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    Stealth Man

    It is not uncommon for length gains of an inch or two and even more as claimed by many dedicated PE practitioners. This typically requires an intensive weight hanging routine for more dynamic stretching of the anatomy. This too followed up with a supporting routine of exercises that include passive stretching 24/7 to help cement gains. A large part of successful penis enlargement involves self perception which is a very powerful thing not be underestimated.


    Stealth Man

    There is a big difference between the mechanics of water vs air as a medium of inducing negative pressure or vacuum. With air having the capacity for expansion and contraction to acts as a buffer for safety or inefficient evacuation (?) with fluid transferring the forces of pressure directly for more efficient but less safe if not careful practice. Preference for one over another is subjective and therefore depends on the individual with both camps claiming superior results. I personally prefer a pump in which both air and water are available in modulation to explore the optimum for a given session. The biggest advantage in my opinion is that water temperature can used to help “warm up” the tissues for safer and better results. Again, one should have the ability for quick and efficient   exchange of both mediums in a single device.



    Dear Stealth Man,
    Geeeesh you are a wealth of careful consideration and integrity.
    Thank you for your illumination of the contrasted techniques and the physiology and physics involved.




    I’m curious about how increases in girth occur wearing the Innerwear when it is so “constrictive”.  I hope it happens!

    Also, when I try to pee there is a burning that would be like having an infection I guess since I’ve never had an infection.  Does that decrease over time?


    Christian Taylor

    I can say with full honesty that Penis enlargement exercises have given me great gains. The Stealth products have helped. I decided that my confidence was worth the one time fee to join the penisprofessor online membership and learn their exercises .  I don’t work for them nor am I paid by them. But I do recommend them.  I’m happy to give details from my experience if you message me.


    Stealth Man


    If you are experiencing a burning sensation with urination… this is a telltale sign that the fit for girth is too tight.

    As Christian points out, the process of Penis Enlargement requires multiple pronged approach with respect to exercises needed to stimulate growth.

    To your question, length and girth are not mutually exclusive and have influence over each other. Particularly girth in the flaccid state will be enhanced with gains in length.

    You should be including jelqs as a standard practice to engorge the penis with blood for not only gains but overall general health and function of the penis.


    Christian Taylor

    A great added benefit of jelqing (if a bigger penis is not enough of a benefit) is stronger erections. Combine jelqing with kegels and you are golden. Make sure to use a cementing move when you are done to keep your gains.


    But DON’T  OVERDO IT! This is your first toy, guys. You don’t want to damage your penis! Who cares how big it is if it no longer functions properly for sex.

    There are a lot of us guys on here that are happy to help and answer questions. All in all, a pretty awesome group of guys.

    Oh, another tip. Get your significant other involved if you have one. My wife enjoys watching me jelq.



    From my email:

    Thanks, Stealthman, for the info.  You provided a custom size Innerwear.  I can’t recall the sizes.  How much for a redo?  I’ve worn it 3 (4?) days consecutively.  Urinating is the only “problem” I’m experiencing.   My corona has a “dip”  on the top that allows it to slip into the Innerwear.  I think that is a concern.  My current Innerwear seems to hold the corona well.

    Thanks, Christian, for the response.  I use a VED (mid-morning) or a “standard” pump (mid- to late-afternoon) twice a day for about 15-20 minutes, followed by 50-60 jelqs (trying to work up to 100 as long as it stays partially erect).

    I stretch daily, usually in the morning before the VED/pump.  Every other day I pump with the VED, use a construction ring, and do a series of kegels designed to help correct ED.

    I also have a GainsWave/acoustic wave therapy device that I use every other day or so before bed.

    I’m able to fill my VED tube at 8.5″.  I’m happy with my size.  My goal is to stop my turtling and correct my ED.

    For what it’s worth…several years ago, I went through PE for just over a year.  I started somewhere around 6.5×5.25.  When I stopped, I was around 8×5.75.  My wife was concerned about discomfort during sex, so I quit.

    Thank you, guys, for your help and concern.



    BTW, my wife knows what I am doing and watched part of my routine yesterday.  She has used the Gainswave on me, but doesn’t apply it quite correctly.  That’s ok, I just wished I would get an erection when she’s doing it.  I hate ED.



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>OLDAGWHO…years ago, I did PE for just over a year.  I gained from around 6.5″ bpel to 8″ x 5.25″ mpeg to 5.75″.   Size may not ultimately matter, but it does allow intercourse in different positions.</p>


    Stealth Man

    If you contact me on the support email I will have your purchase history available to refer to for any further adjustments to that need to be made.

    The “dip” at the top of the coronal ridge occurs as the glans begins to slide past the silicone ring… particularly when sitting. We have tried making a contoured silicone ring but encountered problems with the “tab” that is created as it is intuitively used to pull the Innerwear off which can lead to adhesion failures.

    The other consideration is the burning sensation that occurs when extension is pushed closer to the erect length. In effect, some room for a more relaxed fit is required or you end up losing the convenience factor which is a priority when extending for longer periods of time…. 24/7.

    Remember, the Innerwear is made of fabric and is designed as a passive extender or anti-retraction device. If you are looking for more active stretching up to and beyond erect length you should be looking at the Corkscrew or other stretching device. However, the Innerwear’s level of comfort will be diminished and the ability to urinate lost.

    It becomes a question of application and the intensity/duration factors that come into play.



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ll contact you on the support site.</p>
    I’m a grower not a shower.  My erect size is a bit over double my flaccid size.  So, I’m really looking for the anti-turtling effect of the Innerwear.  Would the Sabre Skin be more effective in my case?


    Stealth Man

    The Innerwear was designed specifically for the grower who had a potent dislike for the sensations of retraction and the insecurities that came with it.

    This positive effect works very well not only on the physical level but also on the psychological.

    The Sabre Skin was designed to be worn over the Innerwear for added support and a bit more extension. However, with more extension comes the added potential for slippage as the penis needs a bit of room for some retraction when sitting.

    The Sabre Skin can also be worn quite effectively on it own, however, the extension is not held quite as secure as the Innerwear with silicone ring, so you would cut the length a bit shorter to compensate for this, maybe only a 1/4″ less or so.

    The disadvantage is that the thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE) does not allow the skin to transpire. Of course, this is the big advantage of the fabric sleeve.

    I find the Sabre Skin to be ideal worn on it own, as a double layered sleeve, when swimming for example, as the look and feel are completely natural and shorter duration of application is in order.

    It is available in all 12 girths and a standard length of 8″. Depending on your requirement you can get 2 or even 3 sleeves from a single Sabre Skin.



    By way of science and doctor’s, not that I am, which I have contact with, a person to grow in length and girth only needs to pump 30 times per year. Divide that into the 12 months, the reason too for this note, is that you can only grow so much per year.

    Same with gym building, you can only put on about 6 percent extra muscle a year. Like the muscles of our bodies, they all deflate when older, or you stop. Like a balloon, it all goes back down.

    Point is you can only do so much, sure if you enjoy doing it, as I pump well over 30 times per year, but this will be my first real ‘Turtling’ device to wear with doing my pumps.

    My penis grows to 11 inches when asleep, most men in sleep become erect many times in sleep, and relaxed you grow 2 inches more than you have when awake.

    So since pumping and my penis has thick girth and some length, but the girth is to be seen, its thick! I’m hoping the turtle device helps. Keep ya posted.



    [email protected]

    Very novice to this but very interested too

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