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Hi Richard,

Yes, my apologies for this mirage of a completion date.

It has been a real learning experience for me after starting out what I thought was going to be a very simple straightforward project.

Having now just passed through the month long Chinese Lunar holidays and the inevitable backlog of work that was impeding where we left off… the chamber production is almost done.

Then on to the thermoplastics which include both the glans caps and vac-seals. As per Stealth’s standard 12 girth sizes… with a couple of extra sizes at either end for a total of 16 for each of these components along with another production run of the Sabre Skins.

Once this is complete we will have everything in hand for putting the kits together. Then shipping… which of course will take time.

So we are still looking at 3 months but this is becoming much more realistic than   the previous “predictions”.

Your continued patience will be amply rewarded… guaranteed.

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