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By way of science and doctor’s, not that I am, which I have contact with, a person to grow in length and girth only needs to pump 30 times per year. Divide that into the 12 months, the reason too for this note, is that you can only grow so much per year.

Same with gym building, you can only put on about 6 percent extra muscle a year. Like the muscles of our bodies, they all deflate when older, or you stop. Like a balloon, it all goes back down.

Point is you can only do so much, sure if you enjoy doing it, as I pump well over 30 times per year, but this will be my first real ‘Turtling’ device to wear with doing my pumps.

My penis grows to 11 inches when asleep, most men in sleep become erect many times in sleep, and relaxed you grow 2 inches more than you have when awake.

So since pumping and my penis has thick girth and some length, but the girth is to be seen, its thick! I’m hoping the turtle device helps. Keep ya posted.


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