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I love wearing stealth under swim gear – keeps everything the way it should

With swim briefs for lounging at pool/beach I prefer either stealth with ball strap (works well with hot tub) or single sabre skin down a size since I’ll get cold getting in/out of water.  I wear 2(x)ist swim briefs

With speedo/tyr swim briefs for lap swim exercise, I prefer just Sabre skin, double layer one size smaller than normal because I am exerting myself not relaxing

To your question, I don’t see the ball band in my swim briefs when wet because everything is bulged/stretched out

With board shorts/swim trunks I prefer strapless stealth with either the retainer bands or Sabre skin

You will see the bulge with or without Stealth, so why not?  😉

Enjoy stealth in your swim briefs!  I know I do.  Hopefully one day the world (or just America?) will wise up and be comfortable with swim briefs being common at beach and poolside and not requiring us to wear bulky shorts *crossing fingers*


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