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Stealth Man

Thanks Richard,

We also have the option for the All Day Stretching (ADS).

Note, this is an accessory component sold separately. This also includes a fully adjustable double-wide velcro belt for the waist, similar as the knee and ankle belts seen here. This provides the option to stretch horizontally around the waist or upwards back over the shoulder for a wide variety of traction angles.

You can use the smallest of three chamber sizes included in each of the 12 different sized kits (18 – 40 girths)  or as a kit owner, purchase even smaller chamber sizes at a discounted rate for more discreet use under clothing while going about your daily business.

Note the heavy duty, high quality design which built for performance and maximum comfort. We use carefully constructed velcro sport belts along with robust custom branded elastic webbing fitted with high quality all metal hardware.

We have not cut any corners A-Z through out the entire kit in our steadfast aim for the very best user experience possible.

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