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    Does consistent use of the innerwear increase erect size as well?



    My erection size has increased while wearing the stealth but most probably not from the stealth alone.

    I do a routine which is almost certainly primarily responsible and hope/assume/think that the stealth has certainly assisted in my gains.

    Preventing retraction and causing healing and in an elongated state being my desired goal.


    Stealth Man

    You would need to at least add the Corkscrew to your practice along with manual jelqs and stretching. I have seen some minor gains over the years using these devices with off and on manual techniques included. The Vac-Hanger we are working on is now a part of my daily practice since the last 5 weeks. As an advanced technique, it takes some time for the beginner to condition the tissues to the stresses of vacuum hanging. I have measured a 1/4″ flaccid stretched length gain with improved flaccid hang and a slight measurable gain in erect length. I am finding it to be addicting and it’s tempting to amp up the intensity but this needs to be tempered with patience and a commitment to the program template we are currently working on.


    Christian Taylor

    I have found that the Stealth products, in conjunction with penis enlargement exercises have made a huge difference for me. Like more than 2 inches erect increase. Try the innerwear and corkscrew out and see how it works for you.



    With the coaching and coaxing of you, Stealthman, and Bruce G my own length has increased by an inch in less than 8 months, even without the extra exercises of which you are an expert advocate.
    Thank you very, very much.


    Stealth Man

    two thumbs up!



    I was wondering what length most started with before PE. The reason is as most know everyone is different and responds differently to most any exercise. I was pumping and jelqing. My girth seemed to gain rapidly! Went from 5.5” to 6 erect. Length not so much! Pretty discouraged! I bought the Stealth because of turtling. My penis after pumping and jelqing was like I’m going to retract when flaccid! Stealth helped! I’m only 6”erect and was hoping to get to 8 in time. But it’s not responding regarding length. And I’m 18 mo into this journey. Any suggestions?



    Stealth Man

    I would say that for length gains you would need to incorporate regular hanging into your routine for the best results. The new Stealth Vac-Hanger will be the ticket once we are able to complete the project and launch.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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