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When you say Stealth are you referring to the inner wear?

Yes when I said Stealth I was referring to the inner wear in any preferred configuration e.g. inner wear with ball band, strapless inner wear, just Sabre skin, etc.

Can you elaborate more on that last option?

The ball support will give you more lift and provide a more prominent bulge. For swim briefs in the hot tub I like the inner wear with ball band. If I’m doing pool/beach time I go with just Sabre skin no ball support in a swim brief.  If I think I’m going to be cold the I opt for no ball strap so that they can expand and contract as they want. Any Stealth configuration works, these are my go to, but I mix it up based on the moment

I love 2(x)ist swim briefs. They have a double lined pouch so it works really well to mask the bulge but enhance your profile

Keep in mind that swim gear will dry quickly, Stealth inner wear will not. I have also brought a 2nd set of Stealth to change into after pool time is over and out and about the rest of the day


Enjoy your holiday, and hey, just a thought, if you’re feeling spry you can drop the shorts and show off that swim brief, do it!  It’s very liberating, but either way it’s fun 😉

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