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We just got the foam samples and cases here is Canada to confirm the fit. We will make a couple of small adjustments to the foam, for example, a small air channel down the foam outside the screw cap so that it does not create a vacuum on removal which makes it bothersome to remove and put back in. We will submit the updated drawings for the foam production ASAP for the cases which have already been started. This week we get the test production glans cap and vac-seals and once everything is confirmed we start the production for these as well. The instructions are almost complete and ready to print. After that we assemble the kits and ship sea cargo for stocking on the shelves before launching. No fixed date but everything is coming together quickly now. We do have the ADS stretching accessory belts and graphene heat pad as separate purchases which will be offered at a discount when purchased with the kit.

thanks for your continued patience!

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