES version with a Sabre Skin. Now that I’ve tried the regular model and the ES, I have to say I prefer the ES version more. Maybe it’s because there’s more physical coverage (I found the ball band version didn’t cover the first inch or so underneath the shaft) and as such I feel like I get a bit more stretch out of the sheath.

    I do have a question for the hive mind though – I have consistently had issues getting the glans to not turtle into the sheath, or to slide behind the silicone band towards the inside. At first, reading the forums, I thought it was because I’d gotten into the habit of reaching 3 fingers into the silicone band while inserting into and setting the position of the sheath and had maybe stretched out the ring. But now that I’m using the ES model, which requires rolling up the sheath ( I only roll once at the halfway mark) and then using the double length sleeve to help slide on the ES, so I’m no longer stretching the silicone part. But unless I apply a hefty combo of ES/Sleeve(s)/Sabre Skin/Retainer Band(s) I will invariable slip back behind the silicone.

    The only thing I can think of at this point is anatomy. Maybe for me personally, the shape of the shaft and the size of the glans and it’s ridges is creating a recipe for failure. I’ve considered providing custom measurements like I’ve seen on here for a custom fit but I wanted to approach the hive fist to get some feedback.

    The way I understand it, the sheath (either version) should be able to be worn alone when not active, but if I wear just sheath I am guaranteed to retract inside it within a few minutes – if not from gravity, then from having moved into a position (sitting, bending, etc) that causes some penile retraction which results in slippage.

    I’ve resolved to wear the following setup, as it’s the only thing that seems to work 95% of the time (meaning little or no slippage throughout the day):
    ES, then premium sleeve, then Sabre Skin, then (2) retainer bands (one at base and one behind/on top of the silicone ring) all covered by the double length thinner sleeve to alleviate the rubbery/stuck feeling of a rubber-covered member. Even then I have to be mindful of my movements or I will take up a position which will cause me to fall inside the silicone band. While thick (not necessarily a bad thing) it makes wearing the Stealth a labor-intensive task. I’ve resigned myself to my fate but I’m hoping there may be a solution out there I’m not aware of.

    What are your thoughts, fellas? Anyone experienced anything like this?



    I got a tapered one for my anatomy, currently wearing an F26-30 (so the tip is size 26, the base is size 30).  This also comes with a different sized retainer band for each side, one behind the silicone ring and one at the base.

    I originally got a 30 girth and had retraction issues since my penis tapers on the bottom side where my corpus spongiosum gets smaller right where my glans is on top.

    Might be worth it to try going down one size in girth or measuring to see it a tapered fit with a smaller silicone ring / tapered stealth would work better.


    Stealth Man

    Hi Jhark,

    Yes, we can customize a sheath so that you get the fit you require to maintain extension without the risk and discomfort of retraction.

    As Whaim points out, we have a wide range of options for the tapered sleeve, whatever the case may be.

    We only need the completely flaccid and fully stretched shaft measurements for circumference at the base, mid-shaft and behind the glans. Even better is to calculate the size based on what you wear now, knowing that each size up or down in girth is 1/4″ bigger or smaller.

    The combination of components would depend on your circumstances. When brand new with a tighter fit you may like the innerwear alone and then as the fit breaks in layer one of the spandex sleeves. You can alternate these and then once both are fitting more relaxed layer both at the same time. Same goes for the Sabre Skin, where this in combination whatever way suits your purpose depending on the mood, clothing, social situation, and activity.

    Using the double-length spandex sleeve to thread the sleeve onto the shaft is the best method to wear. You may not need to fold the Innerwear at all. There might be a tendency for the leading edge to roll under; however, this realigned when pulling the sleeve into position at the base of the shaft.

    Stealth is designed to be trouble-free and if you are dealing with challenges we can sort this out with the custom fit innerwear.








    Thanks Whaim and Stealth Man, I appreciate your input. I’ve been thinking about custom sized for a while now and think I may just have to bite the bullet. I just hate having too many products sitting around I can’t/am not going to use, ya know?

    I like the fact that the different parts and pieces are so versatile in building a system that works for the individual, for me it seems I have to have MANY layers and pressure so that I don’t slip inside the silicone ring (sometimes I get the cold or slightly purple colored head that’s a little worrisome) but maybe a custom fit will fix that. I did the 1/2″ into the pubic fat/bone when I measured but maybe I ordered one that’s too long and that’s what is causing the slippage? Maybe a correctly sized unit would allow some freedom of movement while wearing. I’m constantly having to keep in mind my movements so I don’t retract into the sheath. I can’t really exercise or even run around casually with the slippage rate currently…I have to be mindful of how I enter/exit my truck or how I sit into my office chair or even that will cause slippage!

    I’m hoping it doesn’t take many more Stealths before I find a perfect fit, because though it’s frustrating at times I love this product so far 🙂



    While I’m not the expert, based on what you’re describing it’s a girth issue more than a length issue.  The stealth I wear fits fine without retraction issues and my head never turns purple.

    That only happened to me when I had my original one that I tried to make work.  It was so much hassle and I’m so glad I got the right size.  It’s night and day how much more comfortable you can be when it fits and you can move normally.

    I actually wore a smaller size extension sheath  without the ballband last night to work out at the gym.  Was doing push ups, sit ups, and all kinds of other cardio bend over jump up walk down pushups… no retraction and was comfortable.  If it was uncomfortable at all it was because I’ve been too lazy to buy extension sheaths in the larger size I usually wear and the silicone ring is a bit tight on this one which causes my head to be fully inflated and the friction of that against my underwear with all the movement was lol.  But I can have that even without the stealth, just not as intense.  Still, my head was never purple!!

