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Stealth Man

Yes me too!

The team just came back from a week long holiday and will soon be working on assembling of the kits. The formatting of the instructions will be completed by the end of this week (hopefully) and then we look into the printing of the manual and beginner routine template/user logbook.

This was delayed as long as possible as we are always adding and refining content with respect to something or the other presenting itself for inclusion.

For example, the kit comes with a wide variety of components which can be mixed and matched for different set-ups. The last round of testing revealed an unlikely combination so we added a “4th method” which has proven to be the safest and most secure set-up of all imo.

Finally, we added at the very last moment a carbon fibre base plate that enables horizontal plate orientation as another option along with the various vertical arrangements that are possible such as the “sit to stand weight modulation” and laddering up” techniques.

Here are some pics of the 5 suspension belts and carbon fibre base plate for the horizontal arrangement…


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