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Stealth Man

Hello Mark,

China has opened up granting visas for travel. I was able to secure mine and am currently in transit with an unplanned “detour” into Korea as a result of the strict testing protocol which didn’t account for the long layover so I was not able to catch the connecting flight into China. Now I spent 3 days here getting my 48 hours and 24 hours preflight COVID PCR tests done again so I can make the final leg of the journey into China. Once I land it is 7 days quarantine in government facilities + 3 days home isolation before I am back at the factory to oversee the final packaging of the kit and personal QC before shipping by sea cargo for the inventory to be ready for the launch. Slow progress to be sure but the obstacles to overcome are not a joke so we carry on carrying on and everything will be done to perfection. Thank for your continued patience… it is very much appreciated!

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