    Head turning purple or painful is dangerous, never let that condition last long.  It’s your Dick screaming for oxygenated blood and you want that to keep sensation for life!!!


    Stealth Man


    During the early development phase, some versions and sizes did not fit well enough to keep my glans properly secured into extension. I know exactly how it feels to ease yourself into the truck while being mindful not to exasperate the impending retract back inside the sheath and the extreme discomfort of feeling slippage as it began to occur.

    Stealth is all about eliminating the discomfort and the insecurities that come along with the sensation of retraction. So there is no question that a resize is definitely in order here.

    During the development and testing phase, I have also experienced fully engorged and bright purple glans due to excessive restriction. I don’t think there’s any real danger here as the discomfort will simply become too much to bear long before any tissues damage would have the chance to occur.

    In any case, you should not try to bear the pain for any length of time. Let us instead devote our attention to your correcting your fit based on what you are wearing now.

    We can carry on here if you like or continue the discussion at the support email [email protected] where I can access your purchase history to get more information to offer you more useful feedback.

    Let me know and we will get your fit sorted out.

    Trust me, it will make a world of difference!


    Stealth Man


    Excessive sleeve length can contribute to slippage. Particularly when sitting, as the pelvis shifts back with a rotation of the hips, the penis is drawn deep into retraction. There must be some room for this, as well as the sleeve wall being able to “accordion” to some extent. Otherwise, slippage will be more likely to come into play as a result. However, there is some room for length adjustment by making more generous folds of the baseband in order to draw the excess length of the sleeve into the folds for a shorter sleeve length. This would be similar to the way you would manipulate the folds the pant leg to control length.

    Agree, a properly fitted Stealth is a joy to wear!

    thanks for your contributions here 🙂




    Stealthman, I will send an email with measurements to the support team tomorrow. I’m excited to try properly fitted Stealth. Before I measure, one last question:

    I began regular PE exercises some time after I began wearing my Stealth regularly. With these new measurements, should I shoot to measure before PE exercises or after? I believe there’s a little size difference after a PE workout.

    Thanks guys!


    Stealth Man

    I always recommend starting out with the standard sizing for regular wear and then once you have some experience under your belt, so to speak, you will be in a better position to make a selection on the post-session size. However, some guys are more interested in maintaining their post-session size and opt for that route. So the choice is up to you and in either case, there is some latitude for fit when you have two possible sizes available.



    Hey Stealth Man,

    Thanks for the tips. I will more than likely end up with a couple of different sizes for this reason.


    On a side note, I sent an email to Customer Service ([email protected]) with my measurements on Thursday of last week and haven’t heard back yet, just wanted to let someone know? I sent a follow up email yesterday as well. Is there another way to go about submitting a custom order?




    Stealth Man


    We stay on top of the support emails and complete all correspondence within 24 hrs. Right now there is nothing sitting in my account that needs attention. So I am not sure what happened. Actually, I was keeping an eye out for your message in order to make sure we got things sorted out. I know I responded in detail to one email that I thought might have been yours. Sometimes the replies get sent to the spam folder so maybe you can check there. Also, send another mail to the support email and specifically mention your case with a request for “Stealthman”. I will be happy to work things out to your satisfaction.




    I’ve just sent up another email, no problem. Let me know if you don’t get it and I can PM you my order details. I requested in the email that I work with you on this order. I checked my spam folder but the folder was empty. I will send you a PM with the previous emails for your review and use.


    Thanks for your help!


    Stealth Man

    Ok Jhark, thanks for helping me out. I have sent a reply on the support email.

    sorry for the misfires, we are on top of it now!



    Stealthman and fellow Stealthers,

    I wanted to provide follow up now that I’ve received the custom fitted sheath yesterday. I ended up with a B30 base and mid that tapered to a B26 at the glans. While this sheath is just a bit more difficult to put on, the fit is a world of difference. I don’t have to think about my movements and body positions anymore!!! I’ve still got the conditioning period to go through, but the only slippage I had was when I went for a run that afternoon and it came off while running. I will try again and see if it continues, it could very well have been the way I was wearing it or could have slipped some and should’ve been reset before I started running.

    It used to take the sheath, a premium sleeve, the Sabre skin, the Double length sleeve and then two retainer bands…with all of that piled into one another I was pretty much hard while being soft, at least it felt/looked that way. No way I could have pointed down or up in a simple pair of boxer briefs, to the side was the only way to wear my Stealth. Now, I can wear just about any boxers/briefs etc that I choose and so far haven’t had issues, and it’s just the Stealth and a double length sleeve (used for both slight compression and as a foreskin) and the B26 band around the base for engorgement. So much easier and feels so much better!!


    If you are experiencing slippage or feel like you don’t quite have the right fit, a custom Stealth is definitely the way to go!!!

    My one last question would be that I have some scrunching behind the glans and silicone ring, I assume it’s for some wiggle room for when seated or in any other position of potential retraction. Is this normal and if not, how can I combat this? I get the urge to pull on the sheath at the base and straighten it out so that it doesn’t have that slight scrunch behind the ring.

    Thank you Stealthman and Stealth Customer service team for your professional and prompt handling of customer’s needs!!!



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    Stealth Man

    Hey Jhark,

    Yes, when sitting the penis is forced to retract to some extent and the fabric needs to yield for allowing this. The spandex sleeve or Sabre Skin will help to minimize the effect. Some fine tuning of the fit whether it be a slightly shorter or possibly tighter sleeve might help also. This might be the adjustment you need to make for maintaining a secure fit while running as well. During the early development phase of the Innerwear, I used to ride extreme mountain bike trails on a near-daily basis, which was the acid test to determine the correct fitting. Careful observation to note the mechanics involved will help you understand what adjustments you need to make.

    all the best!

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